Certificate Course in Microblading: Best Academy for Microblanding Course

Certificate Course in Microblading: Best Academy for Microblanding Course

Looking for establishing your career as a micro-blading artist? If yes, you need to understand the required component for microblading eyebrow courses as it’s a time taking process that needs lots of dedication and patience but still if you have beauty and fashion inclination, can set your career as a skilled and professional artist.

A career in micro-blading is a growing-up field for interested students. After the completion of the certificate course in micro-blading or enrolling for accredited courses. The qualified candidates can give their careers a boost by becoming professional and trained micro-blading artists.

So why wait?

Let’s know-how can you make a career in this field and about some institutions that offer well concise and structured courses in micro-blading for interested candidates.

What Is Microblading Eyebrows Course?

What Is Microblading Eyebrows Course?

First thing first, before going further let’s know about micro-blading. It is a temporary technique to enhance your eyebrows look by making a small cut and filling them with required tattoo grid ink. Though it sounds painful, it’s not really. The procedure needs a little time so be patient!

Now, if you are planning to make a career as a micro-blading artist, you need to take proper training and learn the skill. In almost every city you will get the training academy that trains their candidate’s eyebrow embroidery training and micro-blading courses.

But here, I am adding some renowned and trusted academy that runs micro-blading classes and provide the best training to the candidates.

7 Best Academies For Microblading Certification Course Near Me

Meribindiya International Academy

The first name for the best certificate course in microblanding on our list is Meribindiya International Academy. They are well known to give the ultimate training by the industry experts. Also, Meribindiya Academy claims to give you 100% job placements with a higher salary package.


We have covered everything in detail about the Meribindiya microblading eyebrows course here. You can read this article for more info or directly contact the Meribindiya trainer to ask your query.

Call: +91 95821 33349.

Renuka Krishna Beauty And Training Academy

Renuka Krishna and beauty training academy is one of the most renowned and trusted institutions in micro-blading training and semi-permanent makeup. If you enroll in its micro blading course, will learn the latest trends and techniques allowing you to perform better in this field and provide good quality work to the clients. The professional and qualified trainer gives you one-to-one training that boosts your self-esteem and confidence.

Though you can visit its official website to know more about the courses, here I am adding some basic features of Renuka Academy courses. So that, you can get an idea about the micro blending training.

  • Dual certificate
  • Discount on micro-blading supplies
  • One to one private class
  • Practice on a live model
  • Regular online practice
  • Free marketing materials
  • Lifetime support
  • Professional toolkit

Ibrow Permanent Makeup

Located in Ahmadabad Gujarat, Ibrow makeup academy is considered India’s first exclusive permanent makeup service brand that offers training, certification, products, and services in the field of permanent makeup. The skilled and professional trainers train the candidates for more than 1200 procedures in micro-blading.

The founder Dr. Gunjan shah, being a renowned dermatologist and cosmetologist understands the need for good treatment and has trained various candidates for a better understanding of micro-blading. If you are planning to take any certification course and residing in the western part of India this academy is the right choice for you.

Alex International Academy

Located in Ludhiana Punjab, Alex international school is an authentic place to get the micro blading certification. As a candidate, you get IAO certification for a micro-blading course and assurance for 100% placement.

The course is divided into three parts basic, advanced and final parts where the candidate can take admission as per their requirement. The duration of the course is different but not more than 60 days. If you are interested in this field and the best eyebrow microblanding classes near me in the northern part of India, Alex international academy is the perfect choice for you.

Keerthy Academy

Located in the southern part of India this beauty academy is famous for beauty, haircutting, and tattooing but the micro-blading courses have an advanced syllabus that helps students gain complete knowledge and skills required for this area.

So as per your level take admission in any of the basic or advanced level courses. If you are looking for a micro-blading course near me, keerthy academy is a good option for this.

Ristudio By Ridhi Khanna

Ristudio by Ridhi Khanna also offers the complete microblading training course and trains the candidates on the newest way to describe brow tattooing or the semi-permanent brow boosting procedure. The professional trains you for all the basic types of eyebrow training such as ombre powder fill, micro-blading, hybrid, and combination brows.

The institution provides certified documents and offers internship programs that give a proper understanding of the training and the theoretical course.

Victress Beauty Academy

Victress beauty academy is a well-known academy that offers an authentic course for microblading by a fully licensed and certified instructor from Canada. The duration of the course is for two months in small personalized batches. Besides giving hands-on training they teach you how to brand, advertise and market your company and that opens the new vistas of your understanding.

They offer offline and online classes on both modes and the microblading courses have lifetime certification and the opportunity to work with models.


So, these are some known institutions we have added here for information related to micro-blading certificate courses. if we talk about the duration of the microblading course, it takes about 30 to 75 days to complete the course and needs an investment of about $ 4000 to $ 5000.

Once you complete your certification course, get a document mentioning that you have attended and completed the course and training. As a trainee, you must assure that the certificate is properly and dually certified by the trainer.

To make your portfolio strong you should add some other documents like your internship certificate or snaps here.

Final Thoughts

Finally, this is all about the best academy for microblading certificate course that is an emerging industry in the market nowadays. As an artist, if you are inclined to make a career in this field, can choose any of the academies at your convenience. So why wait? give wings to your dreams start your creative and flexible career as a microblading artist.

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