Nail Mantra Vs Meribindiya International Academy – Which is Best for Hair Extension Training Course?

Hair Extension is one of the most important parts of hairstyling. It reflects our style statement and personality at the same time. If we talk about its need at the professional level, then we will find the demands of hair experts and hair extension experts growing very rapidly nowadays.

Every kind of art needs a kind of perfection and clarity. We need to take care when we are performing or creating it. Makeup is also an art. You need to understand the client’s requirements to make them satisfied. So, if you want to become a certified hair extensions expert and looking for professional or hobby courses in Hair extension for adding distinction in your skill then the following article will guide you for telling authentic hair extension training courses and certification.

What is Hair extension?

Hair extension is the type of real or synthetic hair that has to be attached to your roots for providing length, thickness, and color to your natural hair. Hair extensions are also known as Hair weaves. In the words of famous beauty expert Akriti Kocher,” Whether it is soft, romantic waves or poker-straight hair, the extensions can change your hairstyles in an hour or sometimes in a matter of minutes”. If we want to change our look without cutting or bleaching our natural hair and locks, hair extensions play a very important role.

If you are residing in the capital of India, Delhi, or NCR and looking for a perfect hair extension training course, Meribindiya International Academy and Nail Mantra will be a great choice for you.

Nails Mantra & Meribindiya International Academy and are not only famous for their beauty services like pre-bridal treatment, Makeup Artist courses, Hairstyling, Skin caring, bridal, and other makeup skills but for its diploma and certificate courses like eyelash extension, nail art designs, and extension or hair extensions too.

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Here, we will read about the two best hair extensions training and certificate courses in which you can get enrolled and be a trained hair expert.

Overview of Nail Mantra v/s Meribindiya International Academy

Quick Intro on Nail Mantra for Hair Extension Training

Nails Mantra is a salon and academy that provides nail extension and art services around Delhi and Gurgaon. They provide a variety of services, such as pedicures, nail painting, and extensions.

It provides a variety of original, current, and fashionable hair extension services. The salon has become well-known among potential customers for its skill in hair extension and nail painting. Nails Mantra offers hair extension treatments in addition to providing nail services. They also manufacture and trade nail art accessories.

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Nail Mantra is also a good place for getting hair extensions training but this institute is famous for its Nail art designs and extension courses. Although the institute runs all kinds of extensions courses like hair, eyelashes, and hair for their hair extensions courses provide diploma and certificate courses that you can complete in three months after paying a nominal fee.

Their hair extensions training courses for beginners provide every technique regarding this. if you get enrolled in these courses, it will add quality to your skills. The expert of the team tries to teach every technique and trick whether you are taking professional or hobby courses.

Quick Intro on Meribindiya International Academy for Hair Courses

Among the top makeup and beauty schools in India, Meribindiya International Academy has the best teachers and professionals teaching their students.

The top beauty school in India to start a profession in makeup is Meribindiya International Academy. With India’s Best Beauty School Award, it has won recognition from numerous national and international organizations.

The founder of Meribindiya Academy, Ms. Mahi left her high-salaried engineering job and started the academy with the goal of providing highly professional job-oriented training to Indian youths. There are only 2 branches of Meribindiya, located in Noida and Rajouri Garden, thus students must travel there to enroll in classes.

Let me inform you that Heena Khan, an actress, presented the India’s Best Beauty Academy award to Meribindiya International Academy, earning it the distinction of Best Indian Academy from IBE.

Meribindiya International Academy has also won the Best Beauty School in India title four years in a row (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023). The institution offers the best master’s degree in cosmetology in India.

Meribindiya Academy ensures your placement in the big brands and renowned institutions. VLCC, Lakme, film, and beauty are some industries where you get placement after completing your certificate courses from here.

The academy offers advanced beauty, cosmetology, hair, skin, makeup, and nail courses taught by highly qualified and experienced instructors to students from India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.

Additionally recognized by ISO, CIDESCO, and the Indian government is Meribindiya International Academy.

There are only 12–15 students in a batch at this academy, so students reserve their places three–four months in advance.

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The best makeup school in India is this one, which also offers courses in beauty aesthetics, cosmetology, eyelash extensions, hair extensions, microblading, and permanent makeup. 

Although they run lots of certificate and diploma courses, with special reference to hair extensions courses they have a good package with the expert team that makes you familiar with the field of hairstyles and extensions.

In a nutshell, Meribindiya international academy and Nail mantra hair extensions and training courses help candidates to learn tricks and techniques so that they can become famous hairstylists. But being a hairstylist, you should know basic information about hair extensions. So here, we are adding different forms of hair extensions that are part of your courses while taking hair extension training.

