Cosmetology Course – Career, Salary, and Top Academy List

We have a successful career in the cosmetics market. Our article will discuss the career choices available to those who pursue cosmetology courses, including make-up artists, hair stylists, hairdressers, beauticians, skin care specialists, estheticians, nail technicians, and more.

Thus, by your requirements, we have also listed some of the best cosmetology schools here that may assist you in becoming a licensed cosmetologist.

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What is the Cosmetology Course?

The study of all cosmetic treatments is known as cosmetology.  Making people appear attractive is the objective of both science and the arts.

Hair art, nail art, skincare, makeup, manicures and pedicures, non-permanent hair removal techniques like waxing and sugaring, and permanent hair removal techniques like electrology and intense pulsed light are examples of beauty treatments.

Then, there are specialized trainers known as cosmetologists who offer this kind of service.

They are legally authorized and have received training in doing nail, skincare, and hair beauty treatments.

This covers a wide range of topics, such as hair cutting and chemical treatment, hair highlights, chemical hair removal, nail art, skincare, facials, hair wigs, and hair analysis techniques. 

It also includes body massage, head, neck, and scalp massage, expert makeup application, and the ability to branch out into other specialties like reflexology, theatrical applications, and cosmetics.

Cosmetology Courses Type 

There are the following types of Cosmetology courses:

  1. Certificate in Cosmetology 
  2. Diploma in Cosmetology 
  3. Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology 
  4. Postgraduate in Cosmetology 
  5. Master in  Cosmetology 

Eligibility for Courses 

A recognized school must at least offer a class 10 degree for entry into the cosmetology field.

Students who receive excellent grades in their tenth grade will receive additional benefits when they apply to the best esthetician school.

Job Opportunities 

The opportunities in the beauty industry are endless. Because everyone wants to appear attractive, the future of cosmetology seems bright. 

To help these individuals succeed and advance, this field offers a variety of employment options.

Cosmetologists have more job options as their reputation and experience grow, and their pay also rises.

Skilled and proficient cosmetologists might find lucrative positions at upscale salons, spas, and opulent hotels and resorts.

Beauty and makeup artists are in high demand in Bollywood and the film business as a whole. 

Additionally, the fashion show sector has a great need for them.

Career Options After Cosmetology Course

1. Hairdresser

A wide range of hair-related beauty treatments, including shampooing, cutting, coloring, and style, are provided by hair stylists—treatments for thin hair, rough hair, dandruff, etc.

These kinds of courses provide hair treatments like hair spas, highlights, haircuts, and other styles.

You can accept 40k to 60k in monthly pay after becoming a hair stylist, or 8 lakhs to 10 lakhs annually.

Therefore, you can check out any hair school near me to begin your career in this sector.

2. Nail Professional 

These technicians offer their clients manicures, pedicures, polishing, nail extensions, and various nail polish application techniques. 

They also advise clients on a healthy diet that would promote healthy nail growth.

You can accept 40k to 60k in monthly income or 8 lakhs to 10 lakhs in annual income after being a nail artist.

3. Esthetician / Skincare 

Skin care professionals are authorized by law to provide treatments for the skin. 

They offer advice on how to have healthy, glowing skin.

 Students enrolled in Medical Esthetician courses learn the fundamental abilities required in a clinical skin care setting.

An esthetician uses cosmetics applications, head and neck massages, full-body treatments, and facials to cleanse and beautify the skin. 

They might also use laser therapy or waxing to eradicate body hair.

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As an Esthetician or Skin Care Professional, you might accept a monthly salary of between 40,000 and 60,000 or between 8,000 and 10,000 per year.

4. Massage Therapist 

A massage therapist manipulates blood flow throughout the body to induce relaxation. 

Numerous conditions can be treated with massages, such as decompressing tense and overworked muscles, relieving stress, healing sports injuries, and improving overall health. Unwind after giving your entire body a massage.

You can accept 40k to 60k in monthly income after becoming a massage therapist, or 8 lakhs to 10 lakhs annually.

5. Professional Makeup Artist 

A makeup artist is a person who works with the person as their medium for cosmetic methods. 

