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Post Graduate Diploma in Cosmetology | Best Course for Highly Paying Career

Post Graduate Diploma in Cosmetology

Cosmetology is a decent career option to choose. It is all about prowess and enhances the cosmetic beauty of the skin, nails, and body. Meribindiya International Academy offers numerous beginner as well as an advanced level diploma in cosmetology.

If you are anxious about which career option to opt for after becoming certified cosmetologists, here are a few quick options;

  • Derma clinics
  • Incredible beauty salons
  • Spa Therapist
  • Rejuvenation centers
  • Personal Nutritional Trainer
  • Freelance Beauty Services
  • Personal Hair Stylist

And more from which you can select any one of your most favorite to perform. 

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However, cosmetology is in demand throughout the world, and also this profession is soon going to touch the sky. Therefore cosmetology is a highly recommendable course with a stunning future aspect. As a result, you do not have to worry about getting the job after completing a specific course.

best makeup institutes

If you have keen interests and skills, you must choose any post graduate diploma in cosmetology certification courses after going through the diploma in cosmetology syllabus.

There are two Significant types of Cosmetology Courses

  1. Certification in cosmetology
  2. Master or Post Graduation Diploma in cosmetology

Let’s discuss the category of courses available in cosmetology diploma and master in cosmetology programs:-

  1. PG Diploma In Cosmetology Course
  2. PG Diploma In Cosmetology And Beauty Care

Other cosmetology programs offer diplomas, certificates, and undergraduate – postgraduate degrees. A certificate or diploma empowers a basic knowledge about the same whereas with a bachelor’s degree you get a more specialized version of knowledge and skills. It also proposes a more advanced level of courses with it.

Certificates Of Cosmetology

A cosmetology certificate is also inferred as a diploma; it includes studying fundamentals of skin, hair, nail care, and more. A certificate course is completed in six-eight months. After completing this course, you can professionally work as a hairstylist, skincare specialist, and nail technician.

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Affiliate Degree in cosmetology

An affiliate degree in cosmetology is a two-year degree with practical training. Along with it, you’ll take additional general classes in maths, humanities, English, science, cosmetology-specific topics, and more. As a result, you can opt for several positions as nail technicians, skin specialists, and hairstylists.

Bachelor’s degree in cosmetology

The bachelor’s degree in cosmetology offered by Meribindiya International academy offers business and hospitality management. This degree is more beneficial for all those willing to start their beauty salons, spa, or large sport.

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How Much Can You Earn After Getting Cosmetology Certification Training?

The beauty industry comes in a never-ending demand segment that means, you have endless opportunities to start the best career and earn handsome money. As a fresher, if you join any beauty center, you can easily start earning 40-50 thousand rupees in a month, provided that you are working with a reputed company.

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As you grow and learn more, consistently you can demand a salary hike that can go anywhere around 40 thousand, 60 thousand, or more, that totally depends on your knowledge and negotiation skills.

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Alternatively, you can run your own beauty parlor, spa, or nutritional corner where you can work as per your time and easily make around 3-4 lakhs rupees in a month.

What are Career Options in the Field of Cosmetology?

There are endless options available as a career in this field. Some of the best and high-paying career opportunities in the beauty industry are given below.

Hair Stylist

Being a hairstylist is super trendy nowadays. People love to get their hair colored, highlights, cutting, different styles, and much more.

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Therefore, there is a wide variety of services available when talking about a hairstylist. Also, their hair treatments are highly in demand, such as thin hair, rough hair, dandruff, etc.


A colorist is a specialist whose job is to color the hair skillfully. According to their tone and structure, Salon’s hire a colorist under a color department as different faces robe distinct colors.

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People demand some customized addition as per their interest which makes them more attracted towards this hair color skill.

Nail Professional

Nail professional is another prominent profession as people love to get their nail extensions done with manicures, pedicures, polishing, and more. It is a popular profession other than a very skilled profession as the art of nail extension is a challenging chore.

Esthetician – Skincare

Skincare is a job done by a skin specialist. It requires proper knowledge and relevant ability to bestow the customer’s mind-blowing results for a healthy skin glow. This medical esthetician course teaches students all the vital skills necessary for a clinical skincare domain.

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Massage Therapist

The massage therapist works to manipulate the blood in the whole body and offers a relaxed and light massage. Massage is the solution to many issues like reducing stress, overworked muscles, rehabilitating sports injuries, general health, etc. People often take massages whenever they want to rest on their body, and overall it’s a pleasant experience.


Barber, this profession is all about hair care treatments like cutting, shampooing, and styling. Moreover, they also fit hairpieces, serve scalp treatments, facial shaving, and more.

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Whereas a Barber with decent qualifications may also be eligible for highlighting your hair, coloring, bleaching, and can also give you permanent – wave services.

Professional Makeup Artist

The makeup artist profession is highly paid nowadays, as we can see people have become so fond of makeup and people are doing great in this profession. It is a highly paid profession, and you have endless career options after completing a generous Diploma in Makeup and Hair Styling course.  You’ll not believe it, but there is no stopping after you enter this profession. There are several ways to rise among it all.

If you want to work as a professional cosmetologist in foreign countries then you have to pursue an international cosmetology course. International Beauty Expert (IBE) is an international beauty & wellness academy which offers international cosmetology courses. IBE provides an international internship and international job placement in international beauty & wellness industry.
Address: Noida, India


Meribindiya International Academy puts forward an impressive list of different courses, diploma programs, and bachelor programs available for cosmetologists. After reading the above article, it is evident that the diploma beautician course and several other courses are a good option with a highly paid income.

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Therefore, you can check out the courses of your interest in the master esthetician school near me and make sure to check the PG Diploma in Cosmetology Eligibility for your selected institute. Also, PG Diploma in Custom Study Syllabus, and most importantly, post graduate diploma in cosmetology fees for the institute where you are planning to get enrolled. Because the syllabus, fees, and other things differ from one institute to another.


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