BHI Makeup Academy: Courses Details & Fees

BHI Makeup Academy: Courses Details & Fees

Today we are going to take a look at BHI Makeup Academy. We will review their makeup and hairstyle courses. At Become Beauty Expert blog, we always try to be honest to our readers and publish honest makeup academy reviews if you want to find out the best makeup course academy, reais the BHI academy review.

About BHI Makeup Academy

BHI makeup institute is one of the top makeup and hairstyle course academy in Mumbai. They have a training facility in Bandra [W], Mumbai. Th BHI academy is well known for offering international celebrity artists. Hence we can say the students of BHI academy will get global exposure and skills.

Courses at BHI Makeup and hair academy

1. Complete and Latest Pro makeup and hair course

BHI makeup and hair institute offers six weeks of advanced and complete courses. This course will make you an expert in makeup and hair care. This course starts with the introduction of makeup artistry. Also, they teach face shapes and bone structure. Students learn to point out skin issues in this professional makeup course, plus and minus points of the face.

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Furthermore, they learn makeup art with different techniques. BHI makeup Academy trains its students to handle all the best makeup factors, such as a face [ concealing, powder, and foundation. You will learn about eyebrows, false eyelashes, liners, shadows, as well as smoky eyes. They also teach lip care, hair treatments, hair cuts, and looks.

2. Complete & Latest’ Makeup Course

This Course focus on makeup artistry. Hence it covers all aspects of makeup. On the one hand, it covers looks, shadows, facial, and on the other hand, it covers eyes and skin related factors. BHI makeup academy offers international celebrity trainers. This course has a tenure of 6 weeks. After that, you will get an authentic certification as a makeup artist. Expert artists professionally design this course. This course will make you do all kinds of makeups like airbrush, glamour, bridal, pre-bridal, and SFX

3. Complete Hair Styling Course

his 3.5-week complete hairstyle course by the BHI makeup institute in Mumbai will makeup you an expert hairstylist. This is an advanced hairstyle course. Thus you will learn pinning techniques, hair sectioning & parting. Besides, you will learn about backcombing and hair cuts. If you want to become an expert in hairstyle, you can join an advanced hair course. BHI academy is well known in Mumbai. BHI academy course fees are fair. Therefore you can think about joining the course. While teaching practical, they also teach theory and concepts on the other hand.

Top Makeup Academies Which Offer Makeup & Hairstyle Course

  • Meribindiya International Academy: Meribindiya International Academy is a well known makeup academy and it offers the best beauty related courses. Recently, Meribindiya International Academy was awarded by Hina Khan as India’s best beauty school. At Meribindiya International Academy, students come from all over India to learn beauty & makeup courses. 
    Address: Shop No – 1, 2nd and 3rd Floor, Sunehri Market, near Sector 18, Atta, Sector 27, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
  • Meenakshi Dutt Makeup Academy: Meenakshi Dutt Makeup Academy is a well known makeup academy and it offers the best makeup and hairstylist courses.
    Address: Delhi, India
  • Anurag Makeup Mantra Gurukul: Anurag Makeup Mantra Gurukul is among the top beauty academies which offers makeup artist & hairstylist courses in Delhi NCR.
    Address: Delhi, India
  • Pearl Academy: Pearl Academy is a makeup academy which offers makeup artist & hairstylist courses.
    Address: Delhi, India

If you want to work as a professional makeup artist & hairstylist in other countries then you have to pursue an international makeup artist course. International Beauty Expert (IBE) is an international beauty academy which offers international makeup artist courses. IBE provides an international internship and international job placement too.

Address: Noida, India

How BHI makeup Academy can be a good option?

  1. BHI makeup institute Mumbai is one of the trusted academies in India.
  2. This institute has tremendous experience in this industry.
  3. You will get internship opportunities.
  4. Here in this academy, you get training from celebrity artists.
  5. Doing Makeup and hair course can change your life and career.
  6. BHI academy’s certification has a great value in the industry.

Our Opinion About BHI Academy

After discussions and surveys, we found BHI has a great image among experts and students. This academy can offer quality education in Mumbai. But if you need such quality education in Delhi or Noida, you have a better option than Meribindiya International Academy. BHI and Meribindiya Academy offers international certifications from CIDESCO.

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We found that BHI academy offers hair and makeup course only. Today’s beauty industry is grown up, and we need more specializations like Nail art, cosmetology, bridal makeup artists, a pro hairstylist with knowledge of hair treatments. Meribindiya International Academy offers these courses.


We all must take a look at pros and cons of every academy and course before joining any course. We try our best to find out best academies for you. We took insight in BHI academy and here we are recommending it for students in Mumbai.


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