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Everything You Need to Know About VLCC Bridal Makeup Course

VLCC Bridal Makeup Course

The makeup industry has become a huge market with promising and phenomenal growth and is turning out to be a rewarding career option. Nowadays, bridal makeup classes are becoming increasingly popular because of the ever-increasing demand for future brides to look their best.

All this obsession with looking the best has given new heights to the makeup vocation. Many organizations and institutions are providing platforms for interested candidates to become professional makeup artists. VLCC is one of the top-notch industries providing VLCC bridal makeup courses to make the dreams of students come true and earn handsomely in the process. 

VLCC institute offers a comprehensive range of specialized and professional courses on makeup, nails, hair styling, nutrition, and cosmetology. The institute has branches spread all over India. And here, we have described the full details of the VLCC Bridal Makeup Course, including fee, duration, eligibility, job placements, and more in detail.

So, let’s see if you should enroll for VLCC Bridal Makeup Training Classes or not, whether VLCC bridal makeup course fees are affordable, and more based on a detailed guide.

What are the Different Bridal Makeup Courses At VLCC?

The need to look the best among peers and catch up with the latest trends has made the makeup industry boom. At VLCC, one can choose any course according to their interest, time at hand, and budget. It offers various courses under the bridal makeup course.

1] Professional Diploma in Makeup

Professional Diploma in Makeup is the basic course at VLCC, which makes the students familiar with the theoretical aspects of makeup along with makeup on different occasions, such as Movie looks, Engagement looks, etc.

2] Advance Diploma in Cosmetic Makeup

This course is an advanced level that focuses on advanced makeup concepts and techniques to imbibe the skills in students to work with different clients at a professional level. The duration of the Advance Diploma in Cosmetic Makeup is 48 hours which teaches the students about the theory of face shapes and face balances with professional ethics.

Because this is a specially designed course for bridal makeup, it has contemporary and 3D makeup with hairstyles.

3] Certificate Course in Art of Makeup

The course is for students who want to make a mark in the world of makeup by learning the fine details of different styles to cater to the increasing demands in the makeup and grooming industry.

The course consists of 4 makeup modules focussing on the airbrush makeup technique. If you are wondering where to find bridal makeup classes near me, then VLCC is the solution for you. It has branches in most of the major cities across India.

4] Airbrush Makeup Course

With the obsession with airbrush makeup increasing among brides, VLCC has introduced an Airbrush Makeup Course. The course is focused on giving the students a thorough knowledge of airbrush equipment and techniques. It is becoming increasingly popular nowadays because it offers a perfect finish and flawless coverage to brides.

What will you learn in the VLCC Bridal Makeup Course?

The students are given insights into these areas under VLCC bridal makeup courses:

  • History and theory of makeup
  • Corrective makeup theory
  • Glamour Makeup
  • Royal bridal makeup
  • 7-State traditional bridal makeup
  • Engagement makeup
  • Reception makeup
  • High definition makeup
  • Groom makeup

How much time does it takes to Complete the VLCC Bridal Makeup Course?

VLCC offers diploma and certificate courses that will take around 2 months or 100 hours to complete. This duration can be converted into weeks or months, depending on the length of the course. They also offer long-term courses with specialized professional workshops in the relevant area.

What is VLCC Bridal Makeup Course Fee?

VLCC bridal makeup course fees are around Rs. 1,30,000, but it also depends on the course you choose and for how much duration. The fee that you pay to enroll in their course is worth it because you get high-paying job opportunities after training completion.

What is the Eligibility to Enroll in the VLCC Bridal Makeup Course?

The minimum eligibility for enrolment depends on the type of bridal makeup course one wants to go for. For most of the courses at VLCC, one needs to have passed the 8th standard. For some courses, the candidate needs to have passed the 10th and 12th standards.

What are the Career Opportunities after the Completion of the VLCC Bridal Makeup Course?

On successful completion of the VLCC bridal makeup courses of specific durations, one can work as.

The opportunities are endless once you complete the bridal makeup course. You can even go abroad for further career opportunities. 

