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5 Best Beauty Schools for Hair Extension Training In India

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Hair has always been a symbol of beauty. There has been a lot of research to manage it, and hair extension is an example of it. Not only today, but the tradition of managing and beautifying hair has also been going on for ages, and women see their hair as their self-respect.

IBE Award
IBE Award

So today, we will learn how to build a good career as a hair extension expert. We will also know which institute is the best to provide quality hair extension training.

What Is A Hair Extension Course?

In the Hair extension course, you will learn about the techniques and art of giving hair a bulky and shiny look. In this, you will learn how to manage and groom thin hair instantly. You will know how to use hair strip clip-ins for hair enhancement and beautification.

So, if you want to be a hair extension expert, then you can apply for this course and take a specific degree that will be really helpful in your career growth.

What Is The Syllabus Of the Hair Extension Course?

In the hair Extension course, you will learn various subjects. In the first section, you will learn about the basic principle of hair, and further, you will learn how to do hair extensions on a temporary as well as permanent basis. 

You will learn to adjust toppers and wigs for females and patch adjustments for males. Other extra things to learn are dreadlock extension, coloring and toning, sectioning and installation technique of hair clips, and the last aftercare process.

How To Find Best Hair Extension Training Course Near Me?

Many training centers are available that will provide you with basic education regarding hair styling and their courses. So, if you are searching for training centers nearby, then you can take help from this article, and it will provide you with the best solution to find the answer to your question: which is the best hair extension training course near me?

Alternatively, you can take the help of Google Maps to leverage the features of finding the best nearby hair extension course and institutes. You just need to enable your device location and then type “best hair extension course near me” or similar phrases as well to get the nearest and most reliable academy at your finger click.

Now, let’s check the list of some best hair extension classes that will provide you with basic to advance level courses.


What is the Duration Of the Hair Extension Course?

The certification program for this course will happen in 2 – 5 days, or the maximum duration of this course will be 1 week, during which you will get all the specific ideas and principles about the hair extension course. Apart from this, you can also go for a hairdressing course that includes hair cutting, coloring, grooming, chemical works, etc. And the course duration for the hairdressing course will be 3-4 months.

What is the latest Hair Extension Course Fee Structure?

If you are a beginner, take a hair extension course and want to know about its fee structure. Then I want to make you know that the fee structure of this course fee is different in different institutions, but the average amount you have to pay to apply for this specific course is around 20 to 50 thousand rupees.

What is the Career Scope for me after doing the Hair Extension Course?

If you want to grow as a hair expert, then you should do this valuable hair extension training course, which will be really helpful for your career. If you are confused about choosing this career, then want to make it clear that it has various scopes. For instance, you can work with any branded saloon or can open your own boutique or saloon; many celebrities hire hair experts as well, so you can join them and earn a lot of money.

Nowadays, the demand for hair extensions is very high. During weddings, parties, or any other function, women apply this technique for grooming their hair. So, you will continue to get enormous opportunities here.

The institution where you will get the training will also arrange a job fair where good beauty industries can hire you. If you need suggestions, then Google the best hair extension certification near me, and you will find Meri Bindiya international academy on the top, which will be guaranteed to provide you with a better job.


How much can I Expect to Earn After Completing my Hair Extension training?

It cannot be said exactly how much you can earn after this course, but if you want to know about a reasonable income, then you can earn up to 30K to 50K per month by joining any spa or beauty salon. But, if you want to make a big amount, then you can earn more than 50K to 1 lakh rupees by running your own hair salon. Alternatively, you can choose other platforms like fashion hub, TV, or film industry where you will earn an unexpected amount.

5 Best Hair Extension Training Academy Near Me in India

Here is the list we have mentioned of some of the best hair extension training schools, so if you have a question about a hair extension training course near me, then you can check the list which is better according to your preference. Here we have detailed some ideas about all the institutions which will be beneficial for you.

1] Meribindiya International Academy, Noida

Meribindiya International Academy is the best hair extension institute in India that is well-known for providing practical training on a range of courses along with a 100% guarantee of placement within the country and abroad.

The founder of Meribindiya International Academy, Miss. Mahi left her high-salaried engineering job and started the academy to provide highly professional job-oriented training to Indian youths. And so, instead of serving at multiple branches, the academy founder decided to provide excellent training by focusing on a single branch situated in Noida.

