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Meenakshi Dutt Makeup Academy: Makeup Courses, Admission, Fees

Meenakshi dutt Makeup Academy

Having a career is very important, no matter who you are and which social strat you belong too. Nowadays, every stream has a gazillion of opportunities available, and makeup is one of them. If you are someone who loves color, and loves to play with them and have a tiny bit of understanding of makeup, you can take proper courses and turn yourself into a fabulous artist, and after this, no one can stop you from achieving your dreams.

Meenakshi dutt academy fee

Makeup is one art that makes the woman feel beautiful, confident, and prettier. This can only be achieved if you are supremely talented and have the power to transform women with your magic wand, and that is your makeup brushes.


Being a makeup artist is just like being a magician. You transform the person sitting in front of you magically and make them feel gorgeous, accept their flaws, and make them fall in love with themselves again. And you can turn into a makeup magician by joining the finest classes in Delhi, known as Meenakshi Dutt makeup classes.

One amongst the wonderful makeup artists in the makeup industry Meenakshi Dutt took it upon herself to spread her knowledge of makeup and teach her students how she leaves everyone spellbound because of her extraordinary talent.

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Meenakshi Dutt makeovers are praised worldwide, and she is known as the modernized magician who styles and beautifies her client effortlessly and makes everything and everyone look perfect.

Meenakshi Dutt has an undying passion for flawless makeup, and thus her clients, as well as her students, are unmatched in the industry.

For all of those who want to turn their love for makeup into a successful career or want to pursue make up for hobby should immediately sign up at Meenakshi Dutt makeup academy.

At Meenakshi Dutt makeup academy, they offer the best of the best makeup courses out there in the market and also encourage as well as nurture the talent of their students.

If you want to nurture your talents and turn into a makeup artist, then Meenakshi dutt is your answer, you will be a certified artist and will be able to either run a parlour of your own or work for famous people.

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Meenakshi Dutt makeover classes are luxurious, and the infrastructure puts every other institution to fail. Whichever course you opt, you are going in for a sweet deal.

The Meenakshi Dutt academy has a certification of skill India and NSDC, which means they 100% authentic.

They teach, but they also assist the students in getting placements in reputed saloons all over Delhi. Around 5000 students have taken certifications, and more than 2500 of them are working in reputes salons.

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Students who have done exceptionally great in their courses are working for Meenakshi Dutt’s saloon.

If you have any queries regarding the courses, you can contact them and get them solved.

You still have doubts? here are some reasons why you should opt for their course

  1. Meenakshi Dutt is awarded as the best makeup artist in Delhi and NCR.
  2. She has experience of over 23 years.
  3. She is known for creating new makeup trends in the makeup industry.
  4. She is known for using only high-end makeup products and nothing else.
  5. The courses offered by Meenakshi Dutt are skill India and NSDC certified
  6. The practice timings are flexible and the days too, which means the schedule is as per the student’s convenience.

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Meenakshi Dutt’s makeup courses are a success story, she is an experienced and extremely talented mentor. For those who want to make a fruitful career out of their skills, this academy is the one for you.

They will encourage and nurture you and give provide you with the best of the best opportunities.

This is one of the courses made by keeping the convenience and luxury of the students n the mind, the students who have opted for this course can work as many hours as they want to as per their convenience and comfort.

The course allows the students to experiment with multiple high-end brands.

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The students will get social exposure, which means they will be assisted when social media exposure and internships arise.

Students usually receive individual sessions, which means they are done on one basis. The majority of these classes are conducted by Meenakshi Dutt herself or are monitored under her. She makes sure that the students are brainstorming, conversing, and are exploring the makeup.

As far as career is concerned, MDM makes sure that all the budding artists are nurtured, and they assist students in getting placed at the renowned saloons in Delhi and NCR.

best makeup institutes

Here is a list of the courses offered by Meenakshi Dutt

1. Private Pro Makeup course

  • This is a 21-individual class, and also provides practical classes
  • If the student requires extra practice sessions, they can avail that too
  • the student get a complimentary two days airbrush makeup class

Course Includes:

