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What are the Shortcomings of Lakme Academy’s Skin Course?

What are the shortcomings of Lakme Academy's skin course

Whether it’s oily, harsh, or dry, Not to mention acne! Everybody has been there. 

Thus, you should pursue a profession as an esthetician or skin specialist if you wish to take care of your client’s skin. Then you should sign up for the Academy of Best Aesthetic Skin Courses.

It can be challenging to maintain your client’s skin clear, healthy, and radiant, especially with the wide variety of skincare methods and products available.

However, if you’re considering enrolling in Lakme Academy’s skin course, you’re mistaken because there are several issues with the program.

Thus, we’ll be providing you with advice on the Lakme Skin Course here.

Types of Lakme Skin Course

  • Short-term courses: Lakmé Academy also provides courses for a limited time in particular subjects like corporate makeup, manicures and pedicures, and nail art. 
  • Advanced Skin Course: The curriculum for this course covers skin anatomy, advanced facial techniques, and skin pathology. The advanced course lasts for six months.
  • Foundation course: Skin science, skin structure, and other fundamental skin care procedures and services are covered in the foundation course for beauty therapy.The 3-month beauty therapy foundation course lasts for one month.
  • Personal Grooming course : It covers a range of topics related to grooming, such as body odor, clothing, makeup application, nails, and hair.

Shortcomings of Lakme Academy’s skin course

When considering enrollment at Lakme Academy, consider the following possible disadvantages of skin courses:

  • Lakme Academy Fees: The cost of a skin course is significantly more than that of other academy courses, therefore it may demand a substantial financial commitment. Before enrolling in any academy, it is imperative to think about the costs of the courses and the financial ramifications.
  • Low graduation and retention rates: Because there are 50–60 students enrolled in each batch of Lakme courses, no student receives individualized attention. Thus, there may be a higher chance of dropout or a longer time to graduation for some students, which would result in more expenses and delays.
  • Education quality: Lakme courses’ education quality is likewise subpar since teachers are under pressure to finish the material in the allotted time frame without considering whether or not the students understand.
  • Unskilled instructor: Untrained instructors instruct facial skincare courses, which make it impossible to impart practical and efficient knowledge to students.
  • Certification: You may not be able to demonstrate your skills and expertise in the workplace with certain Lakme skin specialist courses since they do not offer official certifications.
  • Practical experience :Practical experience is necessary for the development of practical skills, but the Lakme Training Academy courses don’t offer enough of it. It consists of mentorship programs or live demonstrations.
  • Employment opportunities: It’s possible that certain skin training programs don’t offer a lot of employment chances, which can be important for networking within the sector and securing employment. 

We have talked about the Lakme Institute Skin Course thus far. Whatever skin type your customer may have, these are the top 3 additional skin academies that you should all be aware of before joining. You will undoubtedly experience advancements in your job as a skin specialist when you work with these academies to build a skin care regimen for your clients.

In addition, Meribindiya International Academy is the only academy offering a master’s program in skin care that covers every facet of the subject.

Top 3 Skin academy in India...

Final Thought

There are good reasons for everyone to maintain a thorough aftercare regimen for their aesthetic procedures, and finding the top skin treatment courses near me is one of those good reasons.

As beauticians wish their customers the very best! 

Beauticians take just as much if not more, care of their clients’ complexion, hair, lashes, and eyebrows regardless of their area of expertise. 

Thus, earning the trust of clients is crucial for all cosmetologists and estheticians! 

Therefore, it is useless to enroll in any academy and just consider things like brand value or name worth, like the Lakme Academy course, without first reading the feedback reviews.

Therefore, if you’re seeking skin courses near me in India, you can also consider the other skin academies mentioned.

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