Make U Up Academy: Course And Fees

Make U Up Academy: Course And Fees

The beauty industry is growing to new heights every day. It is estimated that the beauty industry is going to expand by 14% next year. Within this continuously growing industry, there is a lot of scopes in beauty careers. As more and more people choose beauty as their profession, there is a boost seen in the beauty and makeup academies.


There are a lot of academies providing you with beauty and makeup courses. At becoming beauty experts, we bring you genuine and honest reviews of various beauty schools to kick start your beauty career with the best course available. Hence today, we are going to review courses of Make U Up Makeup studio and academy.

Make U Up Makeup academy provides you with government certification. It gives you an NSDC certificate, which comes under the Indian government. Furthermore, all the beauty courses at Make U Up Makeup studio and academy, Vasant Kunj, are according to Indian styles, cultures, and standards. They provide courses for absolute beginners and advanced makeup artists who want to up-skill their careers.


Make U Up Makeup School working since the year 1998 and is headed by Pooja Sharma. This make-up beauty academy is producing brilliant students for the past 21 years.

Make U Up Academy Course And Fees

Professional Beautician Course

This Beautician course is perfect for beginners who want to make a career in the beauty field. This course provides you with essential to advance knowledge of the makeup industry. Afterward, you can develop a successful career in the beauty industry as trained professional beauty artists design these courses. In this course, you will learn about skin analysis and treatments, all types of hair removal.


Afterward, you learn nail care like manicures, pedicures, along body care. Then they teach threading Techniques and Hygiene. You will learn eyebrow shaping according to face shape. This course includes face wax such as regular and Katori; You will know hair bleach and its types, applications, and procedure. In addition to Face, clean up its types, applications, and procedure.

All factors related to facials get covered, like types, applications, and procedures. In addition to these, you will get training for usage of Equipment such as Ultrasonic, Ozone, Light Therapy, etc. On the one hand, you learn skin treatments like Acne, Scars, Blemishes, and on the other hand, you know waxing and body Detaning

Course Duration: 60 days

Airbrush Makeup Course

Airbrush makeup is the latest and trendiest type of makeup in the beauty industry. It is an important skill which a beginner should learn. Makeup artists should take this course to upskill their makeup careers and become better. In this course you will learn about analyzing skin type before makeup, Technical Training of Air Brush Functioning, Application of Base, Blush, etc. Eye Makeup & Contouring Training, Live Assignments, etc.

Course Duration: 4 days

Hairstylist Courses

If you want to become a hairstylist, then this course is the best to start. This course is designed for everyone from absolute beginners to advanced hairstylist. There are two types of hairstyling courses offered by Make U Up Makeup Studio and Academy.

1 Advanced Hairstyling Course:

In this course, you will learn about 10 Types of Advance Braids, Dutch Braids, Fish Tail, Romantic Braids, Waterfall Braids, Messy Tint, Time Clicking & More, Buns, Bridal Hairstyle, Romantic Buns, Romantic Open Hair Styles, Flower Buns, Ramp Hair Styling, Mass Media Hair Styling, Glossy Hairstyles.

Course Duration: 25 days

2 Hair Dressing Course:

In this course, you will learn about Shampoo and Conditioning (Formulation Theory, Movements), In addition to Hair Theory (Trichology, Color Theory, Angle Theory). They teach Hair Styling (10 Braids & 20+ Buns). You will get knowledge of all chemical treatments like Highlights, Global, Touch Up, Rebonding, Smoothing, and Keratin.


Furthermore, you learn Balayage, Ombre, Global + Highlights, Chunks, Deep, and Cleansing. You know haircuts like U Haircut, Diagonal Backward, Bob Haircut, Feather Haircut, and Short Haircuts. They teach more cuts like Diagonal Forward, Veg-Bob Haircut, Smart Haircut, Graduation Forward, Graduation Backward, and Emo Haircut. You will learn male haircuts and Slope Haircuts. They train you to do all hair ritual like Hair Spa, Deep Oil Cleansing, Anti Hair Fall, Dandruff, Fungal Treatment, Flake Treatments.

Course Duration: 90 days

Self Makeup Courses

Our Self makeup courses are ideal for the ladies who can’t visit parlors. In this course, you will learn how to do the perfect makeup at home. When you complete this self makeup course with us, you will surely master the skill of making yourself look gorgeous. In this course, you will learn Makeup Hygiene Fundamental, Product Knowledge, Basics of Good Makeup, Nude Makeup- Everyday Look, Day Party Makeup Look, Self-Contour and Highlighting, Tips & Tricks for long-lasting makeup.

Course duration: 1 day

Self Hairstyle Course

In this course, you will learn Hair Pressing, Curls, Front Twisting, Front Braiding, Waterfall Braid, Rope Braid, French Braid, 2 Buns (Hollywood / Bollywood Styles).

Course Duration: 2 days

Make u Up Academy website –

This is the best academy if you want to make a career in the beauty industry. This academy provides you with government certification, whereas Meribindiya International Academy provides you with international CIDESCO certification. 

MeriBindiya International Academy Noida

2nd Floor, Veer Singh Palace, Near Sector 18 Metro Station,
Behind Vinayak Hospital, Sector 27, Noida
☎ 8130520472

Furthermore, the following are the rank holders

We recommend all the above academies for freshers who want to learn makeup art in detail with valid certifications.


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