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Hairdressing Institutes in Delhi: Choosing the Right One

Hairdressing Institutes in Delhi: Choosing the Right One

Your mood can be improved and changed by a haircut by the time you get to blow dry. The power of hair may make you happy in less than two hours, whether you choose to change the color or cover up regrowth.

Because hair is art, hair counts. Our hair serves as a medium for creative expression. 

The hair that envelops and frames our faces is expertly designed and styled by hairstylist. 

Thus, picking the best hair school is essential if you want to become a hairdresser. Thus, we are presenting the best hair academy here, where you may sign up and further your career.

We have also outlined other criteria that you can use to select the top academies that meet your needs.

It would be my pleasure to show you around the world of hair stylists. 

Factor for choosing  Best Hair Academy

These are some things to think about when selecting the best hair academy to begin your training and launch your career as a successful hairstylist. 

  • Affiliations and Accreditation: Verify the hair academy’s affiliations and accreditation with any professional organizations prior to applying for enrollment. This guarantees that the school fulfills requirements and offers high-quality instruction.
  • Curriculum: Consider the courses that each hair school offers and select one that offers a comprehensive education in the subject you have selected. You should be able to receive specialized and hands-on training in several areas of hairdresser training from the hair academy.
  • Teachers: Seek out a hair school with knowledgeable teachers who have years of experience teaching various techniques and styles and can readily adjust to new fads. The ability to teach pupils the fundamentals of advanced cosmetics, skincare, hair styling, and esthetics should come naturally to the instructors.
  • Scholarships, Financial Assistance: When choosing a hair academy, financial assistance and tuition expenses are crucial factors to take into account. Whether the cost of enrollment is too high for you to pay, find out whether the hair school offers any loan options, grants, or financial help. You should be able to get a comprehensive list of grants and scholarships that you qualify for from a hair academy.
  • Location: Taking into account the hair academy’s location, Delhi can be the ideal place for you to follow your career goals in the Indian fashion business.
  • Reviews: To get the best recommendation for enrolling in the hair academy, check for reviews and comments left by previous students. Additionally, a sense of the caliber of instruction and training the academy offers.
  • Classes that the academy offers: Make an educated decision. You don’t want to end up in a course that you were hoping would be interesting, but it ended up being really unimpressive compared to your expectations. Thus, before deciding on the academy’s course as your ideal option, go over the modules it offers.
  • Take Care of Yourself: Enrolling in professional hairdressing courses can be a wonderful starting point for a rewarding and fascinating career in the beauty business. Nonetheless, it’s critical to look after your physical and emotional well-being and engage in self-care.

Types of Hair Academies Course 

A wide range of courses in hair styling classes and hairdressing are offered by hair academies. Hair academies equip students with a thorough education in hairstyling and hairdressing through the provision of courses, setting them up for success in the beauty business.

The following are typical courses that hair academies offer:

  • Basic Training: This covers anatomy and physiology, safe chemical use, shampooing, sanitation, and the use of necessary tools.
  • Hair stylist classes: Hair stylist classes are designed to teach students how to use electric styling tools for hair trimming, shaping, and cutting.
  • Chemical Application and Hair Treatments: Weaves, perms, coloring, bleaching, curl-relaxing treatments, and scalp treatments are all covered in this course.
  • Salon Management: This course covers business ethics, first aid, interpersonal communication, personal cleanliness, marketing, merchandising, and laws pertaining to the industry.
  • Hair Color: Students will learn about product knowledge and coloring techniques in this course.
  • Salon Management: This course covers all aspects of salon management, including business, sanitation, and health and safety. Students are also taught communication skills and self-care techniques in this course.
  • Male Barbering: Students learn about the styling and grooming of men in this course.
  • Classic Female Hairstyles: Students will learn about traditional female hairstyles and haircuts in this course.
  • Permanent/Temporary Styling: Students learn permanent hair styling techniques in this session.
  • Product Knowledge: Students will learn about various hair products and how to utilize them in this course.
  • Consultation: Students will learn how to comprehend the needs of clients through consultation in this course.

Hair course for Job Prospects 

Taking hair styling courses might open up a lot of career options in the makeup sector. You can acquire the abilities and information required to pursue a lucrative career in the beauty sector by finishing hair styling classes.

For people who finish hair styling classes, the beauty business offers a variety of career prospects as it continues to grow and change.

