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What are the Shortcomings of VLCC Institute’s Nutrition Course?

What are the shortcomings of Vlcc Institute's Nutrition Course

Do you have a strong interest in nutrition and want to pursue a career in dietetics or nutrition by earning a nutrition certification?

Take a look at the Nutrition Course offered by the VLCC Institute! With a curriculum that covers some facet of nutrition, this course will provide you the information and abilities you need to thrive in this rapidly expanding field.

Like any other curriculum, the Nutrition Course offered by VLCC Institute has its drawbacks, though.

The nutrition certification programs offered by this VLCC Training Institute can help you get started in your career, but here’s a rundown of some of the reasons you might not be approved.

This blog will also provide you with the top 3 nutrition course school in India, from which you may launch your career in the field of nutrition.

VLCC Institute

One of the top makeup and wellness training institutes in India is the VLCC Institute of Beauty Nutrition.

The VLCC Institute offers a variety of courses in nutrition and dietetics & then can acquire nutrition certification. There are over 100 courses and workshops in skin, hair, cosmetics, and nutrition to select from.

Students can help define their careers in the beauty and nutrition industries by enrolling in nutrition and dietician courses offered by the VLCC Institute. 

Its short nutrition courses give students the skills and information needed for a successful career as dieticians and nutritionists. 

Students must hunt for work in relevant fields even though the VLCC Academy course does not offer internships or positions. 

Types of Nutrition Courses 

A range of nutrition courses and workshops are available at VLCC Institute for those who want to work in dietetics or nutrition. The following are a few of the important courses and programs offered by VLCC Institute:

  • Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics: The Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics program gives students the information and abilities they need to succeed in their professions as prominent nutritionists or dietitians.
  • Certificate in Clinical  & Fitness Nutrition: A comprehensive understanding of nutrition science, food science, anatomy, physiology, dietetics, clinical nutrition, and alternative therapies is the main goal of these dietician certificate course in sports and fitness nutrition and clinical nutrition.
  • Short nutrition courses : The VLCC Institute provides short nutrition courses that address the complexities of nutrition, including food science and anatomy. For people who are looking for a short-term course duration because they are busy or lack time, this kind of course is quite helpful.

Drawback  of VLCC Nutrition Course 

  • The absence of practical experience in nutrition and dietetics courses is one of their biggest drawbacks. There isn’t much practical training offered, despite the curriculum covering a lot of ground. For students who enjoy experiential learning and do well in real-world settings, this could be a drawback. In the subject of nutrition and dietetics, practical experience is essential since it enables students to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world situations.
  • Furthermore, the VLCC  nutrition might not go deep enough in some areas of nutrition. Since there are several subfields within the large study of nutrition, students should be able to focus more deeply on the areas that most interest them. The Nutrition Course at VLCC Institute might not, however, provide customized modules or electives to meet the interests and professional objectives of each student. For students who want to focus on a specific area of nutrition, such as sports nutrition or clinical nutrition, this may restrict their options.
  • Students are under a lot of stress developing their portfolios, looking for jobs, and acquiring practical experience in clinical settings, hospitals, etc. because VLCC Academy does not offer internships.
  • The normal person would be wise to reconsider taking any of its nutrition certification courses given how expensive and time-consuming they are.

Fee & Course Duration of VLCC Institute

The cost of VLCC courses is determined by the program and location.

Its nutrition course fees vary depending on the course chosen, however they start at Rs 1,00,000. The duration of this can range from 1 to 2 months, depending on the course type you choose.

Branch  of VLCC Institute

Therefore, if you’re looking for a VLCC training center near me, you can check out the address for the Delhi branch to get more detailed information:

VLCC Delhi Branch Address : VLCC Health Care Limited Plot no. 64, Sector 18, Maruti Industrial Development Area, Opposite SRL Diagnostics Gurugram Haryana 122015, India

India’s Top 4 academics for nutrition and dietetics course


The VLCC Institute’s Nutrition Course falls short in providing a solid foundation in dietetics and nutrition when these drawbacks are taken into account.

It doesn’t provide a well-organized curriculum that covers necessary subjects and gives students a foundational grasp of the subject. 

Those who complete this course can still succeed in their jobs as nutritionists or dieticians with additional independent study and real-world experience.

Thus, if you’re serious about beginning a profession in this area, you may also check out the top 3 nutrition course academy that this blog has already highlighted.

Thus, the Meribindiya International Academy Course can be a fantastic choice for you if you have a strong interest in nutrition master’s programs and are searching for a reliable place to start!

We genuinely hope you enjoy reading our blog and that you will recommend it to a loved one who wishes to pursue a career in this field.

You can also get in touch with us directly or ask questions in the space provided for comments below.


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