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Tour of your best hair & makeup courses academy in Faridabad

Tour of your best hair & makeup courses academy in Faridabad

Welcome to the best hair & makeup courses academy in Faridabad! Get ready to be astounded by the amazing educational opportunities and cutting-edge facilities that are in store for you.

You will notice the academy’s lively and enthusiastic environment as soon as you walk through the doors. These schools’ committed staff of knowledgeable professors is here to help you every step of the way, and they are passionate about offering the best instruction and training possible in the field of makeup artistry.

This article will therefore take you on a tour of the quest for the best hair & makeup courses academy in Faridabad, which will prepare you to build your salon.

Boosting up your career with a Makeup Course in Faridabad

  • The makeup courses academy in Faridabad offers an extensive selection of courses that are tailored to meet the needs of both novice and seasoned makeup artists.
  • It offers the ideal education for you whether you want to improve your abilities in special effects, fashion editorial makeup, or bridal makeup.
  • Its curriculum is designed with care to guarantee that you get practical training and experience, enabling you to hone your artistic abilities and establish a strong foundation in the field.
  • Apart from providing outstanding cosmetics classes, it also provides extensive instruction in hair styling.
  • The makeup courses academy in Faridabad recognizes the value of keeping abreast of current developments in the business. For this reason, it frequently invites well-known industry leaders and guest artists to lead seminars and workshops. These gatherings offer priceless chances to network with industry leaders and pick their brains about business.

Thus, if your goal is to work as a professional makeup artist, you must be looking for an institution in Faridabad. Then, to facilitate your study, we have included some of the top cosmetics academies in Faridabad, which can offer you comprehensive advice on this subject.

Best  3 hair & makeup courses Academy in Faridabad 

1)Lakmé Academy

It comes in first place for the best hair & makeup and hair courses academy in Faridabad.

Professional courses in cosmetology, nail art, beauty therapy, cosmetics, and hair are available.

It is well-known for offering excellent cosmetology instruction and is held in high respect.

The Lakmé network, a well-known and respected name in the cosmetics and beauty sector, includes Lakmé Academy Faridabad. The institution encourages students to reach their creative potential by highlighting both the artistic and technical components of cosmetics.

In its hair & makeup courses, which have 30 to 40 students enrolled, teachers have little time to provide each student with personalized attention.

Its 1.5-month course costs Rs 1,60,000; however, the quality of the instruction must be compromised. The course fee may be waived on the financial situation of the student.

Many students have complimented the trainers on their helpfulness and assistance, describing them as experienced, competent, and skilled makeup artists.

Lakme Academy has also drawn criticism for not offering internships or placements.

If you’re seeking beauty classes near me and intend to join this academy, it’s located in Faridabad Sector 16.


Address: India
☎ 9958600827

2)Kanika Chanda Makeup Academy

It is ranked second in the world for best makeup in Faridabad.

The Kanika Chanda Makeup Academy is renowned for its outstanding instructional abilities, which enable learners to reach their full creative potential.

The founder of the academy, Kanika Chanda, encourages students to experiment and advance their talents by highlighting the value of creativity and science in makeup.

The academy provides thorough makeup training covering a variety of techniques, such as airbrush makeup, advanced makeup looks, and wedding makeup.

Every class in its hair & makeup courses has more than forty students, which may cause disruptions to the learning environment as a whole.

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The school is renowned for its outstanding instructional abilities, which enable pupils to reach their full creative potential.

The course helps students establish a professional makeup kit and refine their talents through portfolio shoots, demonstrations, and hands-on practice.

Therefore, the cost of the courses varies depending on the nature and duration of the program. Students may be able to receive a discount based on their budget, but the quality of the instruction will suffer.

Additionally, Kanika Chanda Makeup Academy focuses a lot of emphasis on digital marketing, teaching students how to use social media channels to effectively promote their work.

However, after completing the course, there is no chance for students to receive any job help or aid, so they must actively seek employment.

Therefore, if you intend to apply for admission to this academy, please use the contact information below.


Address: India
☎ 9958600827

3)VLCC School of Beauty Institute

In Faridabad, VLCC Makeup Classes is rated as the third-best makeup institution.

A member of the VLCC network, VLCC School of Beauty Institute is renowned for providing high-quality instruction in skincare, cosmetics, hair, and beauty courses.

This school is well known for its outstanding teachers who guide students in learning the craft of grooming and beauty.

Its course costs vary depending on the financial situation of the students, which also affects the caliber of instruction.

Every batch of VLCCC makeup classes has more than forty students enrolled; the primary goal of the program is to expand class size rather than offer the highest caliber products.

Clients have given the academy high marks for its efficient instruction in skincare, makeup, and hair, underscoring the commitment of the faculty to deliver top-notch instruction in these fields.

However, have received criticism for not offering employment support even after completing its finest makeup courses.

Thus, if you’re interested in enrolling in VLCC makeup classes, you may contact the academy using the information below or visit its location in Faridabad, close to Sector 16.


Address: India
☎ 9958600827

Generally speaking, VLCC makeup classes in Faridabad are regarded as one of the top schools in the area for makeup, hair, and beauty courses because of their knowledgeable instructors and high-caliber instruction.

However, Delhi NCR academies are your best bet if you’re looking for a job with training because of their exceptional placement cell. Thus, we’ve included some of the top makeup schools in Delhi NCR below where you can train to become a professional makeup artist.

Top 4 Academies for Professional Makeup Artist Courses in Delhi - NCR

Final Thought

Thus, why do you delay?

Experience a fascinating voyage of creativity and self-discovery at our best hair & makeup courses academy in Faridabad.

Develop your abilities, reach your full potential, and realize your ambition of being a makeup artist. We look forward to watching you succeed!


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