Web: Make a Career by Doing These Makeup Courses and Get a Job Worth Lakhs

Thus, these are some typical employment paths open to graduates of hair styling courses:

  • Salon Stylist: After completing professional hairdressing courses, you can work as a salon stylist in a professional salon, greeting and tending to walk-in clients and providing them with individualized services.
  • Photo Stylist: Working with models, actors, and other performers to create the ideal look for a photo shoot or film, you can also pursue a career as a photo or movie stylist.
  • Beauty Consultant: With the wealth of beauty products available on the market, you can become a sales consultant or a beauty consultant for providing advice and recommendations to clients on beauty products and services.
  • Salon Owner: Some people decide to start their own salons after obtaining expertise in the beauty sector.
  • Beauty blogger or Influencer: Creating information about beauty products and services and sharing it on social media platforms can potentially lead to a career as a beauty blogger or influencer. Some people decide to become educators and train the next generation of beauty professionals after getting experience in the field.
  • Entrepreneur: A few people decide to launch their own product line or internet store in the beauty industry.

We have highlighted the best hairdressers in Delhi NCR, where you can train to become the best.

Top  Hairdressing Institutes in Delhi

1)Meribindiya International Academy 

Among the top makeup and beauty schools in India, Meribindiya International Academy has the best-talented teachers and highly professional teaching of their students.

The top beauty school in India to start a profession in makeup is Meribindiya International Academy. With India’s Best Beauty School Award, it has won recognition from numerous national and international organizations.

Meribindiya Makeup Academy got India’s Best Beauty Academy award from International Beauty Expert.

The IBE Award 2023 Bridal Makeup Contest hosted an event that drew contestants from all over India with experienced students. Two students from Meribindiya International Academy got the IBE Award 2023 Winner, one coming first and another coming third. 

However, both were freshers at Meri Bindiya Makeup Academy, demonstrating the extraordinary excellence of this academy. Prince Narula, a famous guest, presented the honor.

Meribindiya International Academy has also won the Best Beauty School in India title four years in a row (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023).

The academy offers advanced beauty, cosmetology, hair, skin, makeup, and nail courses taught by highly qualified and experienced instructors to students from India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh, Australia & many more.

There is a lot of demand for the Master Cosmetology course at Meribindiya International Academy even in foreign countries & is regarded as the best cosmetology school. 

Students come here from all over India as well as from countries like Australia, Canada, South Africa, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, etc. for training in courses in beauty, makeup, hair, nails, cosmetology, permanent makeup, microblading, etc.

Additionally recognized by ISO, CIDESCO, and the Indian government is Meribindiya International Academy.

Since only 12–15 students are accepted into each batch at this academy, pupils can understand concepts easily, which also demonstrates the caliber of this academy. As a result, students must also book their spots three to four months in advance.

In contrast to other institutes, you get job offers from significant national and worldwide beauty companies after finishing your studies here.

Major beauty brands in India and abroad give preference in hiring Meribindiya International Academy-approved students.

For that reason, this is the greatest academy for cosmetics classes if you’re also searching for a hair salon near me.

Call/ Whats App Number: ☎ 8130520472

Website link:

Meribindiya  International Academy Noida Branch Address:

Shop No – 1, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Sunehri Market Atta, Near Sector 18 Metro Station, Sector 27, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Pincode: 201301.

Meribindiya International Academy Delhi Branch Address:

A6, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden, Opp. Metro Pillar No. 410, Najafgarh Road, New Delhi, Pincode: 110027.

2)Toni and Guy Academy

A variety of in-person and online courses in hairdressing, styling, and barbering are available from the Toni and Guy Academy. 

It is one of the best hairdressing institutes in Delhi, coming in at number 2.

In order to set students up for success in the beauty business, the Toni and Guy Academy offers a thorough education in hairdressing and styling.

The academy offers a variety of courses, including introductory hairdressing classes, cutting and color courses for advanced hair, barbering, hair extensions, and bridal hair, among others.

Advanced coloring and cutting skills are also covered, such as precise cutting and imaginative color arrangement.

Additionally, it instructs students in men’s grooming and styling, which includes shaving, beard trimming, and clipper cutting.

The essentials of hair-cutting and coloring procedures, such as consultation, sectioning, and finishing, are covered in its hairdresser courses for beginners.

It instructs pupils on the many kinds of hair extensions and their application techniques.

