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5 Best Academies in Delhi NCR to Learn Eyelash Extension Course

Best Academies To Get Eyelash Extension Courses in India

Who does not want to enhance the beauty of their eyelashes? Whether you want for your personal or professional reason to master the art of eyelash extension, joining an eyelash extensions course would be the best choice.

However, you can learn it by yourself. But if you want to excel the eyelash techniques, there is a difference between learning all by yourself and learning from the professionals in a setup of beauty studio.

Eyelash extension is the art of extending the existing eyelashes artificially by attaching synthetic or organic lashes to enhance the looks, length, curliness, thickness of the eyelashes. Eyelash extension is becoming a common fashion need for eye makeovers. The demand for eyelash extensions has increased in these years and the trend will continue over the coming years.

Do you want to invest in such a talent that will give you a quality return and a satisfied carrier later on?

If yes, then joining a lash course is one of the ultimate decisions you can take like any other carrier path.

Learnings In Eyelash Extension Training

Eyelash Extension Training Course Syllabus

The lash extension classes cover both theory and practical aspects of safety and beautiful eyelash extensions. You learn about.

  • Different tools and techniques of application of eyelash extensions
  • How to remove eyelash extensions
  • The anatomy and physiology of the eyes and the area around it
  • Types of lash materials, curls, thickness, lengths
  • Basic patterning of various eyelashes
  • Choosing the eyelashes to shape best suited for an individual’s look
  • Common mistakes in eyelash extensions
  • Maintenance of eyelash extensions and aftercare tips
  • How to maintain a safe, healthy, and hygiene workspace
  • The whole extension procedure starts from application to removal of lash extension and refilling and renewal lash with pros and cons.
  • Eyelash consultation and management as a professional

Usually, the lash extension course duration can vary from one day to one month, depending on the coverage of different aspects of eyelash extensions and level lash extension certification.

Top 3 Beauty Academy For Eyelash Lifting Course in Delhi - NCR .

Why do eyelash extension courses?

How to become a eyelash technician

You can build a successful carrier with a lash extension business. As a fresher, you can join any beauty studio or you can start providing your eyelash services.

However, if you want to stand out from the eyelash industry as a business owner, you can focus on the type of service you are offering.

  • You can provide eyelash service depending on the customer’s need. You can have different types of lashes at varied prices. So you can fit a variety of clients under your business.
  • You can focus on eyelash aftercare services and products. Your availability of aftercare products and services will make your clients visit again and grow loyalty.
  • you can start offering eyelash training to the new aspirants and be aware of trends. This will help in expanding your business from an academic perspective.

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If you want to work as an international lash technician in abroad then you have to pursue an international eyelash technician course. International Beauty Expert (IBE) is an international beauty academy which offers international eyelash technician courses. IBE provides an international internship and international job placement too.

Address: Noida, India

Final thoughts

The eyelash service industry is on the rise. Now is the best time to step into the market before it gets its picks. The best thing about lash extensions training is that anyone can join the course even without basic knowledge about it, without having a very high educational qualification.

So, choose the beauty academy that fulfills your conditions and take a leap into the eyelash industry for a beautiful career. However, out of all the above-listed academies, we would personally recommend taking eyelash extension training from Meribindiya International Academy. Because they are highly professional where you can get an opportunity to join lash extension classes directly from the industry experts.


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