Hair Speak Academy: Courses and Fee

Hair Speak Academy: Courses and Fee

The one industry that never sets offbeat is the beauty industry. What is your opinion? The lavish styling, the makeover look, can never get boring or out of fashion. However, to maintain the standard, there is a need for a trained beautician. And the top-rated beauty courses are perfect with Hair Speak Academy

They train you in a professional setting and offer the best course for aspiring beautician. The institution enables a strong foundation related to hair and beauty therapy. Join the academy to acquire your objectives in the beauty and hair industry. 

About Hair Speak Academy

Their only aim is to direct their student’s career to a world of success. They strive for every possible effort to brighten your career and guide you in the area where you are lacking. This academy has the best success stories in transforming the careers of its students.

Moreover, they offer vivid choices to choose the right course based on candidates interests. 

The beauty courses of Hair Speak Academy BTM Layout is open for freshers and experienced people. If you are already in the beauty industry, the beauty courses from this academy is a boon to your career. 

Basic Cosmetology Diploma

The overall time duration of this course is three months. It covers topics on the skin, makeup and hair. Let’s check the details covered in these three categories:

Syllabus under skin category

  • Clean up
  • Basic facials
  • French and basic manicure and pedicure
  • Skin science
  • Home-based packs
  • Depilation Service
  • Personal grooming
  • Mehendi designs
  • Treatment and consultation

Syllabus under hair category

  • Basic Coloring
  • Hair science
  • Trichology
  • Blow-dry
  • Temporary Perming
  • Head massage
  • Hairstyling
  • Scalp analysis and consultation
  • Henna application
  • Men and women haircut
  • Sectioning Theory
  • Shampoo and conditioning

Syllabus under makeup category

  • Bridegroom Makeup
  • Introduction to makeup tools
  • Explanation of Makeup theory
  • Eye makeup
  • Wedding makeup
  • Engagement makeup
  • Party makeup
  • Day and evening makeup
  • Knowlege of face shapes
  • Makeup for different occasions

Advance Cosmetology Diploma

Advance Cosmetology Diploma Course

Advanced Cosmetology course will take up to five months, and it covers topics on skin, hair and makeup. It is a detailed course, and having the certificate of this diploma can help you get the best beauty job in the industry. 

Sign up for the course, and Hair Speak Academy BTM is always there to train you. Their training is of international standards, and the way they shape your skills is just outstanding. Moreover, it is one of the respected diploma courses which has importance globally. 

Post-graduation Cosmetology Diploma

This course will take seven months to complete. The course will cover all the above-mentioned, skin, hair and makeup category courses and other additional advanced courses like:

Skin category

  • Skin analysis with wood lamp
  • Electrology
  • Dark circle treatment
  • Heel peel
  • Bright pedicure and manicure
  • Nail extensions
  • Nail art
  • Brazilian wax
  • Salon management
  • Aromatherapy
  • Anti-ageing treatment

Hair category

  • Permanent straightening
  • Scalp analysis and consultation
  • Dandruff treatment
  • Hair updo
  • Hair spa
  • Hair fall treatment
  • Thermal styling
  • Advance colouring

Makeup category

  • Cut crease
  • White and black makeup
  • Flossy makeup
  • Portfolio makeup
  • Corrective makeup
  • Bronzed and Tanned look makeup

There are also different certificate courses like basic skin, basic hair, nail extensions and nail art, women’s and men’s haircut, airbrush makeup, saree draping, hair styling, self-grooming and hair colouring. 

Fees of Hair Speak Academy

The fees differ from course to course. However, you can expect fees above 80,000. You can visit their website to get all the deets related to the fees and academy. 


Can I become a famous beautician after joining Hair Speak Academy?

Yes, your dream to become the best beautician can be successful after you complete the course from this academy. For an international standard beautician course, you can contact International Beauty Expert.

Is it possible to get a placement through Hair Speak Academy?

Yes, you can get the placement. For a high salary placement and to work internationally, you can contact International Beauty Expert. 

How to apply for Hair Speak Academy?

You can visit their website and apply for the course. You can do this course with the International Beauty Expert also. 

Work with top-notch beauty companies and expertise in your field by enrolling with Hair Speak Academy. Learn, grow and become successful internationally with the best beauty institute.

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