Government Makeup Artist Courses in India

Government Makeup Artist Courses in India

Different institutions whether private or Government organizations are providing facilities to candidates to enroll for different diploma and certificate courses for makeup training. These Government makeup courses are not very expensive and short-term, courses for six to twelve months.

At present time, when the fashion industry is emerging as a trending business and holding its marketing globally, demands for skilled and trained artists have also increased. Candidates who are interested in the hospitality and wellness industry and looking for attractive jobs and salaries should take proper training from the beauty industry and institutions. So that they can be familiar with the requirements of the clients and fulfill their needs. After all customer satisfaction is the top priority in any type of business.

Any specific criteria are also not needed for enrollment. If a person has only 10 standard or 8 standard mark sheets, can easily enroll in the Beauty Courses. The course covers a broad area of training and has many variations as hair, beauty, product knowledge, etc.

So here, we will know about some main government funded makeup artist courses that can help you get a better and attractive job in the fashion industry.

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5 Best Government Makeup Artist Course Near Me

Government Certificate For Beauty Parlour Course

Beautician Courses

This is the combined makeup course, hair care, and beauty. After getting a degree in a beautician course, the student can work as a spa therapist, an employee in the fashion industry, a beautician, a makeup artist, and the owner of his/ her institution.

Beautician course is a diploma for six months where candidates learn make-up techniques from basics to advanced level. The basic things that you learn through this diploma course are Skin theory, threading, facial make-up, pedicure and manicure, head massage, product knowledge, and henna application. In almost every city of India, you can find some centers that run this diploma course.

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Any candidates whether they are from the rural or urban areas can get admission here and train themselves in haircut, eye makeup, massage, eyelashes enhancement, etc. Many women from rural India are getting benefits and employment from this Government makeup plan. This plan is promoting the government skill India program. The nominal government makeup course fees are a kind of perk for the students as without wasting unnecessary money in pomp and show they can get an authentic diploma as well as certification.

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Diploma Courses In Cosmetology

Government Diploma Courses In Cosmetology

Cosmetology diploma course trains with beauty-related things. It also gives proper knowledge about products and cosmetics which are beneficial for makeup and skincare. By paying a nominal fee at any government centers students can learn about cosmetology and start their career as skincare experts, dermatologists, and makeup artists.

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Fashion Media Government Makeup Course

Fashion Media, the government makeup artist course is an area of training that covers all types of fashion and beauty requirements. This course focus on the overall makeup theme. A properly trained and skilled artist after taking a diploma in fashion media makeup can get a job in the fashion or film industry.

Fashion and film are flourishing day by day. So the need for the artist will increase obviously. Private institutions are taking a little high fee for this but the government running institutions takes an average amount of money for this. So if you want to make your career as a makeup artist in the fashion industry you should opt for this diploma course.

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Hairstyle Courses

Yes, there is a diploma course for hair styling too, and it will help you to become a famous hairstylist. You must have heard the name of some famous hairstylist like jawed Habib and many more. Many opportunities are waiting for you if you have proper training in this field. Hair spa, hair makeup, haircut, hairstyles and so many hair arts you can learn by taking a diploma in this field and establishing your career as a hairstylist.

Top 10 Hair Academy in India

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So these are some main Government running courses which we have seen above and there are so many but now the question arises which government makeup academy runs these diploma Courses. If we start from the rural areas we will find that many separate centers are being opened by the government for promoting their skill India program and small scale industry.

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Fashion Designer Diploma – Government Funded Makeup Courses

Everyone has their area of interest and beauty can not be measured by only facial beauty. Your dressing styles attire and how you are carrying it adds a spark to your beauty. Many private or government-recognized institutions run fashion designing courses. It gives an authentic knowledge about garments and how proper dressing can enhance our beauty. Candidates take six months diploma courses and after an internship, they can get an attractive job. when you will observe you will find that Every year the fashion industry is opening many opportunities and providing a proper horizon to the deserving candidates.

Many big private are also understand the needs of employment so these institutions are also affiliated themselves with the government’s program. Jawed Habib, Meribindiya International, Sehnaz Hussain, VLCC, Lakme India, L’Oréal group, Orane International are some big-name of this industry providing you with proper training and theoretical knowledge and the most amazing thing is their government makeup fee structure. If you are looking for institutions for enrollment just type the best government makeup courses. You will get an immediate answer for this.

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Top Beauty Academies Which Offer Government Certificate for Makeup Courses

  • Meribindiya International Academy: This academy is the number one beauty academy in India which offers government certification for makeup artist courses. Recently, Meribindiya International Academy was awarded by Hina Khan as India’s best beauty school. At Meribindiya International Academy, students come from all over India to learn beauty & makeup courses. 
    Address: Shop No – 1, 2nd and 3rd Floor, Sunehri Market, near Sector 18, Atta, Sector 27, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
  • Lakme Academy: Lakme academy is the top beauty school which provides a government certification for makeup artist course.
    Address: Delhi, India
  • VLCC Academy: This beauty school is among the top beauty academies which offers government certified makeup artist courses in Delhi NCR.
    Address: Delhi, India
  • Orane International Academy: Orane International Academy is a beauty school which offers government certification for makeup artist courses.
    Address: Delhi, India

If you want to get a government certificate and want to work in abroad as a makeup artist then you have to pursue an international makeup artist. International Beauty Expert (IBE) is an international beauty academy which offers international makeup artist course and international job placements too.
Address: Noida, India

A kind of technological revolution has come to the society where opportunity is always there the only one thing that is needed is our wish the willpower to do it no matter which area it is. Every industry is opening new vistas for us so change your mindset and grab it.

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