Since makeup is a seasonal occupation, this academy does not provide job placement for makeup students; it only offers internships to nail and skin students.

Large beauty companies in the nation offer graduates of Meribindiya International Academy a lot of preference while hiring.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions is a very popular extension form and takes four to eight weeks for completing the process. It always protects your crowning glory from any kind of damage as it does not require any heat for installation.

We should take care while combing or brushing while having our extension as it may get damaged by too much styling. Both institutions ensure to train you properly so that you can get the best hair extension certification and become a professional hair service provider.

Fusion Or Pre-Blonded in Hair Extensions

This type of hair extension starts by using heat gum and a safe natural bonding agent process keratin. It needs 3 to 4 months for the proper extension. They are fastened to the roots of the hair and natural strands of hair roots for giving a proper, fuller, and voluminous locks.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

It is a non-permanent form of extension and harmless as it needs no chemical required for installation. You can easily remove it. Their strands come with clips attached to their base for hassle-free installation. In the course, you will learn how to clip hair extensions for managing the hairs properly and take less time to install.

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Which one Is Better for Hair Extensions

In short, if you’re looking for the best hair extension academy near me especially when you are in Delhi and NCR, both Meribindiya and Nail Mantra are good as service providers and training courses too. These courses deal with club cutting, freehand, and point cutting tapering thinning and feathering for the hair extensions.

One distinguishing feature of the Meribindiya membership program is that it gives lifetime membership to the artist and students who enroll here for learning. Anytime in life, you can rejoin here and learn the new trending tricks and tips. This is the best part of Meribindiya Academy that makes him different from others.

However, Meribindiya international academy ensures your placement in renowned and well-known institutions. Also, they have international recognition that adds distinction to your certificates. Meribindiya Academy has a variety of options within your range, so as per these qualities and facilities Meribindiya International academy will be a good recommendation for hair extension training.

Advantages of doing course from Nail Mantra v/s Meribindiya International Academy

Nail Mantra

  • There are many branches of the academy available in different cities of the country. You can do beauty related course from any city.
  • It is easy to enroll at Nail Mantra academy because 30-40 students are there in one batch. So here students do not have to wait for admission.

Meribindiya International Academy

  • Meribindiya gives more time in the practicals as compared to other makeup institutes so that students can get the 100% job placement easily in big salons and parlours around the world.
  • Meribindiya International Academy fees is much less than Nail Mantra academy and never compromises the quality of education.
  • Many National / International Awards have been given to Meribindiya International Academy along with the award of India’s Best Beauty Academy by International Beauty Experts.
  • Meribindiya International Academy has also won the Best Beauty School in India title four years in a row (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023).
  • The institution offers the best master’s degree in cosmetology in India.
  • Meribindiya is the best institute in India for makeup artists, hair extensions, hair styling, eyelash extension, skin, nails, microlenders, permanent makeup, and more.
  • Meribindiya International Academy, training is imparted only by making slum batches of 10-12 students. That’s why special attention is paid to the training of each and every child.
  • In this academy, the practical part is more focused than other academies, because of this you emerge from the academy as an expert, therefore, the students of Meribindiya International Academy are immediately given jobs by the big salons and parlors in the name of the academy itself.

Drawback of both the academies course

Nail Mantra Institute

  • The fees for the course are a bit expensive when compared to the Meribindiya International Academy, which makes it unaffordable for some students.
  • In a batch of Nail Mantra Institute, 30 to 40 children are trained simultaneously. Due to having so many students in the same batch, it is not possible to focus well on each and every student.
  • Nail Mantra Institute has many branches. The education quality of all branches is not maintained.

Meribindya International Academy

  • Due to the lack of seats that contains 10-12 students in each batch, you have to book the seats 3 to 4 months before the courses start to get admission in Meribindiya International Academy.
  • There are only 2 branches of Meribindiya, located in Noida and Rajouri Garden, thus students must travel there to enroll in classes.
  • Due to more practical part, their course time is few days more than Nail Mantra academy. Because of this, it takes you more time to do the course than Nail Mantra academy.

Final Thought

Nowadays when the beauty industry is booming by leaps and bounds, demands for experts are increasing undoubtedly. Wearing extensions can save the person from the problems like struggling with falling and thin hair. It gives a quick change to hairstyles without cutting and bleaching the locks. Professionally trained artists or expert hairstylists can change the look in a matter of minutes.

Certification or diploma courses always add a feather to your cap whether it is related to beauty or any other field. Hair extension courses undoubtedly add skills to your performance. Nail Mantra and Meribindiya hair extensions academy have earned a good name and fame in the beauty industry and provide a good array of courses for both professional and personal hairstyling. They have hair extensions courses for beginners too. So, get enrollment in these courses and give wings to your dreams.

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