Being a certified makeup artist in India can easily fetch you somewhere up to Rs.80,000 a month. It obviously depends on the types of clients that you work with and how much service charge you quote from them, but it is for sure that the makeup industry is only rising with changes in trends.

How Can You Start Your Career after the Completion of the VLCC Bridal Makeup Course?

If you have a passion for building a career in the makeup industry, there is no dearth of opportunities available for you. It might be confusing how to start your career just after completing the bridal makeup course. You can start small by freelancing or assisting big makeup artists, which will help you gain knowledge and establish further contacts. You can even start a salon of your own. Also, you can take bridal makeup classes if you are interested in giving training. The options are numerous. 

How Much Can You Earn After The Completion Of A Bridal Makeup Course?

Well, the sky’s the limit in the field of the makeup industry. After completing bridal makeup courses, you can work as a freelance or full-time makeup artist at salons. A certified makeup artist can earn at least Rs. 90,000 a month on average. 

If you are passionate about your skills going to places, you can even earn more working with popular personalities. You can even opt for a freelance bridal makeup job or give bridal makeup training at premier institutions.

Where Do The VLCC Bridal Makeup Courses Lack?

VLCC, even though one of the most prominent makeup institutes in the country, is not free from certain drawbacks in the bridal makeup courses that it provides.

  • VLCC bridal makeup course follows some old syllabus. Also, the bridal makeup trainers hold some out-of-the-trend expertise that you won’t be able to learn trending bridal makeup tips & tricks at VLCC.
  • VLCC does not provide placements to its students. In fact, no makeup institution provides placements to its students. The students are taught in a way that they learn and hone all the skills required to work with different clients or start a salon of their own. Meribindiya holds expertise in teaching students to help them become great makeup artists, and they also conduct regular practical classes on clients to give the students a real environment-like feel.
  • VLCC holds classes in large batches, which sometimes becomes the reason for not attending to every student. Meribindiya has only two branches in Noida & Rajouri Garden with a batch size of 10-12 in bridal makeup classes which enables them to pay attention to each and every student.

Top 4 Academy For Best Bridal Makeup Courses In India

1] Meribindiya International Academy

Meribindiya International Academy is the best beauty institute in India that is well-known for providing professional bridal makeup courses along with a 100% guarantee of placement within the country and abroad.

The founder of Meribindiya Academy is Ms. Mahi left her high-salaried engineering job and started the academy with the goal of providing highly professional job-oriented training to Indian youths. And so, instead of serving at multiple branches, the academy founder decided to provide excellent training by focusing on only two branches situated in Noida & Rajouri Garden.

Meribindiya International Academy has consistently received India’s Best Beauty School awards for 4 years, i.e. 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 from national and international organizations. Additionally, Meribindiya Academy is certified by IBE, ISO, CIDESCO, and the Government of India for providing world-class practical beauty training year after year.

As the academy is known for providing India’s best bridal makeup course, it is a bit hard to get admission here. Every batch contains a maximum of 10-12 students so that the trainer can equally attend to all the students with deeper knowledge. Ideally, people from around India apply 3-4 months in advance to reserve their seats at Meribindiya Academy.

India’s leading beauty academy, Meribindiya, provides practical training for Makeup courses, Hair Course, Nails Course, Skin Course, Eyelash Extension Course, Hair Extension courses, Microblading courses, permanent makeup course, nutrition & dietetics course, spa course, and more. You can enroll for certification, diploma, advanced diploma, or master’s course from Meribindiya International Academy, as per your interest.

Once a candidate has taken admission to Meribindiya International Academy, they become a highly qualified expert and get job offers from big brands operating in India as well as foreign countries. At the end of the course, Meribindiya Academy prepares you well in Salon Management too so that you can plan to run your business. Also, the academy provides you with a lifetime free membership to reconnect for learning new trends and beauty techniques to upgrade your skills consistently. These features make Meribindiya outstanding among any of the leading academics.

Call the number provided below if you need any form of advice or assistance before enrolling in Meribindiya International Academy.

