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What are the Shortcomings of Lakme Academy’s Makeup Course?

What are the shortcomings of Lakme Academy's makeup course

Whoa, hi there! Are you enrolled in the makeup courses for beginners at Lakme Academy?

Lakme Academy: Are you considering enrolling? Perhaps you recently graduated from college and are unsure about whether to enroll at Lakme Academy. 

Alternatively, do you want to work as a makeup artist but don’t know where to begin?

Thus, this blog will list some disadvantages of the Lakme Academy makeup course.

It also lists the best makeup academies in India where one can begin a career in makeup artistry.

Let’s begin now, then, with that!

Shortcomings of  Lakme Academy’s makeup course

  • Teaching Methods: Since its learning preferences are more theoretical than practical, students are not given any industry experience.
  • Expensive Course: Compared to other academies, Lakme makeup artist course fees are known to be somewhat pricey.
  • Absence of Qualified Teachers: Lakme Institute’s instruction may suffer from a lack of knowledgeable or talented teachers.
  • Outdated or Inadequate Curriculum: Students do not get the most up-to-date skills since the makeup artist training curriculum does not include the most recent trends and practices in the field.
  • Inadequate Infrastructure: The makeup artist course classes antiquated equipment and small classrooms can make it difficult for students to study.
  • Lack of Networking Opportunities: One important factor in establishing contacts in the makeup industry is networking, and its Lakme courses do not offer this opportunity to meet with peers and industry professionals.
  • Difficulty Obtaining Job Placements: Due to its bad image or lack of industry ties, students may have trouble obtaining job placements outside of their school.
  • Expensive Course Expenses: Lakme Academy course fees are high. As a result, a large number of students take out loans to pay for the expenses, which places a heavy financial load on them after graduation.

Up until now, we assumed you were aware of the difficulties involved in signing up for Lakme training. We have now outlined a few ways to get beyond those obstacles in our Ultimate Master List.

Here are some of the best cosmetics schools and internal blog resources to help you launch your makeup artistry profession.

Whether you’re a student or a qualified MUA looking to select master’s course academies, these materials will cover almost everything you need to know.

Top 3 Makeup Academy of India

Final Thought

We are aware of the difficulties that include beginning any professional career as a student.

Therefore, we believe that our article could be quite helpful to you in removing all of your doubts about which academy you should enroll in. 

If you’re looking for a makeup certification near me, you can select from the makeup academies listed above.

This blog provided you with thorough information about makeup training near me as well as encouragement and direction by pointing out Lakme Academy’s faults.

When making a choice, it’s critical to assess the benefits and drawbacks of attending makeup academies and take into account other possibilities like costs, placement, career training, experience teaching, etc.


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