How To Start A Beauty Parlour: The Ultimate Guide!

How To Start A Beauty Parlour: The Ultimate Guide!

Are you fretted up with the search on How To Open Your Own Salon? Now, you do not need to worry about opening a Beauty Parlour, as this article/post embeds all essential information regarding it. Opening a salon is not just profitable but it never goes off due to daily demand.

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Nowadays, the fashion mood among people is at its high. Everyone wants to look great, beautiful, handsome, and attractive. Regardless of gender and age, everyone visits a salon for multi-purpose with the hope to get a satisfactory service. But it is not possible to satisfy your client if you do not have in-depth knowledge of your industry.

Foundation of a Beauty Parlor

To start any kind of business, you must have either a certification in the relevant sector or you must have years of experience. If you do not have any of these, still no need to worry.

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To understand everything about makeup, skincare, hair and other parts of beautification, you must enroll yourself in the Cosmetology course. It is a short time, as well as a long time course where you can learn and get hands in experience about all the minute details you need to take care of while treating a client.

Top 3 Best Beauty Schools for Beauty Parlour Courses in Delhi NCR, India

  1. Meribindiya International Makeup Academy: Meribindiya International Academy is a well known beauty school and it offers the best beauty related courses. Meribindiya International Academy was awarded so many beauty awards such as best beauty school in India. At Meribindiya International Academy, students come from all over India to learn beauty & makeup courses. 
    Address: Shop No – 1, 2nd and 3rd Floor, Sunehri Market, near Sector 18, Atta, Sector 27, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
  2. Lakme Academy, Delhi: Lakme Academy is a well known beauty school and it offers the best beauty parlour courses.
    Address: Delhi, India
  3. VLCC Institute, Gurugram, HR: VLCC Institute is a well known beauty school and it offers professional beauty parlour courses.
    Address: Delhi, India

These are the top 3 and most reputed institutes that provide cosmetology certification and diploma courses at a very affordable fee.

However, How To Start A Beauty Salon isn’t a game of kid. Apart from having sound knowledge in your industry, you also need to plan about equipment, money, skill, interior, and many other things. It is definitely a profitable business provided that you have earned enough business reputation among people for your business.

lakme beautician course fees

For better services, hiring an expert as well as efficient employees is very crucial. You can just think how beyond your own salon business can go with this report as according to a report the beauty industry generates more than $6 Billion in a year.

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Frankly speaking, if you can invest more in this industry, you can earn more. Moreover, let’s see what factors can help you to stand a beauty parlour or salon business.

How To Start A Salon Business? 10 Factors To Consider While Starting!

While setting up any business one need to follow certain factors as well as consider all odds and evens. Here, in this particular section, you’re going to come across the factors that will influence your salon business setup easily, if followed then.

1. Planning

Everything needs on-paper proper planning before implementation of the actual plan. However, planning also includes an actual plan too but, it is secondary. While planning to establish a salon business, you need to think of certain factors and things which are:

  • Budget Assessment
  • Ideal Location
  • List out Essential & Needful Equipment
  • Customer Availability
  • License Authorisation
  • Recognition Certificate

These are the factors that play an important role while thinking of How To Open Salon.

2. Choice of Location

Before opening any business, you need to ensure the location is ideal for you or not? If the location is not ideal then, try to find out the place where the demand of your newly setup salon can be optimum.

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If the location at your home is great and opportunistic then, you can choose that as an ideal location. In case you’re searching How To Open A Beauty Salon At Home then, we must tell you to consider other factors other than it.

Location doesn’t only play a significant role for demand, as it comes with other access too.

3. Give An Interesting & Attracting Name

As you’ve already planned to set up a salon business then, be cautious while catching a name for your parlour. And, make sure that the name is pretty catchy, interesting, and attractive.

4. Find & Decide Your Niche/Service

Before opening the salon, think of what-what services you can provide to your customer under your budget. A salon can provide a wide range of services starting from hair cut to makeup to overall makeover.

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5. Hiring of Professionals, Trained & Expert!

Besides, getting experienced, trained, and professional artists are very important to provide outstanding services and giving the best possible outcomes to customers. So, try to contact them before opening because you can’t give all services on your own.

6. Design Parlour/Salon

Giving an attractive, amazing, and beautiful look is similarly important as giving an influencing name. Designing the interior as well as the exterior of the salon with incredible design will tend the customers to reach you.

7. Get All Essential Equipment

Adding all essential equipment should be your top priority as without tools no services ultimately no profit.

8. Marketing Is A Serious Thing!

Thinking of How To Start A Beauty Parlour then, marketing is one of the important factors. Reaching out to maximum customers will help you to earn more.

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9. Relation With Distributors

In case you want to access the items for free or at low cost then, build a relationship with dealers and distributors to promote.

10. Facilities & Treatments

At last, the facilities and treatments provided to customers play an influential role. With basic amenities, you can easily satisfy your customer expectation that will influence the result too.

If you want to open your own beauty parlour in abroad and want to earn well then you have to pursue an international beauty parlour course.  International Beauty Expert (IBE) is an international beauty academy which offers international makeup artist courses. IBE provides an international internship and international job placement too.

Address: Noida, India


Till now you’ve seen the factors for How To Start A Salon Business. Well, thinking of the How Much Does It Cost To Open A Salon then, it will depend on the type of facilities, location, and other factors.

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So, no need to worry as you’ve decided to open. Just plan well and execute all the measures step-by-step and enjoy the maximum profit.

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