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CIDESCO Post Graduate Diploma In Beauty Therapy

CIDESCO Post Graduate Diploma In Beauty Therapy

Are you planning to achieve heights in the beauty industry? If yes, that’s wonderful! With the beauty industry evolving each day, there is a huge demand in this field. Are you planning to get enrolled in a beauty course? Is CIDSESCO your choice? Oh! then, you have chosen the right institute to achieve success.

CIDESCO post-graduate diploma in the beauty field is a renowned certificate. Students with this certification are qualified to work anywhere in the world. With special training programs of international standards, students will discover a new world of beauty therapy.


It is the best institute for beauty-related courses. It has been serving the students since 1946. So, there is no doubt about its excellence. 

CIDESCO is associated with top beauty institutions. The CIDESCO diploma course holds respect in the beauty industry. Their main aim is to promote new developments and enhance professional knowledge through conducting events and marketing. 

Description of the beauty therapy course

This course is perfect for people having three or more years of experience in the beauty field. The candidate should have work experience in a spa or salon. 

The person who want to acquire a CIDESCO certificate must have ample time to practice theoretical modules with tutors. 

The CIDESCO course can help candidates get the best salary package and rule the beauty industry. 

Prior experience of candidates

To acquire the benefits of the CIDESCO certificate, candidates should have good experience in the below mentioned section: 

  • Body Treatments
  • Manicure 
  • Pedicure
  • Waxing
  • Brow Shaping
  • Massage
  • Brows and lashes tinting
  • Body treatments
  • Basic Makeup

The candidates have to provide a reference and documentation of  minimum three years of experience as a beautician/ Esthetician.

The overall course structure

CIDESCO Course Structure

Body Topics:

Techniques of warm and hot wax, Manual Massage, Body Analysis and the method of using beauty electrical equipments. 

Facial Topics:

Makeup, facial massage, Deep Cleansing, manicure and pedicure and other facial treatments.

The CIDESCO diploma in beauty therapy and Postgraduate will provide a case study to the students, and there will be a discussion on the case study. 

Fee structure

There is a different split out of the fee structure. You can go through the admission form to know the fee structure in detail. However, you can expect an amount above $1,995. Note: The tuition, examination and other fees are included separately. 


The students are required to complete a project and a practical examination. The theory examination also includes MCQ’s based questions. And for the project, a topic will be assigned to you. The topic will be related to beauty therapy, and it is one of the significant projects to score well in the exams. 


The CIDESCO makeup courses and beauty courses are well defined by the training committee. They put in 100 per cent to hone your skills. And the education committee has reverence worldwide for fantastic knowledge in the beauty industry.

The committee is dedicated to training students to adhere to international norms. 

Top Academy in India For CIDESCO Certification

  1. Meribindiya International Academy Noida
  2. International Beauty Expert
  3. Impression Hair and Beauty Clinic


1) What is the time duration of the CIDESCO Postgraduate course?

The time duration differs based on the examination and practical classes. However, an estimate of 730 hours may require to complete the course. 

2) Does the CIDESCO beauty course have demand in America?

Yes, it does have demand in America. The CIDESCO course has importance worldwide.

3) Is clearing CIDESCO examinations tuff?

Nothing is tuff if you have given 100 per cent to the course. Just attend the lectures and concentrate, and the way to examination is easier. 

4) Which is the best platform for beauty courses?

For beauty-related courses, Internation Beauty Expert is the best platform. The team of International Beauty Expert will train you according to international standards. Moreover, there is also the best placement options here. 

So, if you want to make a big name in the beauty industry, join CIDESCO post-graduate diploma. You can even do the diploma course through International Beauty Expert. They can help in different ways to hone your skills at the international level.


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