Highly Paying Career Option in the Beauty Industries

Highly Paying Career Option in the Beauty Industries

As all World is recovering from a pandemic, the education industry is also getting new life slowly. In this process, some fields are growing up on the horizon. The beauty industry is one of those shining stars. The beauty industry is ready to offer you some fantastic career opportunities.

You can go through the details below to get an overview of these career options. At becomebeautyexpert, we are going to share in-depth information about these career options. Therefore stay connected to us.

Highly Paying Career Option in the Beauty Industries

Here are the best of the 15 Highly Paying Career Option in the Beauty Industry .


Hairdressing is an evergreen career option. Modern hairdressing has glamour, good income in addition to stability. The market always needs professional and creative hairdresser. Hence one professional hairdresser can earn handsome amount monthly.

Cosmetology Course: The Golden Career Path

One can offer hair-styling, hair colouring and hair cuts after becoming hairdresser. A hairdresser can also provide hair treatments such as extension, strengthening, Smoothing, curling and keratin.

Freelancer Makeup Artist

Do you want the freedom of time while working? Then you have to become a freelance makeup artist. Makeup artists provide makeup services at various occasions, events and parties. They earn a good amount of income out of this work. As this work in freelance, they have freedom of working on their terms.

Beautician Course

Cosmetic Retailer

We all know that cosmetic products are highly in use in the World. Cosmetics Therefore we can say that the retailing of cosmetics product is an excellent idea of generating income.

9 Benefits Of Enrolling In A Professional Makeup Course

We need to make sure to gain proper knowledge of products; If you do cosmetology course, you will gain a to z process of cosmetics making and using them.

Salon Manager

When we talk about the beauty industry and jobs in this industry, we can not mention salons. Salons are contributing very well in generating employment. We will recommend pursuing salon management course. Salon managers have to learn all management activities in addition to makeup and hair services.

Salon Owner

We already said that salons are a massive part of the beauty industry. Starting salon after completing advance makeup and hair course is a beautiful idea.

How to become a eyelash technician in India

You have to select a proper place, a fair city, to open your salon. You learn all management aspects in salon management course. This course is available in many academies, but we will recommend taking a look at top academies we are listing below in this article. This is a very high paying career option.

Beauty Care Blogger

People are always in search of beauty tips, accurate advice about beauty issues and solutions. You can learn the basics of makeup, skincare and hairdressing. Then start beauty care blogging. Blogging has great potential. This occupation can generate income from affiliate marketing, advertisement and sponsored posts.


Becoming beautician is also one of the best career options in the beauty industry. After completing beautician courses from reputed makeup and beauty academy, you get valid certification to practice as a beautician. Beautician offers many services and consultation regarding beauty, makeup and hair.

Cosmetology Instructor

If you love to teach, but you want to make a career in the beauty industry, this is the best option you can get. If we decide to mention some more benefits of becoming an instructor, we can say instructors get the industry’s most valuable jobs.


Pay of instructor depends on his or her experience. You need to gain throughout knowledge and expertise of all beauty and hair elements. You can also become a specialist in a specific domain like skincare, bridal makeup, cosmetics, airbrush makeup etc.


If you go to any academy or in any salon, you will find one counsellor who guides people. Counsellor talks with people and understands their needs and offer them a relevant service. To become counsellor, you need to gain basic knowledge of cosmetology and makeup. People can earn a good amount out of this job.

Beauty School Owner

As we are talking about career options in the beauty industry, we can not ignore beauty schools. Many students want to learn about makeup and hair courses. Either they want to make a career in the beauty industry or retain for their use.

News Channel

Many news channels in India and abroad hire makeup artists for their anchors and guests in shows. You can become a makeup artists to join such a job in the industry. These jobs are well paying. Hence you can earn a good income through this job.

Entertainment industry

In this industry, you can make glamours as well as a high paying career. IF you become a makeup and hairdressing expert, you can join the entertainment industry. They always need a good makeup artist who can achieve the best looks as they want. Many makeup courses are their who teaches you how to achieve makeup faces and hair looks.

Airline industry

We all know how the airline industry offers high paying jobs. With grooming your personality by learning makeup and hairdressing, you can gain the confidence to become air-hostess. You can also join this industry as makeup artists as many airlines hire makeup artists for their air-hostesses. In these jobs, you gain a handsome amount as salary per month.

Nail Professional

Becoming a nail professional is also a fantastic career option for people who want to earn a good amount. This career stream is unique and highly rewarding. Nail artists offer services like nail care, nail art designs, nail colouring and many more. You can quickly get high paying jobs in salons and beauty clinics. Either You can choose to work interdependently, or you can join jobs.

International Exposure & Placement

The beauty industry is growing worldwide to plan to go abroad to work as makeup and hair professional. Many academies offer internationally accepted certifications like CIDESCO and VTCT. We tried to list our best academies to pursue international beauty courses.

Top Beauty Schools in India

Here is the list of top beauty schools of India which offers you highly paying career option in beauty industry.

  • Meribindiya International Academy: Meribindiya International Academy is among the best beauty schools in Delhi NCR. Meribindiya International Academy offers you the best highly paying career option in beauty industry. Few months back, Meribindiya International Academy was awarded by Hina Khan as India’s best beauty school. This makeup academy offers 100 percent job placement to the academy students.
    Address: Shop No – 1, 2nd and 3rd Floor, Sunehri Market, near Sector 18, Atta, Sector 27, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
  • Pearl Makeup Academy: Pearl Makeup Academy is the best beauty school which offers professional beauty courses and a great career scope in beauty industry.
    Address: Delhi, India
  • Shahnaz Husain Beauty Academy: This beauty school is among the top beauty academies which offers beauty courses in Delhi NCR and provides you highly paying career options in the beauty industry.
    Address: Delhi, India

If you want to make a career in international beauty industry then, you have to pursue an international beauty course. International Beauty Expert (IBE) is an international beauty academy which offers international beauty courses. IBE provides an international internship and international job placement in international beauty industry too.

Address: Noida, India


We become beauty experts; therefore, we try to give honest opinions and reviews about beauty career and makeup academies. We decided to list our best 15 career options in the beauty industry. This list will introduce some new career path to you.


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