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Professional Makeup Artist Course in Noida | Makeup Artist Course in Noida Fees

Professional Makeup Artist Course In Noida

Are you interested in doing a makeup course in Noida? Do you know the basics of makeup are anything related to makeup? If not, then here we have brought for you something that might help you to understand about the makeup courses.

You must know at least the basics of make-up if you are interested in doing a makeup course in the future. In this article, you will learn how professional make-up artists do the basics and develop their skills.


There are so many well-reputed institutes that offer makeup artist courses. We will discuss some of the best institutes, what they offer, their fee structure, and the duration of the course. You need to know these things in advance and at least have some basic idea about makeup curses.

best makeup institutes

To be a successful professional makeup artist, you must opt for the right course of makeup in which you are interested. You can find makeup classes in Noida by just typing in Google and you will get your result.

Types of Makeup

  • Party Makeup: If you know, how to do lite makeup then you can get ready to crash any party in no time. It starts from the face cleaning to toning and then applying some beuty products to highlight every part of a face. Party makeup also includes hairstyling, dress sence, and overall look.
  • Bridal Makeup: There are several small to big occasions take place in a wedding. And for all those events, a bride must look beautiful by consulting a professional Bridal Makeup Artist. Or you can do it by yourself by learning, how to do a bridal makeup.
  • Editorial Makeup or Fashion Makeup: It is specially for those who are dealing in fashion or model industry. The Editorial makeup is required when your photo is getting printed on magezines, cover, billboards or beauty articles. In this kind of fashion makeup, the skin and overall look of the person must looks gorgeous.
  • Camera Makeup: In this kind of makeup, a person need to look beautiful to face the camera. Camera Makeup is required when some is shooting an ad shoots or doing any television shows. It also includes movie shooting and live performances.
  • Prosthetic Makeup: It is used to give an advanced cosmetic effects on face and other parts of the body. Mostly it is used in film industry where the prosthetic makeup artists works to give a living look to a character.

Types of Makeup Courses to get enrollment

There are 100s of makeup classes in Noida and academies from where you can opt for the makeup course in Noida. We are introducing some of the important and famous courses that are short term yet a very professional certification courses.

Self Makeup Course

Inside the course, you will learn, how to do a complete skin care. It will start from cleansing, toning, contouring, brushing and a lot more. In Self Makeup Course, you will also learn about eye liner application and how to apply eyeshadows in a professional way. Enhancing lip beauty is also the part of self makeup course. This course will help you to get ready for normal days outings.

Basic Makeup course ( Party Makeup, engagement makeup, Fashion Makeup )

Going to salon befor joining any party is really an annoying option generally we have. But if you have a basic makeup skill then easily you can get ready for fashion, party or even engagements by doing a self makeup. For that, you can get the enrollment for Basic Makeup Course in the best academy available in Noida.

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Advance Makeup Course (Bridal Makeup)

Bridal makeup is a way different than a regular make up. On the special day of wedding, Bridal needs to looks gorgeous from top to bottom. And this look you can give to any bride after getting an advanced Makeup Course for bridal. There you will learn all the important things apply to make a women gorgeous on her d-day.

Best Makeup Course in Noida

Prosthetic Makeup Course (Makeup for creating movies character)

Planning to make a career in Bollywood but you don’t have knowledge of acting?

Then better to find the easy way to crack the door and yes, it is Prosthetic Makeup Course. After getting the Pristhetic Makeup Certification, you will know, how to create a special movie character by applying some creativity on their overall appearance.

Diploma in Makeup & hairstyling ( Basic to Advance Makeup and Basic to Advance hair styling)

If you are planning to run your beauty parlour to provide affordable makeup and hair styling services to your client, then better to enroll for the Diploma in Makeup & Hairstyling course in Noida.


After completing this basic to advanced level certification course, you can also become a makeup trainer or a freelancer makeup artist.

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From the career respective also the makeup course is one of the safest options and you can earn well once you complete the course. Till now, you have enough knowledge about the types and makeups the makeup courses to get certifications.

Now you can choose the right institute as there are so many institutes available for makeup artist course in Noida. You can find the institute on the internet by just typing makeup course in Noida and you will see the desired result. If you do not have enough budget then you can opt average institute as there won’t be much difference in terms of service.



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