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How to become an eyelash technician in India

How to become a eyelash technician

You are here means you are looking for opportunities to fabricate your dream. At Becomebeautyexpert, we bring career guides for ambitious people like you. Becoming an eyelash technician in India is one of the most current career paths. Today we will see how you can become an eyelash technician by getting eyelash training.

 “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” —Confucius.

In Delhi NCR, there are very few eyelash training academies. We will see what they offer and how much it cost to get it.

What eyelash technician do?

When you become an eyelash technician, people come to you and ask you to apply false eyelashes to their eyelids. The Eyelash technician has to examine the face pattern and eye features. Then technician recommends various shades, patterns as per the face and requirement of the client. Firstly eyelash technicians can offer other aesthetic services.

How to become an eyelash extension technician?

Does this profession sound interesting to you? Do you want to see yourself in the chair of the eyelash professional? We can guide you to be one. For this, you have to read the below details carefully as we are sharing essential details like eyelash extension courses, eyelash extension academies, and fees.

How to become a eyelash technician

To become an eyelash technician, you need to pursue a Certificate course in eyelash extension. In this course, you learn all the needful skills to become an eyelash technician. These courses are 1 or 2 weeks long, depends on the academy.


You can join cosmetology courses from any top beauty school if you want to learn other beauty treatments along with eyelash extensions. Cosmetology courses will cover full course of beauty. You get certifications and kits after completing these courses. After an internship of few months, you can either start your practice or join any salon to work as an eyelash extension technician.

Things to keep in mind before getting admission to the Academy.

  1. Before selecting an eyelash extension course, make sure you know all essential information about trainers, course elements, certifications, and internships.
  2. Always look for top 3 or top 5 makeup academies to pursue an eyelash extension course. Get information from these academies. Compare all academies and then decide the best option for you.
  3. Hygiene, safety, and beauty are essential; hence make sure those academies are following useful benchmarks.
  4. After the course, you need to find internships; therefore, make sure training academies help.
  5. Don’t forget to inquire about the kit for practicing after the course. Few academies.
Top 3 Beauty Academy For Eyelash Lifting Course in Delhi - NCR .

Eyelash extension course Fees

There are many advanced cosmetology and makeup courses where you can learn eyelash extension treatments. As we said, few academies are offering particular certification course for eyelash extension. This certification course may cost you few thousand rupees. Few academies charge separately for kits. To get more details, you can click on the button below.

Opportunities for an eyelash extension technician.

If you are thinking of becoming an eyelash extension professional, you must be aware of opportunities. Hence, we shared some career opportunities for eyelash technicians. After completing the eyelash training course, you will get the next chance to make your career.

  1. Own Clinic: We can say more than 75 % of eyelash technicians open their clinic. Afterward, they start performing eyelash extension treatments. They earn the right amount through these services. They also offer other beauty services if they have additional certifications.
  2. Salon: Many salons offer highly paid jobs to eyelash technicians. These salons hire technicians and offer eye extension service at their outlets. These jobs are highly paid.


We hope this article will help you out. We wish to help you in selecting good academies for the eyelash training course. Therefore, we are listing the top 3 best makeup academies in Delhi NCR. You can check the reviews of these academies and select the best one. You can talk to their consultants if you need more in-depth details about the course.

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