The appearance can be altered by makeup artists. Makeup artists have a wide range of professional opportunities, including bridal makeup artistry, commercial photography, salons, television, theatre, film, fashion shows, and mortuary science.

You can accept 40k to 60k in monthly income or 8 lakhs to 10 lakhs in annual income after being a makeup artist.

6. Salon Owners

Individuals can also seek a career in the beauty sector as salon owners after completing a beauty course. 

It also entails determining whether or not the hair stylist, makeup artist, and skin care professional are doing their jobs appropriately. And other services associated with the beauty sector.

With flexible working hours, you can take the lead in your own business. However, it 

demands a substantial time commitment, particularly in the early stages.

A salon owner can make an unlimited amount of money, with an average compensation of about 90k.

7. Salon Manager

People can also pursue a career in the beauty sector as salon managers after completing a course in beauty. 

Salon managers are in charge of supervising all day-to-day activities within the salon, such as personnel management, client service, inventory control, etc.

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Additionally, it entails determining whether or not the hair stylist, makeup artist, and skin care professional are doing their jobs appropriately.

The typical income for a salon manager is approximately Rs 60,000, with no upper limit.

Other Job Profiles are as follows:

  1. Cosmetologist
  2. Nail care artists
  3. Salon sales consultant
  4. Manufacturer sales representative
  5. Beauty care distributor
  6. Cosmetology instructor
  7. Beauty influencer

Thus far, we have discussed the potential employment paths following a cosmetology course.

We’ll now list a few cosmetology schools near me so you can begin your career in this industry. Let’s begin in the same direction.

Top 3 Beauty Academy For Cosmetolgy Course in Delhi - NCR

Top colleges/universities Abroad for Cosmetology Courses

  • Empire Beauty School, Lauderhill, FL, USA.
  • A.B.I. School of Barbering & Cosmetology New York, NY USA.
  • Aaron’s Academy of Beauty, Waldorf, MD, USA.
  • Saint Paul College, Minnesota, USA.

Salary of Cosmetologists

Cosmetologists’ pay and earnings are determined by their job caliber and earning potential. Additionally, experience is becoming more important in determining salaries.

In India, the beginning wage for a cosmetologist is between Rs. 8 lakhs and Rs. 10 lakhs per year. And after that, as experience grows, monthly earnings rise to between RS. 40K and RS. 50K.


In conclusion, someone considering a career in cosmetology has a promising future.

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Cosmetologists work in various sectors, including nail, skin, and hair care. It is best to enlist in school to acquire these talents and have a good future as a cosmologist.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kinds of jobs can one get out of a cosmetology course?

Ans) A cosmetology degree can open up a lot of job options in the wellness and beauty sector. These include cosmetology instructors. Also, cosmetologists, hair stylists, nail technicians, and makeup artists. And skincare specialists and others.

2. What is the range of salaries that cosmetologists often earn?

Ans) For cosmetologists, pay is typically 4 to 5 lakhs. It can vary a lot. It depends on geography, experience, education, and certifications.

3. What is a cosmetology course?

Ans) Cosmetology courses are professional programs. They teach students about hair, skin, nails, and other aspects of personal care and beauty.

4. How long does a cosmetology course often take to finish?

Ans) Cosmetology courses often last one to two years, though this is not a set length.

5. What are the most important competencies needed to be successful in the cosmetology field?

Ans) The most important qualities for success in cosmetology are technical skills and customer service. You also need physical stamina, creativity, and trend awareness, among other things.

6. How crucial is it to enroll in a recognized academy for cosmetology course?

Ans) Attending an accredited cosmetology school is key to getting a high-quality education. It also gives you access to financial aid, industry respect, career prep, networking, and peace of mind.

7. Which are some of the nation’s best schools of cosmetology courses?

Ans) The best cosmetology schools in India include Pearl Academy and Lakmé Academy. They also include VLCC Institute and Meribindiya International Academy.

8. Can students pursue any particular specializations in the field of cosmetology?

Ans) Students studying cosmetology course have many specializations to choose from. These include Spa Therapy and Wellness Treatments. They also include Skin Care, Hair Styling, Hairdressing, Makeup, and Nail Technology.

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