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Hair Extensions Course, Fees and Career- Full Details

Hair Extensions Course, Fees and Career- Full Details

Today is the time when the majority of girls dream of long, lustrous, and free-flowing hair. These days women believe that you are never fully dressed without great hair. It gives one confidence. As these days women are investing in their hair and going for hair extensions, and choosing a career as a hair extension technician is one of the best options. For becoming successful, you need to enroll in hair extensions training courses where you can pursue certified hair extension courses.

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To understand how to fix hair extensions, you require hair extension classes. Wherever you will apply for hair extension experts, they will at least require a certificate in hair extension course for beginners.

This article is all about the best academies located in Delhi/NCR for pursuing hair extension courses. We shall also guide you about the employment opportunities post-completion of the course. Let us first get to know what hair extension is and what hair extension training is all about.

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Hair Extensions

To get desirable texture and length, hair extensions are your solution. All one needs is a skilled stylist who can give the right guidance on the types of permanent hair extensions and the ones that would suit one’s hair type and personality.

What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are also known as hair weaves. They are a form of synthetic/ real hair that the professional attaches to your scalp for adding length, thickness, or color to your natural hair. Some hair extensions are long-lasting they may last up to a year and some will not last that much. If fixed correctly, they will be well matched in color and texture and will appear natural to everyone.

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Hair extensions of premium quality are available in salons that one can wash, condition, color, or dry just like your own hair. Hair extensions give you freedom of styling. Hair extensions for short hair are preferred these days. Girls who are unhappy with the length of their hair opt for this treatment to add fullness to their hair.

Benefits of taking Hair Extension Certification classes

If you are choosing your career as a hair extension technician, then you can not only work at a salon but also go places. You can travel to national and international destinations as a hair extension technician. You also have the option of taking up assignments for Bollywood and small screen shows as a technician.  Pursuing a hair extensions course will definitely shape your career and help you in getting a good salary package.

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Which course should you pursue to become a hair extension technician?

To become a hair extension technician, you should go for the best hair extension training courses. The certified hair extension course is what you need.

Hair extensions training courses Fees and Duration

The hair extensions training courses usually cost in the range of 30,000-40,000. The duration of hair extension certification classes is held from 1 day to 1 week.

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Career opportunities for hair extensions technician

As a hair extensions technician, there is a multitude of career options that you can choose from. The salary package of a hair extensions technician is also pretty high.

  • To start with, you can work at a salon. Groom your clients and give them the desired makeover.
  • The second option is that you can open your salon after completing the certified hair extension course. As an owner, you can introduce and offer the service of hair extensions at your salon. It is very much in demand so it will help you with revenues.
  • The third option is to join an academy as an educator/instructor and impart the knowledge of hair extension that you have learned during the hair extension classes: guiding the students on tips and tricks, types of hair extensions, and what will be the right type depending on the personality.
  • The fourth option is to work with a manufacturing organization in the form of a technical trainer. Whatever knowledge you have gained during the hair extension training, you can utilize that to guide as a trainer.
  • The fifth option is to work as a freelancer and associate yourself with the glamour industry where you can work for movies or television shows or ad commercials. You can make your own clients and provide the service of hair extensions.
  • The sixth option is to work as a personal technician of a celebrity and go on sets and places with the celebrity.
  • One more option is to work overseas as a hair extensions technician with a big brand.

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How much can you earn after a certified hair extension course?

After taking up a hair extension course for beginners, there are so many companies that hire you as a freelancer. Here you can offer your services at the doorstep of clients. They pay you well. When you start your career, you may earn somewhere between Rs.25000-40000. Once you start working at a salon and you gain experience of 2-3 years or more, you can end up earning Rs.50000-60000 +.

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