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Discover the Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Makeup Schools in Pune – Your Gateway to a Glamorous Career

Discover the Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Makeup Academy in Pune – Your Gateway to a Glamorous Career

Are you prepared to go out on an adventure that will transport you to a glamorous and beautiful world? Pune boasts some of the best makeup schools in Pune, so there’s no need to search beyond. Makeup classes near Pune are a great way to achieve your goals, whether you’re a novice or an experienced artist looking to improve.

It’s time to unlock the door to a dazzling career by discovering the definitive guide to the best makeup schools in Pune!

We have listed some advantages of enrolling in Pune’s top makeup schools in this blog, which will provide you with the ideal route to becoming a makeup artist in Pune.

Factors to consider to Enrolling for a Makeup Academy in Pune

  • It’s crucial to take the school’s reputation and experience into account when looking for the best makeup schools in Pune.
  • Seek up makeup artistry academies with a proven track record of delivering successful graduates.
  • This will guarantee that you get excellent instruction from knowledgeable and experienced industry professionals.
  • The curriculum that the makeup academy offers should also be taken into account. Seek out institutions that have a thorough curriculum covering every facet of makeup artistry, such as special effects, fashion, bridal, and more.
  • When selecting a makeup academy, location is another crucial aspect to take into account.
  • To make the commute to lessons easier, look for make-up schools near Pune.
  • You’ll be able to pursue your passion for makeup artistry more conveniently and with less wasted time thanks to this.
  • Apart from these variables, it’s crucial to take into account the program’s expense and any further materials or assistance provided by the make-up academy.
  • Seek out educational institutions that provide reasonable tuition costs, scholarships, and chances for post-graduation internships or employment.

We have already talked about several topics related to enrolling in makeup schools in Pune. Now, we are going to show you a few of the best makeup schools in Pune from which you may consider beginning a career in the beauty sector.

Top 3 Makeup Schools in Pune 

1)ISAS International Beauty School

For the top makeup schools in Pune, it comes in #1 place.

ISAS provides a range of beauty treatment, hairdressing, and cosmetics training courses.

It gives students practical learning experiences, up-to-date technique instruction, and exposure to global cosmetic companies.

A variety of makeup courses are available at ISAS International Beauty School, to offer thorough instruction in makeup artistry.

However, you cannot expect any employment support, internship, or placement after completing makeup and beauty courses from this institution; therefore, students must go outside on their own.

Students’ credentials are strengthened when they obtain internationally recognized certificates from CIDESCO, VTCT, DHA, KHDA, and other international organizations.

Internationally qualified and highly skilled instructors deliver the courses, guaranteeing top-notch instruction in makeup, hair, beauty, spa, and nails.

Every class batch consists of thirty to forty kids, therefore teachers have little time to provide each pupil with individualized attention.

For those wishing to pursue a career in makeup artistry, ISAS Worldwide Beauty School is a top option due to its dedication to excellence, worldwide standards, and holistic teaching approach.

If you’re considering enrolling in this institution and are searching for makeup classes near Pune, please give me a call at the number below.

Address: India

2)VLCC Academy

It comes in at #2 on the list of Best Makeup Schools in Pune.

Established by Mrs. Vandana Luthra in 1989, the VLCC Institute of Beauty Nutrition is a well-known organization with over 95 institutes around India that provide excellent instruction in makeup and wellness.

Through its services, the VLCC Group transforms lives by making wellness and beauty accessible to both men and women.

Professional makeup artistry, personal grooming, and a variety of cosmetics application techniques are all included in the VLCC courses.

The goal of these courses at Pune’s VLCC Institute of Beauty is to give students a thorough education in skincare, cosmetics, hair care, and beauty treatments so they can pursue lucrative professions in the beauty business.

Every batch of students has 30 to 40 kids, which can lead to a more disruptive learning environment. This affects the general learning atmosphere and makes it difficult for teachers to monitor conduct.

Students must go outside for employment because it does not offer job placement or support.

Therefore, you can reach us at the number below if you want to join this academy and are searching for makeup classes near Pune.

Address: India

3)Lakme Academy

Among the best Makeup schools in Pune, it comes in at #3.

One of Pune’s top beauty schools, Lakme Cosmetics Academy offers a variety of courses in cosmetology, skincare, hair care, cosmetics application, personal grooming, and nail art.

Lakmé Academy, which has 16 locations throughout Pune, offers short-term, advanced, and basic training to people who want to work in the fashion and beauty industries.

Because of its extensive training programs and knowledgeable instructors, the institution is widely sought after by aspiring cosmetologists, makeup artists, and beauticians.

The cost of its 1.5-month makeup and beauty courses is Rs 160,000; however, students may lower this amount based on their financial situation, at the expense of lower-quality instruction.

Lakme Makeup Academy students gain from career-focused training in a range of wellness and beauty-related areas, preparing them for prosperous careers in the beauty sector.

However, this does not imply that it will help students get employment after they complete the course; instead, they will need to go elsewhere.

If you would like to enroll in this academy and are searching for makeup classes near Pune, then call me at the number below.


Address: India

We have so far talked about the best makeup academy in your area of Pune, but if you feel comfortable moving to a nearby area to obtain employment aid, an internship, or a position in one of the top-tier, branded companies in India, you can do so. To make your job easier, we have listed some of the top cosmetics academies in India below.

Top 4 Makeup Academies in India.

Final Thought

Are you prepared to embark on the journey towards a dazzling profession as a makeup artist?

Find the best makeup schools in Pune now to realize your potential in this fascinating field.

Admitted to the top makeup academies in India, some of which are already listed, you can use the correct training and direction to make your love of beauty a lucrative and meaningful job.

Go now and begin your journey!


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