  • Full Product Knowledge
  • Tools Knowledge
  • Skin Prep
  • Skin Analysis
  • Types of Skin
  • Face Shapes Knowledge
  • Face Features Knowledge
  • All Types of Eyebrow Shaping:
    • Straight,
    • Curve,
    • Soya Arch,
    • High Arc
  • Multiple Types of Liner Application:
    • Thin Liner,
    • Thin Wings Liner,
    • Thick Eye Liner,
    • Open Wings Liner,
    • Cat Wings Liner,
    • Joint Wint Eyeliner,
    • Double Wing Liner,
    • Glitter Eye Liner,
    • Colourful Full Eye Liner
  • Eye Makeup:
    • Single Shadow,
    • Double Shadow,
    • Tripple Shadow,
    • Vertical & Horizontal,
    • Cut Crease,
    • Glittery Eye,
    • Arabic Eye,
    • Smokey Eye,
    • Bold Eye,
    • Cat Eye,
    • Shimmery Eye,
    • Glam Eye,
    • Matte Eye,
    • Red Smokey Eye,
    • Peacock Eye,
    • Brown Smokey Eye,
    • Colourful Eye,
    • Fantasy Eye,
    • Barbie Eye
  • Foundation Basis:
    • Liquid Foundation,
    • Cream Foundation,
    • Powder Compact Base,
    • HD Foundation Base,
    • Air Brush Base
  • Contouring:
    • Powder Cream Air Brush
  • All Kinds of Highlighting
  • Nude Makeup
  • Soft Makeup
  • HD Makeup
  • Ramp Makeup
  • Mature Skin Makeup
  • Mature Skin Makeup
  • Acne Skin Makeup
  • Under Eye Coverage
  • Uneven Tones Makeup
  • Double Base Makeup
  • Lash Application
  • Glitter Application
  • Saree Draping
  • Dupatta Setting
  • Lip Shaping:
    • Small
    • Big
    • Pout
    • Natural
  • Lipstick Application
  • Bridal Profile
  • Engagement / Sagan Profile
  • Party Profile
  • Cocktail Profile
  • Airbrush Demo

2. Private Pro makeup and hairstyling course

  • This is a 30-individual class, and also provides practical classes
  • If the student requires extra practice sessions, they can avail that too
  • the student gets a complimentary two days airbrush makeup class plus a portfolio shoot.

Course includes:

  • Hair Tools Knowledge
  • Full Knowledge of Hair textures & Types
  • Differences Between Hair Textures
  • Simple Hairstyles
  • Messy Hairstyles
  • Braider Hairstyles
  • Waves Hairstyles
  • Layers Hairstyles
  • Flower Buns
  • Messy Bun
  • Fully Messy Bun
  • Neat Bun
  • Open Hair
  • Side Hair
  • Black Hair
  • Curls
  • Tongs
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Full Bridal Hairstyles
  • Ramp Hairstyles
  • Engagement Hairstyles
  • Party Hairstyles
  • Child Hairstyles
  • Hairstyles on Thin Hair

3. Pro Hairstyling Course(Course Duration:15days)

  • All the classes are private for 2-3 hours.

Course Includes

  • Tools Knowledge
  • Basic To Advance
  • Red Carpet Hairstyles
  • Bridal Hairstyles
  • Full Knowledge Of Hair Textures
  • Messy Hairstyles
  • Brader Hairstyles
  • Waves Hairstyles
  • All Types Of Buns
  • Fancy Fashion Hairstyles

4. Personal Makeup Course

  • This is a five days class in which the students are thought 2-3 hours daily
  • All the classes are private

Course Includes

  • Self Hairstyling
  • Glitter Makeup
  • 2-3 Self Hairstyles
  • Product Knowledge
  • Day Look
  • Party Look
  • Ramp Look
  • Self Makeup

If you are looking great career in makeup so why are you waiting for? Contact Meenakshi dutt at any of her addresses, available at her website, or contact through the enquiring form.

Top 5 Beauty Schools in Delhi NCR

We will recommend Delhi NCR’s top 5 academies. These academies offer proper certification with professional training. In this list, the first rank holder is Meribindiya International Academy as they are offering many courses for freshers. They also provide CIDESCO certification.

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They have separate courses for Skin and Makeup, Hair, Nail art, Salon management. This academy has a considerable reputation in India. They have training centers in Noida & Rajouri garden.

1.MeriBindiya International Academy

Among the top makeup and beauty schools in India, Meribindiya International Academy has the best teachers and professionals teaching their students.

The top beauty school in India to start a profession in makeup is Meribindiya International Academy. With India’s Best Beauty School Award, it has won recognition from numerous national and international organizations.

Let me inform you that Heena Khan, an actress, presented the India’s Best Beauty Academy award to Meribindiya International Academy, earning it the distinction of Best Indian Academy from IBE.

Meribindiya International Academy has also won the Best Beauty School in India title four years in a row (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023).

The institution offers the best master’s degree in cosmetology in India.

The academy offers advanced beauty, cosmetology, hair, skin, makeup, and nail courses taught by highly qualified and experienced instructors to students from India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.

Additionally recognized by ISO, CIDESCO, and the Indian government is Meribindiya International Academy. There are two locations of this academy, one close to the Rajouri Garden Metro Station in Delhi and the other close to the Noida Sector 18 Metro Station. 

There are only 12–15 students in a batch at this academy, so students reserve their places three–four months in advance.

The best makeup school in India is this one, which also offers courses in beauty aesthetics, cosmetology, eyelash extensions, hair extensions, microblading, and permanent makeup. 

Since makeup is a seasonal occupation, this academy does not provide job placement for makeup students; it only offers internships to nail and skin students.

Large beauty companies in the nation offer graduates of Meribindiya International Academy a lot of preference while hiring.

Call the number provided below if you need any form of advice or assistance before enrolling in Meribindiya International Academy.

