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Are you a budding makeup artist looking to make it big in the industry? Then you must have heard about the fast-growing trend of lip tints. Lip tints have become an important part of the beauty industry, making them a must-have in every makeup artist’s toolkit. If you are an aspiring makeup artist, based in Delhi and are looking for the best place to get a lip tint course, then you have come to the right place.

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Here, we will talk about the best places in Delhi to get lip tint training and learn and perfect the art of creating lip tints.

IBE Award
IBE Award

We understand that creating lip tints is not an easy task, and it takes a lot of expertise and technique to get it right. That’s why, in this blog, we will discuss the best lip tint course, and the best lip tint training, available in Delhi, to help you become a lip tint perfectionist!

Who Should Do a Lip Tint Course?

If you have a dream of increasing your financial prosperity, the answer may be a lip tint course. Whether you own your salon, work part-time or full-time in one, are a freelance makeup artist, or even a trainer at an academy, taking on this course can be the perfect way to boost your earnings.

Delhi-NCR is renowned for its Permanent Makeup Courses and offers many job opportunities making it the ideal place to take this course. From here, you can explore the best academies and take your career to new heights with lip semi permanent tint training.

Different Types of Lip Tints

Lip tints are like a painter’s palette, offering up an endless array of hues and shades to choose from. From romantic, berry-stained lips to subtle, barely-there tinting, you can create a custom look with the three main types of lip tints:

1. Water-based lip tints: Slip them on like a second skin and you won’t have to worry about reapplying for hours. Not only are these lip products light and watery, but they also dry quickly too, leaving a long-lasting colour that won’t be compromised even after snacking. Although they can be slightly drying, they’re certainly worth the effort.

Permanent Makeup Training Academy

2. Oil-based lip tints: Creamy, luxurious, and full of hydration, these tints offer a radiant finish that won’t quit! With long-lasting wear and a smooth consistency, you can expect to look flawless for several hours without needing any touch-ups.

3. Gel-based lip tints: These tints are like slipping on a silk glove – they effortlessly glide onto your lips, setting in place with a luxurious gel. No need to worry about frequent touch-ups as these long-lasting tints stay put throughout the day, so you can feel confident in your look all day long!

Career Opportunities

If you have a passion for makeup and want to make your mark in the beauty industry, then a lip tint course is the perfect way to get started. This exciting gateway into the world of beauty will equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need to apply tint lip tint like a pro and help your clients achieve their desired looks.

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The trend of lip tinting is only getting bigger, and there is a rising demand for professionals who can provide beautiful, long-lasting results. That’s why mostly the academy offers both beginner and advanced lip tint classes so that everyone can master this art form. Experienced instructors will show you how to choose the right shades as well as how to create different looks. So don’t wait any longer – sign up now and become an expert in lip tinting! Whether you want to work as a freelancer, desire to open a saloon or want to work in a parlour you should go for a lip tint course to grow your skills and earnings. 

Lip Tint Course Guide

Now let’s dig out some information about the lip tint course, here, we’ll discuss the things that you’ll learn during your lip tint training. Lip tinting is a semi-permanent lip tinting procedure that involves applying a long-lasting lip colour that lasts for many hours. Lip tints are ideal for creating a subtle, natural lip colour that doesn’t require constant touch-ups.

Now, just take a glance at some more relevant skills that you’ll learn to make yourself a professional tint lip tint artist.

  • Basic Standards & Procedures for Infection Control
  • Fitzpatrick Skin Types & Scale
  • Theory of Color
  • Use of Equipment & Machine
  • Consultation with clients’ procedures
  • Creating the look of luscious lips
  • Apply lip liner.
  • Technique & Pressure for Stretching
  • Practice Your Hand Motions on Latex
  • Lip Style & Techniques
  • Trainer Live Demonstration (Full treatment)
  • Students work with a live model (Full treatment)
  • Post-Surgical Care,  etc.

These are the things that will make you a professional lip tint artist. If you join a lip tint course then you’ll be able to learn all those skills that are mentioned above. Apart from the lip tint, there are other options also available in permanent or semi-permanent makeup. Many people are out there who hate to touch up daily so they usually love to go for the permanent makeup look. You can learn not only lip tinting but eyebrows tattoo and many more skills.

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Now, let’s check out the 4 best makeup academies that will provide you with tremendous lip tint training.

Lip Tint Course: Top 4 Academy in Delhi-NCR

Are you looking to become a professional lip tint artist? Look no further – we’ve uncovered the four best makeup academies that will provide you with the lip tint course and knowledge you need to make your future bright. Ready to learn the names of these top-tier institutions? Let’s get started!

1) MeriBindiya International Makeup Academy 

The MeriBindiya International Makeup Academy is a good option if you’re searching for a more thorough lip tint Course.

MeriBindiya International Makeup Academy is a top-ranked and premier beauty and makeup academy located in Noida. It has been honoured with accolades from a plethora of organisations, both domestic and international, including the title of ‘India’s Best Beauty Faculty’ from International Beauty Knowledge, or IBE. Additionally, the Indian government, alongside ISO and CIDESCO has all recognized MeriBindiya as a top-tier academy.


