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IBE Awards Bridal Makeup Contest 2023: Sponsored by Meribindiya International Academy

IBE Awards Bridal Makeup Contest 2023 Sponsored by Meribindiya International Academy

Now here is a Flashback for the best bridal makeup contest! Let’s briefly review the 18th of July bridal makeup competition that took place at the Hotel Clarks Kaushambi in Ghaziabad.

Everyone wants to seem beautiful in today’s world of fashion, whether they are a man or a woman. Everyone strives to look beautiful, attractive, and spectacular to capture others’ attention.

We are excited to announce that the IBE Award Bridal Makeup 2023 Contest has been hosted at Kaushambi, Ghaziabad and that International Beauty Expert (IBE) has been invited to serve as the official makeup artist. At this event, youngsters from all regions of the state gathered to demonstrate their talents.MeriBindiya International Academy supported it.

About  MeriBindiya International Academy

We at Meri Bindiya International Academy take great satisfaction in our capacity to offer top-notch services for hair and makeup artistry, and we are honored to have been invited to participate in this renowned event. 

Meribindiya International Academy has received recognition from various national and international organizations including India’s Best Beauty School Award.

The Best Beauty School in India award has also been won four years in a row by Meribindiya International Academy (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023). Students from India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh can enroll in advanced beauty, cosmetology, hair, skin, cosmetics, and nail courses at the academy, which is taught by highly educated and experienced professors.

Meribindiya International Academy is also acknowledged by ISO, CIDESCO, and the Indian government. The university grants India’s top master’s in cosmetology. It is the top academy for cosmetics & beauty services in India and offers a variety of courses in cosmetology, eyelash extensions, hair extensions, hair, microblading, and permanent makeup & many more.

The academy offers a lifetime free membership so you may stay in touch and keep learning about the latest fashions and beauty tricks to continually improve your abilities. Meribindiya International Academy stands apart among all of the top academics thanks to these characteristics.

Evaluation Tips from Judge

The highly anticipated best Bridal Makeup Contest is where a team of makeup judges—expert makeup artists and hair stylists—from various Beauty Academy will be showcasing participants’ talents.

The makeup judges will be in charge of evaluating the models’ and participants’ original and creative makeup looks to ensure that there is no prejudice present. Everybody must also solely be judged on the caliber of their work & bridal appearance. The participants’ cosmetics were the main focus of our judges’ attention.

Additionally, it provided us more time to talk about each makeup item that competitors in this competition are using.

The makeup team of gifted and experienced students will have the chance to collaborate, acquiring priceless exposure and experience in the fashion and beauty industries.

Overview of the Bridal Makeup Competition

The competition began at 11 am and lasted for 1 day. There are about 29 participants, and their models display the most recent bridal makeup trends from different Indian states. All competitors had to collaborate closely with their models to develop bridal makeup looks that accentuated the elegance and style of each dress as the competition’s official makeup artist. 

The purpose of the event was to evoke the mood of the makeup artist by putting their models in lovely bridal attire. Due to the many visitors who came from far and wide, it grew more lively. 

Everyone was anticipating the makeup styles from the numerous competitors in the bridal makeup competition. All of the models seemed stunning in their bridal attire.

Event Chief Guest 

The subject of bridal makeup was hot that evening. Mahi Maam, the director of Meribindiya International Academy, arrived as the chief guest and illuminated the island at the start of the performance. 

The director of Meribindiya International Academy, Mahi Maam, addressed the podium to emphasize to everyone how crucial it is for every woman to be autonomous when beginning her career in this field.

She also emphasizes that applying makeup should always be done while dressed up and looking attractive, regardless of whether you are a model or not. 

Winner of IBE Award 2023

We may state that two Meribindiya International Academy students received the IBE prize for this year if we discuss the top 3 winners of the bridal competition.

If we talk about the competitors in this competition, makeup artist Nishant received the first prize of the IBE Award 2023 for Rs 31,000 with his Bridal Varsha. He used his makeup artist talents to create a mess of wonderful and gorgeous makeup on the model. He had captured the audience’s interest with their runway stride and gorgeous appearance. 

The process of this award did not stop here, in this show of IBE Awards 2023, the third prize was also won by students of Meribindiya International Academy, Preeti and her model Ritu who received a prize of Rs 11,000 from International Beauty Expert.

The third place was won by Preeti and her model Ritu, who received a prize of Rs 11,000 from International Beauty Expert. 

The freebies that the IBE crew distributed to all attendees, which included great branded beauty products, were another exciting aspect of the event. Given that, a large giveaway consisting of their entire initial collection line would only have one winner!

In their exquisite bridal attire, each participant marched with great assurance, painting a beautiful portrait of Indian culture.

Thank you Message from Guests

With the arrival of the guests, the event picked up its energy.

1. Prince Narula

Another star participant in this competition, Prince Narula, made a big impression. He gave the IBE Award 2023 Winner to two Meribindiya International Academy Students. Prince Narula exhorts other students to enroll at Meribindiya International Academy to learn the most recent trends in makeup and beauty, which will help them start a professional bridal Makeup with confidence.

He argued that Meribindiya International Academy is the best beauty school for assisting prospective makeup artists in developing a fruitful profession. After being accepted into Meribindiya International Academy, a student becomes a highly qualified specialist and receives job offers from major companies with operations both in India and abroad. 

2. Ms Mahi Mam (Director of Meribindiya International Academy)

Ms Mahi Maam, the head of Meribindiya International Academy remarked that this evening’s bridal cosmetics competition is organized delightfully and professionally. She loved herself greatly watching various dancing performances and bridal cosmetic competitions. Ms. Mahi Maam also expressed her gratitude to everyone who had taken part in this lovely occasion. She added that Meribindiya International Academy inspires pupils to pick up new techniques and fashions so they can launch successful independent careers in the beauty industry.

3. Ms Ranjhana Singh (IBE director)

IBE director Ms. Ranjana Seth, who attended the event as well, expressed her satisfaction with its success and said she had a great time.


In summary, the event was a success! Don’t worry if you can’t attend the IBE Award ceremony on July 18! Following that, this post will allow you to learn about some of the thrilling tales of the bridal cosmetics competition, and you can also check out our Instagram pages for additional thrilling footage. Organizing such events keeps our hearts warm, and seeing makeup enthusiasts in one place warms them even more. Before our upcoming event!


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