Lakme Academy Janakpuri: Courses & Fee

Lakme Academy Janakpuri: Courses & Fee

You must be wondering about the Lakme academy industry being so huge and reputed while delivering the utmost service to the clients. Have you ever wondered to go into Lakme Industry? You must be wondering about the process to get there. Well, we must tell you that you can go to Lakme Academy Janakpuri to enter into the beauty industry that generates huge income and so thus you can have a good living. A beauty business may lead to a high income for motivated and skilled workers by getting professional makeup courses.

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We are sure that you must have thousands of questions wondering in your head and could not find any fruitful answer to it. Do not worry because in this article we are going to provide you all about the information starting from the Lakme academy Janakpuri, the makeup artist courses, beauty parlour courses at Lakme Academy Janakpurithat you are looking for starting from the Lakme academy near me, the courses and fees, the admission process, the pay and salary, future objectives and along with top makeup academy to consider for starting with your beauty career.

So keep reading! 

About Lakme Academy

Lakme is developing its network worldwide by partnering with Aptech and now Lakme academy has around 50 different academies based in different locations.

Top 10 Makeup Academy In Delhi NCR
Top 10 Makeup Academy In Delhi NCR

Lakme academy courses and curriculum enables an aspirant to get through the recent skills and development to acquire industry-based knowledge and so thus they can curate it out globally and can benefit from new job opportunities in high-end trade shows and fashion pictures while also receiving a university degree in fashion.

Overview of Lakme Academy Janakpuri

It is a school of cosmetology school, offering professional makeup courses and students’ courses on hair, skin and nails. It’s in Janakpuri, New Delhi. 

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The focus of the course, in cosmetics, is on acquiring theoretical as well as practical skills. The Lakmé experts have studied and created the curriculum with more than 35 years of expertise in this area according to industry standards, ensuring that students or independent beauticians after the successful conclusion of the course and are prepared to work in highly qualified salons.

The backstage experience as part of their technical training enables students to build a solid curriculum vitae and to gain important job experience while still in school…

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Through the utilisation of modern infrastructure, students are able to access the latest equipment and to learn some of the most demanded skills and techniques.

The Lakme Academy Janakpuri has several notable features.

  • Working with Models and Celebrities – Gaining Backstage Event Exposure
  • Lakmé experts provide the training, and the curriculum is industry-relevant and meets international standards.
  • Modern infrastructure and the most up-to-date training equipment
  • Technical Workshops and Seminars held outside of the organization
  • Job Opportunities are handled by a dedicated placement cell.
  • The Admissions Office handles admissions for International CIDESCO Courses.
  • Loans with a low-interest rate of 0%


A wide range of course choices is offered via the Lakme Institute. Consider the Lakme salon’s price structure, as well as the kinds of courses available to those interested in becoming a stylist.



You may choose from a variety of essential to advanced level high-end professional course study options to help you achieve a high-end appearance that will make a lasting impact on anybody.

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If you are a total newcomer to the fashion business, it is recommended that you begin with the foundational courses that are required. Later on, after you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of makeup artistry, you may go to more sophisticated choices.


Before getting the Lakme Academy Janakpuri degree in Hair, you must first complete a foundational course on different hair care methods and services. If you already know fundamental hair care methods, you may go on to more advanced classes to get professional training in hair consultation and treatment.


With basic Lakme professional makeup artist classes, you may acquire a thorough understanding of skincare, cleanliness, and other fundamental makeup techniques and abilities.

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Advanced makeup classes teach students how to apply high-quality makeup styles and methods on the runway or to celebrity photo shoots, among other things. Expert trainers can teach you the latest beauty trends that today’s customers are requesting and the newest aspects of the makeup business to discover.


The Lakme personal grooming school offers instruction in various hairstyles, nail manicures, saree drapes, and every other aspect of style necessary to pull off a perfect outfit.

