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How to do a Nail Course from VLCC Academy Rajouri Garden?

How to do nail course from VLCC Academy Rajouri Garden

We’ve all fallen in love with nail art! Colors, styles, decorations, and other embellishments are used to make the nails stand out. While simple designs can be applied to your nails, you can also proceed to sophisticated works of art with remarkable detailing. However, surfing the internet for the latest nail art designs might be difficult.

So, do you spend a lot of time online looking for new and intriguing trends in nail art courses? 

You know you can’t have enough by learning from google. As it includes from blatantly creative and eccentric designs to the greatest in elegance, you know you can’t have enough.

So, come to the nail art academy and learn nail art classes from any of the leading institutes.

To make your search more enjoyable, we have included the best nail art academy in Delhi VLCC Academy Rajouri Garden.

We assure you that if you read this blogs, you will learn a lot about how to start a career in VLCC academy. In the realm of nails, you can find ordinary nail art designs as well as bizarre concepts that you may have never heard of before!

VLCC Institute 

VLCC Institute is Asia’s leading institute in the beauty and wellness business. Since its inception in 2001, the institute has successfully trained thousands of pupils.

VLCC Institute provides a short-term nail art course that can assist you in becoming a skilled nail technician. Acrylic nail extensions and numerous nail art methods are the emphasis of the training. 

VLCC Institute’s nail art school teaches acrylic nail extension as well as other nail technician courses. It includes 3D art, nail piercing with jewelry, and higher form with integrated designs.

Students who successfully complete the course may be awarded a certification in advanced nail art and extension. Therefore it may increase their job prospects in the beauty and health industry.

As seen in a YouTube video where specialists demonstrate numerous nail art techniques, VLCC Institute holds practical nail art courses.

If you want to take a nail art course at VLCC Institute, you may go to their official website or contact them for additional information about nail tech classes availability, duration, and pricing.

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Duration of the Nail Art Course at VLCC Institute 

The Advance Nail Art and Nail Extension Course at the VLCC Institute includes a wide range of nail art and nail extension techniques.

The length of the nail art training at VLCC Institute varies depending on the location and specific course offered.

The “Professional Diploma in Nail Technology” course lasts 144 hours. In addition it covers numerous aspects of nail art such as 2D and 3D nail art, needle art,glitter art, sponge art, freehand art etc.

A professional nail art course at Nail Rituals Academy, which may be equivalent to the VLCC course, lasts 20 days. Above all it includes 4 hours of daily nail tech classes, whilst the advanced course lasts 24 days.

The 54-hour course “Certificate in Nail Art & Nail Extension” covers theory, classical gel ,French gel nail extensions, nail art etc.

Students are urged to visit the institute’s official website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information on the actual duration of the nail extension course near me.

Fees of  Nail Art Course at VLCC Institute

The VLCC price list of nail art courses may differ depending on the location and specific course offered. The “Professional Diploma in Nail Technology” course costs around INR 25,000.

The “Certificate in Nail Art & Nail Extension” course costs around INR 15,000.

Students should consult the institute’s official website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information on course actual cost of the nail art course at a specific nail extension course near me.

Types of Nail Art Course

VLCC Institute offers an Advance Nail Art and Nail Extension Course that teaches advanced nail art techniques. However it includes 3D Art, Nail Piercing with Jewelry, Upper Form with Inbuilt Design, Transfer Foil Designs, and many more.

The course also includes on-demand nail procedures like French Nail Extension, Toe Nail Extension, and Acrylic Forms Nail Extension.

VLCC Institute offers over 100 courses and workshops in skin, hair, makeup, and nutrition, ranging from courses for entry-level candidates to refresher courses for working professionals. The institute offers a world-class atmosphere as well as R&D.

VLCC also provides nail art services at its wellness facilities, where consumers can experiment with diverse designs. For instance it includes rose gold chrome nails, smoldering reds, and burgundies.

The course aims to deliver the highest degree of instruction in nail art methods and covers techniques that may be learned on-demand in nail classes.

Some of the nail art course topics:

  • Nail Anatomy.
  • Sanitation and Safety.
  • Tools and Techniques.
  • Nail Polish Application and Removal.
  • Gel Polish Application and Removal.
  • Nail Extension Techniques (French Nail Extension, Toe Nail Extension, Acrylic Forms Nail Extension).
  • Nail Art Techniques (3D Art, Nail Piercing with Jewelry, Upper Form with Inbuilt Design, Transfer Foil Designs, etc.).

Different Types of nail art techniques covered in the course are:

  • 3D Art
  • Nail Piercing with Jewelry
  • Upper Form with Inbuilt Design
  • Transfer Foil Designs
  • Dotting
  • Striping
  • Flicks
  • Marbling
  • Glitter Fade
  • Using Chrome Powder
  • Foiling

Enrollment in the Advance Nail Art Course at VLCC Institute 

The eligibility requirements for enrolling in the VLCC Institute’s Advance Nail Art and Nail Extension Course differ by institute.

Candidates must have completed a recognized board of education’s class 8th or 10th or 12th equivalent.

For additional information on the prerequisites for enrolling in the VLCC nail art course, it is best to contact the institute directly.

Job Placement Opportunities 

Following completion of the Nail Art Extension Course, there are job placement prospects. After successfully completing the course, a certified candidate will receive a nail certificate and will be able to work in a variety of professions within the beauty and wellness business.

Nail art course graduates have a variety of work options, including Nail Technician, Nail Artist, Technical Trainer, Salon Manager, and freelancer.

This course gives an adequate degree of knowledge in nail art methods, preparing graduates for certain employment roles. This institute does not provide campus positions for students who complete their studies with a nail certificate, thus students must hunt for work elsewhere.

For more information on available work placement opportunities, contact the relevant VLCC Institute office offering the nail art course.

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We have only reviewed VLCC Academy for nail art classes so far; today we will discuss additional nail art institutes. In this blog we have included the top 5 best nail art academies to make your search for nail art course academies more rewarding. We guarantee that as you read these nail blogs, you will come across some absolutely fantastic nail art designs course and wacky concepts you have never seen before.

Top 4 Beauty Academy For Nail Technician Course in India...

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a beginner or want to study the advanced subtleties of nail art, you must enroll at one of the academies listed above.

The infographic blog above contains a list of the best 5 nail art academies that are ideal for individuals who wish to study the craft while staying current with nail art trends. Aside from VLCC Nail Art Academy, this blog covers different nail art academies in India to provide you with nail care tips and tutorials as you begin your career in this sector.

We hope our page has taught you about nail art so that you can show up to any event or occasion with the most fashionable nail course.

So, if you require any additional information on nail art, you can contact our counselor directly for assistance.


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