Meribindiya International Academy has consistently received India’s Best hair extension training academy awards for 3 years, i.e., 2020, 2021, and 2022 from national and international organizations. Additionally, Meribindiya International Academy is certified by IBE, ISO, CIDESCO, and the Government of India for providing world-class practical beauty training year after year.

As the academy is known for providing India’s best hair styling training, it is a bit hard to get admission here. Every batch contains a maximum of 10-12 students so that the trainer can equally attend to all the students with deeper knowledge. Ideally, people from around India apply 3-4 months in advance to reserve their seats at Meribindiya International Academy.

India’s leading beauty academy, Meribindiya, provides practical training for Hair Extension courses, Makeup courses, Hair Course, Nails Course, Skin Course, Eyelash Extension Course, Microblading courses, permanent makeup courses, nutrition & dietetics course, spa course, and more. You can enroll for certification, diploma, advanced diploma, or master’s course from Meribindiya International Academy, as per your interest.

Once a student has been admitted to Meribindiya International Academy, they become a highly qualified expert and get job offers from big brands operating in India as well as foreign countries. At the end of the course, Meribindiya International Academy prepares you well in Salon Management, too, so that you can plan to run your business. Also, the academy provides you with a lifetime free membership to reconnect for learning new trends and beauty techniques to consistently upgrade your skills. These features make Meribindiya outstanding among any of the leading academics.

Call/WhatsApp:  ☎ 9582133349, 8130520472

Address: Shop No – 1, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Sunehri Market, Atta, Near Sector 18 Metro Station, Sector 27, Noida, UP, 201301.


2] Zorains Studio, Bangalore

Zorains Studio comes at 2nd rank in providing hair extension training academies in India. It is located in Bangalore and gives various hair training courses like hair grooming, coloring, hair cutting, hair extension, etc. There are 25-30 students in one batch of Zorains Academy. So, it is easy to take admission there but difficult for the trainers to give proper attention to everyone in the class.

Duration to complete the hair extension course from Zorains Studio, Bangalore, can take you 2-5 days. The entire course fee for Zorains Studio hair extension courses is approx Rs.30,000.

You can connect with them through their website or the given phone number shown below. 

Call/What’s App: ☎ 9958600827.


3] Bharti Taneja Institute, Delhi

There is another popular training center located in Delhi to do the hair styling course, which is Bharti Taneja Institute. The institute stands at rank 3rd in the hair extension academy, which provides you with several courses. At the academy, 20-30 students are enrolled in one batch that beneficial to get easy admission but difficult to get quality training because it’s hard for tutors to personally attend to all the students.

The hair extension training fee at Bharti Taneja Institute is around Rs.40,000. The duration for the Bharti Taneja hair extension course can take you between 2-5 days.

If you want to connect with them, then you can visit their site or can call them at the given number shown below.

Call/What’s App: ☎ 9958600827.


4] Renuka Krishna Academy, Delhi

Another institution for hair extension training in India is Renuka Krishna Academy which is located in Delhi and ranks in 4th position in this category. The Renuka Krishna Academy hair extension training fee is approx Rs. 40,000, which takes 2-5 days to complete the course. 

At Renuka Krishna Academy, you will get various hair-related courses where 25-40 students attend the classes once at a time. This popularity leverage the students to take easy admission here, but as a consequence, you need to compromise with quality training.

For further information, you can connect with them through an Instagram channel or by dialing the below-given number.

Call/What’s App: ☎ 9958600827.


5] Nails Mantra Academy, Delhi

The Nails Mantra Academy ranks 5th in India to provide hair extension training. The institute will provide you with basic courses about hair beatification and styling because their expertise is in nail extensions. In a batch, you can see there are 25-40 students attending the sessions at a time, which prevents them from getting high-quality training from experts due to rush.

The hair extension course fee at Nails Mantra Academy, Delhi, can cost you Rs.30,000, whereas the course duration is 2-5 days. 

Call/What’s App: ☎ 9958600827.




Now, in conclusion part, we have tried our level best to make you aware of the top most institutions from where you can take hair extension training. In our studies, Meribindiya international Academy will fit all the expectations where you will get better training at an affordable fee. And the reviews and ratings of this institution are better than any other institution in India. They also provide you with 100% placement which is guaranteed. The trainers here are well-trained and will guide you through every step in a very proper way. 

We have also mentioned some of the popular institutions here that will provide you the basic training for hair extension courses. Institutions like Zorians studios and Renuka Krishna Academy will provide you with basic ideas about the depth of this course. Also, Nails Mantra and Bharti Taneja studios are very popular institutions that will give you good training.

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