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Additionally, if you want to gain knowledge in a certain area, you may enroll in short crash courses. This training may also be very beneficial in the area of self-grooming.


The Lakme Academy, Janakpuri skincare fundamentals courses are designed to provide instruction in skin care techniques and services. While the advanced level courses assist in understanding skin anatomy and obtaining training to provide skin-related advice and treatment, the basic level courses assist in understanding skin anatomy.


With Lakme salon training, you’ll be able to contribute to the advancement of the fashion sector while also catering to national and worldwide beauty regimens. If you get an ‘A’ certification from any Lakme Academy powered by Aptech, you will be eligible for employment at any of the company’s top salon locations. You may also find enticing employment possibilities at other prestigious spa and salon establishments, cosmetic schools, and even as a freelancer.

Top 10 Hair Academy in India

Duration: The length of all courses at Lakme Academy ranges from one week to twelve months.


Students may enroll in Lakme Academy’s accredited courses for as little as Rs. 25,000, with prices increasing in accordance with the type and length of the courses. You may request a personal consultation with their specialists about selecting courses, the length of the courses, and other specifics.

Lakme Academy Janakpuri Address:

West Metro Station, 1st Floor, C-2 Block,
New Krishna Market, Vikas Puri,
Adjacent Janakpuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110058


Additionally, Lakme Salon Academy Janakpuri places its best-certified students at high-end salons or international fashion weeks once they complete their training.

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You may also start your own freelance makeup artist business and make a good living from it. In today’s society, it is the most sought-after profession. Opening a beauty shop is another excellent business opportunity for those looking to make a decent living in this area.


In the Lakme salon school, beginners who have just recently completed their training may expect to earn a beginning wage of Rs. 20,000. In contrast, experienced certified trainers can expect to earn between Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 80,000 per month.

Top Makeup Academies In India

We’ll recommend the top three academies in Janakpuri based on our research. Aside from professional makeup training, these makeup schools also offer necessary certification.

1. Meribindiya International Academy

The courses they provide are diverse, and they cater to both fresh graduates and experienced professionals. The training includes skin and makeup course , hair course, nail art course, and salon administration. They provide a lifetime membership even after the course completion, allowing you to upgrade your skills at no additional cost whenever new skills become available. They also provide internship opportunities after completing the course, which you can take advantage of after completing the course.

MeriBindiya International Academy Noida
Address: Shop No – 1, 2nd and 3rd Floor, Sunehri Market, near Sector 18, Atta, Sector 27, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

This is followed by:

2. Orane Academy

Orane academy is changing the lives of over 25,000 individuals every year, the vast majority are women. It imparts international quality beauty instruction that results in highly competent students who go on to pursue well-paid job opportunities around the globe.
Address: Delhi, India

3. VLCC Academy

The VLCC Corporation has a large national and international footprint. It also offers weight-control and beauty-related programmes (skin, body and hair care treatments and advanced dermatology and cosmetology solutions).
Address: Delhi, India

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All of the institutions mentioned above are highly recommended for new students who want to pursue a comprehensive education in cosmetics design while obtaining genuine credentials.

If you want to work as a professional makeup artist in other countries then you have to pursue an international makeup artist course. International Beauty Expert (IBE) is an international beauty academy which offers international makeup artist courses. IBE provides an international internship and international job placement too.

Address: Noida, India

What is next?

Because of the nature of the work, doing salon labor is often associated with a certain social caste in our culture. Thousands of new employment possibilities are created each year in the fashion and beauty sectors, which are growing at a fast pace. Consider yourself and a new modern civilization in which all human beings are treated equally, and all work is regarded with the same respect as other forms of labor.

Many working individuals in the information technology, business process outsourcing, and other industries have discovered new full-time and well-paying employment opportunities as a result of completing a course at Lakme Academy Janakpuri. As a result, instead of being stuck in your old and pointless ways of thinking, Lakme school is enabling you to go on a career path that will change your life. Take advantage of this opportunity to move your life in the direction of success.


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