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How To Do Hair Salon Marketing?

How To Do Hair Salon Marketing?
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So you’ve got your beautiful new hair salon business and the world has your back. Now what?

How to start your hair salon marketing will vary according to the individual and the situation. We have described the best tips that are Fun ideas for salon marketing and will help you get started and let your salon get off the ground.

IBE Award
IBE Award

It’s easier now than ever to understand the reach of your company’s marketing efforts. And with modern marketing strategies, it’s becoming more and more important that businesses know what is being done throughout the world to connect with their customers. Organic hair salon marketing relies heavily on social media, meaning it’s a technology-driven approach that capitalizes on what people are looking for or posting at the time. This can be a very powerful marketing technique for many companies.

If you are looking for the best salon marketing ideas and advertising ideas in 2022. You have landed at the right place.

Let’s get started but the first thing first.

What Is Hair Salon Marketing?

Hair salon marketing broadly means building a long and lasting relationship with your clients.

Earlier, the salon business was consolidated and concentrated on female customers only. People used to believe only in word of mouth for marketing their businesses. But in the last 5 years or so, this business has evolved a lot. Relying only on a direct customer base is not enough. The huge competition in the field has made it very important for salon businesses to incorporate new methods to attract new clients and grow their business. Making a business profitable is a necessity for the survival of salon businesses nowadays.

So, what can be done?

5 Best Marketing And Advertising Ideas for A Salon

Marketing & Advertising Ideas for your Beauty Salon

If you have an idea for opening a hair salon you should make the effort to explore all these ideas. A lot of savvy entrepreneurs are already doing so and successfully growing their businesses.

Providing good service to the customers is not enough, before that customers have to know that you exist. And here Marketing and Advertising play their role. Creative marketing is very important.

So let’s bring out the creative marketers in you and start exploring new ideas.

1] Get Visible On Search Result Pages.

When someone types “Salons near me” do you show up?

This question is today’s reality, if you don’t show up on search results, you will simply don’t exist for new clients. So before getting deep into marketing, apply your efforts to be visible first.

The easiest and most affordable way is to set your Google Business Profile( for free) and become the most obvious search result for your locality.

With this visibility issue sorted, we can now focus on advertising.

2] Get The Attention Of Potential Clients.

Your business needs to be synonymous with the niche you are in. If it’s a Salon business, you need to be well known and get huge attention. But How?

Here comes the role of Modern marketing strategies. In this new world of digital exposure, everything is available digitally. Digital marketing is something that no one can deny nowadays. Let’s look at some strategies.

Social Media Handles

Everyone is on social media, your clients too. So you must be also present there. Sharing photos and videos are the most convenient way of reaching a large no of people. Salon businesses should run their social media handles and use that to upload photos and videos of their work and skill, creatively. An easy way of doing this is by hiring social media managers. They will assist in making your digital handles look attractive and reachable for potential customers.


Influencer Marketing

A large number of fashion and hairdressing influencers are available nowadays with millions of followers. Your Salon needs to be known by the world. These influencers can help you with that. They can be used as part-time promoters of your business. But this would be heavy on your pockets.

Digital Campaigns

Digital campaigning is a new concept. Here businesses organize advertising campaigns for promoting their businesses. Here, several activities and contests are organized. Free tokens are also distributed to attract customers.

Geotargeted ads

Many search engines and social marketing sites use the concept of geo-targeted ads. You can make use of such ads to reach a large number of local clients as it will make them know about you.

3] Organic Marketing

(traditional with new approach)

Though the digital world limits the scope of traditional marketing still there are ways to do so.

Providing Referral offers

Who doesn’t like offers?

Who will not like to have a free haircut someday?

This can be done by providing your customers with a referral offer. For example, let’s say a customer who refers 5 new customers to your salon will get a 50% discount on their next haircut. Isn’t it interesting? It’s interesting for customers too. They will be your free word-of-mouth advertiser.

Local coupons

You as a Salon can provide local discount coupons to institutions in your area and attract new customers as everyone loves discounts.

4] Online Registration

No one wants to come to your Salon and wait for hours for service. It’s annoying for today’s customers. Online Reservation will help you get rid of this.

If you can not build a website, at least try to get online reservations through emails. Clients would love this.

5] Collecting Email Addresses.

This is an extension of a previously made point. Collecting your client’s Email can help you as a Salon to send appointment reminders, referral bonus details and discount offers currently available to the client and make you favored for next time service. This proves to be a great method for New beginning hair salons to get and strengthen their customer base.

The Final Thought

There is a huge variety of marketing strategies available but it’s obvious to feel overwhelmed. Simply start slow and then proceed. Do what suits your business according to you and just try to make it easy step by step.

Your Salon business will attain great heights for sure. Have faith and make full use of every available marketing strategy to grow and evolve.

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