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My Story of Aatmnirbhar: Lockdown Become a Big Opportunity – Turn Disaster into an Opportunity

Lockdown become opportunity

After completing my graduation, I was married to the family where males work to earn for the family and almost all the females are housewives to take care of household chores, children, and Parents.

My husband was working with Indian Airlines before Mar’20 and we are parents of the 11-year old boy who is studying in a reputed school of Noida.


Since my childhood, I always want to learn new make-up ideas, hairstyles, etc for myself to look beautiful but due to family priorities and responsibilities, But i never had time to do the same.

In the year 2019, I took the resolution to learn Cosmetology Course and be independent by opening my own Parlor. After taking the consent of my husband I started searching for the academy to enroll for the related course.

my dream

I also asked to the beautician where I love to go because of her perfection in her job and she suggested to me “Meri Bindiya Academy Noida” from where she was completed multiples beauty related courses and she told me that she also enrolled herself for “Nail Technician” Course also.

After coming home, I searched on Google also about “Meribindiya International Academy Noida” and surprised with the amazing reviews over there about Academy and Course, also it was mentioned there that “Meribindiya” is the best academy for beautician courses in Noida. I was fully agreed to enroll myself there for the “Cosmetology Course”.  

राखी पर एक भाई ने दिया अपनी बहिन को यह ख़ास उपहार, बनाया स्वावलंबी और आत्मनिर्भर

I started the “Basic Skin Course” in Dec’19 and after having a great experience there I decided to continue the full course of Cosmetology from the same Academy. One by one I was completing courses but till Mar’20 I could complete the “Basic Skin Course” and “Basic Hair Course” courses only.

makeup course

Suddenly, pandemic COVID-19 started spreading world-wide and impacted almost the areas of education, factories, airlines, hotels, transports, etc. Lockdown started in India also. I wanted to complete other courses but due to the start of Lockdown, it could not happen.

I was upset, the dream of my own parlor in the year’20 was almost vanished due to incomplete courses of Cosmetology.

One day, in the month of Apr’20, my husband told me the airlines where he was working informed him that the company has given leaves but without pay to 70 percent of the employees till the situation of pandemic got normalized and he is one of them.  

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I could see the tension on the face of my husband. After a few days, he started talking to himself about School fees, Car loan EMI, Home loan EMI, Medical treatment, and medicines of our elders and other household expenses. He was trying his best for a new job but due every situation took time to a normalized and new start.

I discussed with “Meri Bindiya Academy” about my family situation and my dream of the opening of Parlor. They assured me that I can provide beauty service from home with the knowledge of the courses which I have completed.

After a conversation with “Meri Bindiya Academy,” I was confident to open my own Parlor. I discussed it with my husband and due to our situation, he also agreed with me.

women empowerment

I started my own beauty parlor and also informed to the “Meri Bindiya Academy”, society, friends, relatives, etc.

I was surprised to see the support of “Meri Bindiya Academy” as they have given my reference to their customers who live in or near my society and many of them started to take services from me.

My work being appreciated in my society and people also conveyed my services to other societies near me and they also started taking services from me.  

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I earned an amount of Rs. 40,000/- in the first month and which gradually increasing day by day after the start of unlocking in India. After 2 months I tied up with one more beautician as my work is expanding day by day. As of now, I am in a profit of Rs. 120,000/- per month.

women empowerment

I am very thankful for “Meri Bindiya Academy” for showing me the right path at the right time in My Journey of My Story of Aatmnirbhar during Lockdown.

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I enquire with “Meri Bindiya Academy” in the month of Jul’20 to complete my cosmetology course and they informed me that the Academy will be re-open. in Aug’20 with full precaution and provision for the safety of COVID-19.

Now, I am attending the class in “Meri Bindiya Academy” in the morning batch to complete my courses and at the same time my partner beautician takes care of my parlor and I look after my clients in the evening.

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In the month of Aug, my husband also got a decent job in Noida and we both are happily enjoying with our family.

successful women

If you are looking for any job oriented parlor course or Makeup, Hair course, and want to start your business in the beauty industry then I will highly recommend you Meribindiya Academy Noida. You can call him for any course query at 9582133349.


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