Call/ Whats App Number: ☎ 8130520472

Meribindiya  International Academy Noida Branch Address:Shop No – 1, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Sunehri Market Atta, Near Sector 18 Metro Station, Sector 27, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Pincode: 201301.

Meribindiya International Academy Delhi Branch Address: A6, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden, Opp. Metro Pillar No. 410, Najafgarh Road, New Delhi, Pincode: 110027.

2] Parul Garg Makeup Academy, Gurgaon

This academy is among the best makeup academies in Delhi NCR. Parul Garg Makeup Academy offers you the best makeup artist courses.

Anyone interested in learning about personal grooming or professional cosmetics can take lessons at the Parul Garg cosmetics Academy. All of the courses are taught by Parul Garg, who also runs the academy. The courses offer sophisticated and cutting-edge knowledge and techniques and are focused on real-world applications rather than merely textbook learning. The academy offers the best individualized training with small batch sizes for one-on-one attention and practical training.

The cost to register for this training program is 1 lakh 80 thousand rupees(including 18% GST), and there are typically 30 to 40 pupils in every class. It also lasts for 1 month.

This institution places or gives jobs or internships to a very small percentage of its students, and it does not offer jobs or internships in the makeup and nail courses, so the remaining students must actively seek employment.

Call/What’s App: ☎ 9958600827.

3] Shweta Gaur Makeup Academy

A top-rated makeup school in Delhi, Shweta Gaur Makeup Academy is committed to assisting aspiring makeup artists in achieving their objectives and finding success in the field.The academy provides a range of programs, including training in wedding makeup, professional makeup, and becoming a beauty trainer.Additionally, they provide classes in stage makeup, fashion show makeup, and makeup for celebrities.The academy is managed by well-known cosmetics artist Shweta Gaur.She is renowned for her high-end makeup services and has collaborated with Bollywood celebs.They have a variety of courses available and a staff of qualified experts who can assist you in achieving your industry objectives.

The cost to register for this training program is 1 lakh 60 thousand rupees(including 18% GST), and there are typically 35 to 45 pupils in every class. It also lasts for 1 month.

This institution places or gives jobs or internships to a very small percentage of its students, and it does not offer jobs or internships in the makeup and nail courses, so the remaining students must actively seek employment.

Call/What’s App: 9958600827.

4] Meenakshi Dutt Makeover Academy

Meenakshi Dutt Makeup Academy is well-known cosmetics school among makeup academies in Delhi, India. An established cosmetics school in Delhi, India called Meenakshi Dutt cosmetics Academy provides in-depth makeup training.

The institution provides professional and advanced makeup instruction in a variety of areas related to makeup artistry. Meenakshi Dutt, a highly skilled and accomplished makeup artist who also serves as a guide to her students, oversees the institution.

The academy’s courses encompass everything from fundamental to sophisticated makeup methods.
The academy also provides nail art services and has a high-end unisex salon.

The institution provides professional and advanced makeup instruction in a variety of areas related to makeup artistry.

The cost to register for this training program is 1 lakh 70 thousand rupees, and there are typically 30 to 40 pupils in every class. It also lasts for 1 month.

This institution places or gives jobs or internships to a very small percentage of its students, and it does not offer jobs or internships in the makeup and nail courses, so the remaining students must actively seek employment.

Call/What’s App: 9958600827.

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No doubt the Makeup industry is booming in today’s age. The right technique of makeup holds great importance in the life of people who perceive makeup as an art. VLCC is considered to be one of the best makeup institutions offering bridal makeup classes and various certified courses in bridal makeup. The institutions such as Parul Garg Makeup Academy provide high-class courses to their students as they are taught to bring out the inherent beauty of individual clients. 

Besides, Meribindiya International Beauty Academy excels in providing top-notch bridal makeup courses at affordable fees as compared to other academies that provide the same courses. You can choose any of these academies to suit your preferences and budget.

At the same time, Shweta Gaur Makeup Academy is equipped with skilled and trained professionals with the aim of achieving the highest student satisfaction. In comparison, Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers Academy assists its students in getting jobs at reputed salons around Delhi, NCR, and other major cities.


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