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T & G Academy is well established international beauty course institute. We are going to review this beauty school in this blog. We are Become Beauty Expert, and we publish beauty academy reviews and course details.

Toni and guy academy got our attention by the reputation they have in the market. We want to share Toni and Guy course details, fees, and other information with you.

About Tony and Guy

Mr. Mascolo, a legend hairdresser, started Salon in London. That was the mid-1960. His next-generation Toni, Guy, Bruno, and Anthony Mascolo founded TONI&GUY in 1963.

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Tony & Guy is a big salon chain brand today. Hence we can say the legacy of Tony & Guy is really huge. The Tony and guy salons are available across the globe.

About Toni & Guy academy

Brothers of Tony & Guy runs this educational stream of T&G. This academy offers hairdressing courses across the world. Tony and guy training academy is the most favorite training center for the students. They offer different courses for freshers as well as professionals. Tony and Guy beauty academy also works in India. They are a well-known brand in hairdressing courses in India.

Toni and Guy academy courses

10 weeks TONI&GUY beginner course.

This Tony and guy hairdressing course is perfect for beginners. Students at tony and guy academy learn hair cutting, hair coloring, and treatments in 10 weeks. This is a full time 10 am to 5 pm course.

In the first 4 weeks, students learn the basics of hairdressing in addition to Tony and Guy’s philosophy. Afterward, students get training for Shampooing, blow-drying & finishing with products. This course includes styling & setting techniques, head shape & bone structure assessment. You gain client consultation techniques and knowledge for excellent client care.

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Work sessions on all cutting techniques will start in the second level [ week 5 to week 8]. The Demonstrations, along with lectures on all techniques, will be held in level 2. Afterward, students recap over blow-drying and consultation lectures. This hairdressing course will give professional knowledge of color shades and color formulas.

The last two weeks are a core part of this Tony and Guy course. All students will gain access and training to the state of the art techniques developed by Tony and Guy. Those techniques are as follows

  • Total color techniques
  • Partial color techniques
  • Combination color techniques
  • Classic perm techniques

Afterwords final exam will be held in addition to appraisal. Students get certification from Toni and Guy hair school.


This is an advanced hair course. Tony and guy cosmetology school offer this 18-week course in India. This course has four levels. Level one has four weeks. In these four weeks, students will learn Toni&Guy history & philosophy. Furthermore, they teach Shampooing, blow-drying & finishing with products. Students get trained with styling & setting techniques besides head shape & bone structure assessment.

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Week 5 to Week 9 consists of level 2 of this Tony & Guy hairstyle course. Work sessions on all cutting techniques This level starts with demonstrations and lectures on all techniques. Recap over blow drying in addition to consultation lectures are also included in this hair course. You will get introduced to color charts and color formulas. 3 combination color techniques

Stage three starts with Colour formulas, Colour charts, Classic perm techniques. In 4 weeks, this stage will get over by coloring and technical exam. Furthermore, students’ appraisal will be held. The last level of this hair course lasts for 3 weeks—work sessions on all cutting techniques. You will learn to work on your own and using your initiative within the time frame.

2 Weeks Advance hairdresser course

This Tony and Guy hair course is for barbers who want to become professional hairdressers. This two-week short-term course grows the level of skills into barbers. They can learn new techniques and coloring formulas. These formulas and procedures are highly professional.

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Hence with this knowledge, a straightforward barber can start his new professional hairdressing service line. This course will also empower these people by giving consultation and client handling skills. Freshers can not pursue this course as it needs basic haircutting knowledge.

What experts think about Toni & Guy

Tony and Guy are giant Salon and academy chain indeed. They are offering their service for the last 50 years, so they have a legacy in hairdressing. We found only hairdressing courses on Toni and Guy website. Two courses are for beginners, and one is for practicing professionals. Tony and Guy academy offers their own certification.

Visit Toni & Guy website

Suppose you want international certifications like CIDESCO or VTCT. In that case, you can not get these at Toni and Guy school of hairdressing. These courses are full time in nature. Hence if you are a working professional or housewife, then you may not found the flexibility of time at Toni and Guy beauty school.

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