Call/ Whats App Number: ☎ 8130520472

Meribindiya  International Academy Noida Branch Address:Shop No – 1, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Sunehri Market Atta, Near Sector 18 Metro Station, Sector 27, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Pincode: 201301.

Meribindiya International Academy Delhi Branch Address: A6, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden, Opp. Metro Pillar No. 410, Najafgarh Road, New Delhi, Pincode: 110027.

2.Parul Garg Makeup Academy

This academy is among the best makeup academies in Delhi NCR. Parul Garg Makeup Academy offers you the best makeup artist courses.

Anyone interested in learning about personal grooming or professional cosmetics can take lessons at the Parul Garg cosmetics Academy. All of the courses are taught by Parul Garg, who also runs the academy. The courses offer sophisticated and cutting-edge knowledge and techniques and are focused on real-world applications rather than merely textbook learning. The academy offers the best individualized training with small batch sizes for one-on-one attention and daily practical training.

The cost to register for this training program is 1 lakh 80 thousand rupees(including 18% GST), and there are typically 30 to 40 pupils in every class. It also lasts for 1 month.

This institution places or gives jobs or internships to a very small percentage of its students, and it does not offer jobs or internships in the makeup and nail courses, so the remaining students must actively seek employment.

Address: Delhi, India

3.Shweta Gaur Makeup Academy, Delhi

A top-rated makeup school in Delhi, Shweta Gaur Makeup Academy is committed to assisting aspiring makeup artists in achieving their objectives and finding success in the field.The academy provides a range of programs, including training in wedding makeup, professional makeup, and becoming a beauty trainer.Additionally, they provide classes in stage makeup, fashion show makeup, and makeup for celebrities.The academy is managed by well-known cosmetics artist Shweta Gaur.She is renowned for her high-end makeup services and has collaborated with Bollywood celebs.They have a variety of courses available and a staff of qualified experts who can assist you in achieving your industry objectives.

The cost to register for this training program is 1 lakh 60 thousand rupees(including 18% GST), and there are typically 35 to 45 pupils in every class. It also lasts for 1 month.

This institution places or gives jobs or internships to a very small percentage of its students, and it does not offer jobs or internships in the makeup and nail courses, so the remaining students must actively seek employment.

Address: Delhi, India

4.Lakme Academy

Lakmé Academy, Noida is a renowned name in the field of beauty and cosmetology. Established in 2002, the academy has been imparting knowledge to students with the help of top trainers from the industry.

The Lakme makeup artist course in Delhi offers comprehensive makeup, hairstyling, skincare, and more. Expert instructors, who understand the beauty process inside and out, gives you training on live projects. Their labs contain high-end equipment for day-to-day work, giving you hands-on experience unique to the industry.

Each class concludes with a photoshoot or video demo. They have a dedicated team of photographers and videographers.

In Delhi NCR, India, Lakme Academy is a beauty school that provides numerous courses in hair, skin, cosmetics, and cosmetology.

The cost to register for this training program is 5 lakh 50 thousand rupees, and there are typically 30 to 35 pupils in every class for 1 year.

This institution places or gives jobs or internships to a very small percentage of its students, and it does not offer jobs or internships in the makeup and nail courses, so the remaining students must actively seek employment.

Address: Delhi NCR, India

5.Atul Chauhan Makeover Academy

Atul chauchan makeover Academy Delhi is the best makeup academy which offers makeup artist courses which includes fantasy makeup, bridal makeup and many more. Its academy’s director is Atul chauchan.

The institution offers a variety of makeup artistry courses, including training for professionals. Bridal makeup, party makeup, and hair styling are just a few of the courses the academy provides in makeup and hair styling. Students receive practical training from the academy as well as theoretical instruction on the course material.

The cost of the courses varies according to the length and subject matter of the course. The cost to register for this training program is 1 lakh 80 thousand rupees, and there are typically 30 to 35 pupils in every class. It also lasts for 1 month.

This institution places or gives jobs or internships to a very small percentage of its students, and it does not offer jobs or internships in the makeup and nail courses, so the remaining students must actively seek employment.

Address: Delhi, India
☎ 9958600827

We are recommending all above academies for freshers who want to learn makeup art in details with valid certifications.

If you want to work as an international makeup artist in abroad then you have to pursue an international makeup artist course. International Beauty Expert (IBE) is an international beauty academy which offers international makeup artist courses. IBE provides an international internship and international job placement too.
Address: Noida, India


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  1. My name is Sonam. I am from Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. I have done makeup course from Noida branch of Meribindiya International Academy and I can say that it is a very good academy because the trainers here are very good. The best thing is that our trainers make us practice a lot due to which we are not left with any doubt. After completing the course, when I went to a salon for an interview and did a make-up demo there, everyone there used to ask me from where did I learn the make-up course from which I am able to do such good make-up. Because no one would have believed in years that a fresher would do such good makeup. Mahi, the owner of Meribindiya International Academy, is very nice and has a completely different nature. The best thing is that she is very down to earth and talks very lovingly. Thank you Mahi mam, our life has changed because of you.

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