There are 40 to 50 students in each batch, which adds to the overhead and complicates content validation and management.

 Depending on the course selected, hairdressing courses can be expensive. However, the minimum cost is Rs 1,80,000 for a two-month period.

Additionally, as the academy does not offer assistance with job placement, students may encounter greater difficulty securing employment following graduation.


Phone: 9958600827

3)Jawed Habib

In the hair industry, Jawed Habib is a well-known name with an academy of hair instruction.

It is one of the best hairdressing institutes in Delhi coming in at number 3.

For individuals who wish to learn about hairdressing and hairstyle, Jawed Habib Academy is a fantastic choice. 

The school prepares students for a lucrative future in the beauty business by offering a thorough education in styling and hairdressing.

Jawed Habib Academy in Delhi offers a variety of hair courses, including Hair Comprehensive, Hair Extension & Coloring, and many more.

Hairstylists use its courses to improve or brush up on their knowledge of heat styling, chemical services, and cutting procedures.

In addition, it teaches chemical treatments, coloring, style, and haircutting.

Depending on the course selected, hairdressing courses can be expensive. However, the minimum cost is Rs 1,40,000 for a two-month period.

Additionally, it’s possible that students won’t receive advice on how to prepare for interviews, write resumes, or hunt for jobs, which could make the process more challenging.


Phone: 9958600827

4)Blossom Kochhar College of Arts & Design

For students who want to work in the beauty industry, the Blossom Kochhar College of Arts & Design offers a variety of hair courses. 

It is one of the best hairdressing institutes in Delhi, coming in at number 4.

This academy offers a variety of hair courses, including hairdressing, hair coloring, hair design, hair care, and many more.

The fundamentals of hairdressing, including hair cutting, coloring, styling, and chemical treatments, are covered in the course.

Additionally, it instructs students on hair coloring methods like balayage, lowlights, and highlights.

Hair regrowth, scalp treatments, and hair analysis are among the hair care practices covered in its course.

It instructs pupils on the many kinds of hair extensions and their application techniques.

It also performs exceptionally well while cutting hair using razors, scissors, and clippers, among other methods.

With 40 to 50 pupils in each batch, behavior problems arise, making it challenging for teachers to keep the classroom under control.

Depending on the course selected, hairdressing courses might fluctuate in price. But for three months, the minimum cost is 1,50,000.

Additionally, it offers no help with job placement, so students can lose out on networking chances with people in the sector and possible employers.


Phone: 9958600827

5)Loreal – Academy

The L’Oreal Professionnel Academy in Delhi provides a range of hairdressing training. The institution offers beauty, hair, and makeup training programs.

Ranked fifth in Delhi, this is one of the best hairdressing institutes in Delhi.

 It provided a range of learning levels with several course options, from basic to advanced hairdressing.

For hairdressing short courses, the period is six days.

The length of the course also varies based on the course you select, ranging from two months to six days.

Styling, Chemical Services and Basic Universal Cutting Techniques are all covered in the course curriculum. 

Professional Ethics and Hygiene, Hair Science, Hair Care, Texture, and a variety of cuts, such as Classic Cut, Classic Color, Advanced Hair Cut, and Advanced Color, are all included in the course curriculum. 

This training is open to anyone with a talent and enthusiasm for hairdressing.

It is more challenging to give each pupil individualized attention when there are 40–50 students in each batch.

The fee varies depending on the course selected for the hairdressing course. However, the minimum cost is Rs 2,50,000 for a two-month period.

Additionally, since the academy doesn’t offer any help with job placement, pupils can have a harder time finding employment following graduation.

You can get in touch with the school directly or visit their website if you’re interested in enrolling in this course and would like further information about the hair course.


Phone: 9958600827.

Final Thoughts

At last, you were fully informed about the best hairdressing academy in Delhi.

You now have a solid notion of how to make a decision based on your needs by considering the many aspects that were previously mentioned.

Thus, when you rent salon space in Delhi, you may live out your aspirations and become your own boss.

Many facilities should be provided by your salon, such as free cleaning services, TVs, room for storage, and much more. 

Therefore, you can contact the relevant academy at the number above if you have any questions about the hair industry. Alternatively, you can leave a thoughtful remark in the space provided for comments below.

Please consider sharing our article with other social media platforms and those who are searching for a hair salon near me if you find it informative and helpful.


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