Nail Mantra Vs Meribindiya International Academy – Which Is Best For Nail Technician Course

Nail Mantra Vs Meribindiya International Academy – Which Is Best For Nail Technician Course

Nail extension means the addition of an artificial tip to the original nail. It enhances the length. Furthermore, they amalgamate these tips with acrylic, gel, or fiberglass. It forms an extra layer on your natural nail. In this process, there is no use of any such tip. People generally use three types of materials for nail extensions. Those are acrylic nails, Gel and Fiberglass. Meribindiya International Academy and Nail Mantra are the pioneer institutes conducting this nail extension course.

Two Best Pioneer Institutions For Nail Technician Courses In India

Nail Mantra and Meribindiya International academy, are institutions that provide prospective nail artists and technicians with theory and practical classes. They give the students the best expertise to become nail technicians, which also has other names like pedicurists and manicurists.

Nail Mantra teaches about pedicures, manicures, nail art, gels, wraps, as well as nail extensions classes under one roof. Whereas, Meribindiya is famous for its services for makeup and nail extensions to brides. The highly professional extension artist and technicians train you so that you can give a stunning look to brides on here D-Day.

Nail Mantra | Nail Technician Course Details

Other services, like nail art extension courses & eyelash extension courses, are also under the Nail Mantra citation, which they teach with equal importance. On the other side, Meribindiya knows the latest trend of fashion makeup for nails. So, they train you in nail art and extension course with the same skills.

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What are the major differences between Nail Mantra & Meribindiya?

Besides weddings, Meribindiya provides coaching for many other occasions, such as parties, engagements, anniversaries, and many more. They also offer courses like Eyelash Extensions Before Wedding, which is quite good and they make sure that everything goes well. That is why they train the seekers to give the service before the wedding. However, Nail Mantra is restricted to a couple of courses only i.e., nail extension, hair extension, eyelash extensions, etc.

For the Nail extension classes near me, one can contact Meribindiya or Nail Mantra. These services are also available with Nail Mantra, but the cost incurred with Meribindiya is pocket-friendly.

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What Is An Accredited Nail Extensions Course?

The training of skills offered by Nail Mantra is of high quality to educate nail professionals to a high standard. Seeking an accredited course shows that a nail professional will ultimately be able to gain viable insurance, as accreditation is a need for time.

What Do You Learn In A Nail Art And Extension Course At Meribindiya?

Meribindiya International Academy Best for Nail Art & Extension Training in India

All the would-be nail technicians start their education by learning the basics things like cutting, filing, painting, and proper safety techniques. This course also covers the techniques of things like each tool a technician could use, the process of sanitization and keeping them clean, and shaping nails of all different sizes.

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A Quick Comparison Between Nail Mantra And Meribindiya Nail Courses

Nail Mantra Academy Nail Extension Classes Meribindiya Nail Extensions Course
High nail art and extension course fee Affordable fee
Limited Nail Designs Follows Trends to Explore more
Learn Tattoo Making Not available
4D Nail Arts 3D & 4D Nail Arts

The Gel Nail Extensions Course At Nail Mantra

The Gel Nail Extensions Course by Nail Mantra provides you with the skills to create gel nail extensions, which are becoming more popular faster than acrylics. It is because of is less harmful to clients’ natural nails. However, the same thing you can also learn from Meribindiya International Academy at an affordable cost.

Nail Technician Diploma Course

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Nails Extensions Course (Acrylic)

In the Acrylic Nails Extensions training course, Nail Mantra teaches to create acrylic nails by mixing liquid monomers and a powder polymer. Which, when combined, forms a hard protective layer that covers over the natural nail. The Acrylic nails become hard when exposed to air.

To do the extension, it added an artificial tip to the nails before using the acrylic mix. After that, to shape the nails extensions, buffed for a shiny finish. All these are part of the nail extension training course.

They cover this course in two practical training days. You will learn the theory of the treatment. And carry out practical assessments on live models.

Meribindiya Academy goes a step ahead and carries practicality by using a model. It allows you a maximum opportunity during the training under the guidance of nail extension training courses near me. The students can work on acquiring and showing the required technique.


Fiberglass Nail Extension Training Courses Near Me

Fiberglass, a thin, cloth-like material, keeps it apart into tiny strands. The experts at Meribindiya teach to secure the cloth, how the nail artist will paint resin glue on the brink of the nail, then apply the fiberglass and add another layer of glue on top. When it hardens the fabric, they train you to know how do you make it easy to shape the extension with an emery board or nail drill.

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Safety Factors

For the fixing of artificial nails to the natural nail surface, Nail Mantra trains the students to follow all the safety measures to avoid even minor types of traumas.

Meribindiya International Academy also gives training in safety factors. That is how to fix the nail properly, following the hygienic ways. It is to confirm that they do not damage the customer. They give training to the learners about allergies, fungal infection and not to hamper natural nail growth.

Unlike most manicures, artificial nails require regular maintenance. Meribindiya assures students to get habituated to attend, on average, every two weeks. However, the nail art may last up to about one month. Their versatility in maintenance regarding shape, size, design, comparatively high durability are advantages.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, if you want to learn nail art and tattoo-making skills, Nail Mantra is the best institute. On the other side, if you are looking for the most affordable and diversified nail extensions course, Meribindiya would be the best destination.

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