The Academy offers an extensive range of courses, such as their sought-after lip tint course. The program provides comprehensive instruction on all aspects of lip tinting, from choosing the right products to applying the perfect shade. Under the tutelage of highly experienced and qualified makeup artists, students are sure to be provided with the best guidance and support to help them achieve outstanding results.

Unlock the door to a world of opportunity with this 3-day course! You’ll receive 3 hours of instruction each day, for just 40,000. It’s your chance to learn valuable skills and expand your income potential – don’t hesitate to start your journey today!


Want to learn more about services and courses? Just dial a call on the numbers below or shoot a WhatsApp message – we’re here to help! 

☎ 9582133349, 8130520472

Academy Address: look No – one, 2d & third Floor, Sunehri Market Atta,

Near Sector eighteen railway Station, Sector 27, Noida, state, Pincode: 201301.

2) Renuka Krishna Academy, Delhi

Are you ready to take your makeup skills to a whole new level? Look no further than Renuka Krishna Academy in Delhi – one of the top two academies in the region. Their lip tint course is tailored to give you the confidence and knowledge you need to make your mark in the world of makeup artistry. With experienced and knowledgeable trainers on hand to assist with any doubts or queries, the course can be completed in just one or two days – and for a surprisingly affordable price of 40-50 thousand!

Renuka Krishna and Gandharva Krishna, esteemed Head Masters, have an abundance of experience to share with students in their full lip tint course. With 30 and 10 years in the industry respectively, they provide invaluable insight into the world of cosmetic tattooing. Throughout the lip tint training, you will learn how to create beautiful full lip blush and fade in and out lip tattoo techniques that make use of a wide range of colours. The trainers also specialise in the RKBTA Lip Tattoo Technique – a technique that many customers love! The Lip Blush Tattoo Training offers students the chance to learn advanced techniques from around the world and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in lip tattooing.

And that’s not all – if tint lip tint isn’t your thing, they offer a range of other courses as well. Unfortunately, there are no internships or placements available after completing the course, so students will need to look for jobs on their own.

For more information about Renuka Krishna Academy, give a call today!

Call/ Whats App Number: ☎ 9958600827, 9891227227

Address- Delhi

3) Dermalyn Aesthetics Permanent Makeup Training Academy, Delhi

Featuring one of the top three academies in Delhi, this prestigious institute offers professional lip tint training in a span of 1 to 2 days. With an exorbitant fee of 40 to 50 thousand rupees, sadly no internship or placement opportunities are offered for the students. They have to take the initiative and apply for jobs on their own.

The outstanding Dermatologic International academy Dermalyn Aesthetics offers top-notch courses in the fields of skin, hair, lasers, and semi-permanent makeup. The academy’s guiding principle is to impart to young people years of experience and exposure to the cosmetics industry so they can become successful PMU artists rather than just trained professionals. They provide outstanding instruction in hair and cosmetics and are unquestionably a pioneer in India’s PMU courses. The majority of courses are completely approved and appropriate for beginners.


Discover the secrets of permanent makeup with Dermalin Esthetics – Permanent Makeup Training Academy! Their experienced instructors will guide you along your journey and help unlock the potential of your creativity. Here, you can learn professional lip tint classes and become a professional lip semi permanent tint artist.

To learn more about lip tint classes, give them a call or WhatsApp at the given number. They’ll love to help you, so come join them today to start transforming lives!

☎️ – 9958600827, +919999189391

Address – Delhi

4) Bharti Taneja Institute, Delhi

Nestled away in the bustling city of Delhi, Academy Number 4 stands out from the rest with its highly professional teachers and its specialised courses, particularly the Lip Tint Course.

With a fee of 30 to 40 thousand rupees and a duration of 1-2 days, it provides an excellent opportunity for those eager to learn. Though no internships or placements are provided after completion of the course, students can use their newly acquired skills to pursue opportunities on their own.

They offer different courses, if you want to dive into their course structure you can learn many other things. They provide various courses like a Makeup course in which they’ll teach all the aspects of makeup whether it’s bridal makeup, party look makeup, airbrush makeup, etc, second is a permanent makeup look where they’ll guide you on how you’ll enhance your client’s beauty permanently, etc. 


If you’re eager to learn more about what Bharti Taneja Academy has to offer, pick up the phone and give them a call! Their friendly staff can provide you with all of the information you need about the courses and fees. So don’t wait – dial the given number today and get started on your journey toward success. This academy can be your seventh heaven where you can sharpen your skills.

☎️ – 9958600827, 9871444666

Address – Delhi

In this piece of writing, you’ve found out Delhi’s top 4 academies where you can get lip tint training. All the makeup academies are the best and have the best and most knowledgeable trainers who teach you the art of tint lip tint. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive course on tinting lips, or more advanced training in airbrush tinting or semi-permanent tinting, Delhi has a variety of great options for taking lip tint classes.

If you are serious about your career and want to grow your skills and earnings then you need to join the lip tint course. If you live in Delhi, then we make it easy for you, you just need to go through the article and choose any Academy mentioned above and start your lip semi permanent tint. Be a professional tint lip tint artist and grow your business.

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