Yashika Makeup Academy : Admission, Courses, Fees

Yashika Makeup Academy : Admission, Courses, Fees

All of us have a dream of earning as soon as our graduation gets over, but little do we know that it isn’t possible half of the time! What if I tell you that you can pursue a short-term job-oriented course after graduation has a certificate and work for the world!

Suppose you haven’t guessed it by now! I am talking about certificate makeup courses that aim to achieve the best of the world’s best. If this isn’t convincing enough, let us take a look at five reasons as to why you should pursue makeup courses and also why you should pursue it from the yashika makeover academy.

Here are five reasons why you should pursue makeup courses

Everyone is in love with the make up industry! It is a chance for people to get creative and then share their creativity with others.

It also helps build a sense of community and lets people have an ideal but perfect dream in every sense. Let us take a look at the five reasons now!

yashika makeover

1. You will get to communicate with people.

When you work as a makeup artist, word of mouth is the thing, and you will be able to build a network of clients and other people like models, photographers, and, most importantly, fellow makeup artists.

You will also meet people from all walks of life and industry, now; if this isn’t the way of building contacts, then what is? On top, you will genuinely get to know about the world without traveling too far.

Hair dressing course

2. You will get to create

Makeup is not about putting lipsticks, highlighters, etc. The makeup industry’s scope is endless, you chose on direction specialize in it, and the world is yours. You can choose any path and master it.

You can also work in the saloons and create editorial images. You can work as makeup artists for photoshoots; you can also work for televisions.


There is always going to be a new opportunity you can choose from and pursue it every day. Makeup When done in its purest form, makeup will allow you to be creative and express yourself.

Your models are your canvas. Whenever you pick up the makeup brush, you are provided with an opportunity to create magic with your own hands—See-through your artistic eyes. Choose the colors that you want. You have creative freedom, and people wish to get this freedom throughout their life.

3. Working in the makeup industry is all about continuous development

No one likes a mundane lifestyle, where they have to do the same thing again and again. When you are in a creative field, especially makeup, you will get to play with new things every day, each n every season will come with its recent trends, new colors, and you get to change things the way you want.

Whenever you feel that boredom has started to kick in, you can always turn the palette and improve and learn new things. Makeup courses and classes are one of these things that evolve now and then and allows you to experiment.

4. Your schedule is free.

If you are working as a makeup artist, especially as a freelancer, you will do things at your convenience, you get to decide your schedules, clients, and work hours.

The best part? You can take holidays. A lot of people don’t prefer working from Monday to Friday. If you are a freelance makeup artist, it is the best thing that can happen to you.

5. You can make extra money!

When you are a makeup artist, your returns are worth your effort, your portfolio is going to speak volumes, and no one will ever ask you to work on a low salary.

If you build a proper network and have clear and appropriate communication with the business holders and potential clients, you will not have to sid idle or work under minimum wages. Makeup is the need of the hour, and This way, you can also take part in fashion shows, photoshoots, and work with magazines, private clients etc.

Lets learn a bit about Yashika

Yashika Makeovers is one of the Top Makeup Artists in Delhi NCR. She is a renowned fashion expert and freelance Bridal makeup artist in Delhi.

She has been doing trendy makeovers for fashion shows and Masterclasses, magazine shoots, portfolio, and editorial shoots. Yashika Makeovers is a reputed Freelance Makeup Artist and has vast experience in wedding makeovers, engagement makeovers.


If you want to learn bridal beauty makeup, party makeup, and makeup for any other occasion, then get signed up at her academy immediately and know how to do makeup and have out of the box thing and working sense.

Her fashion and makeup sense is class apart, and she adds dignity and grace to everything that she does.

Let’s take a look at the courses she provides

Yashika makeover academy provides professionally designed courses that can help you learn and enhance your makeup talents.

Her course is a concoction of conceptual and practical study. Wherein throughout the training, she will provide key exposure and teach visuals and live workshops. This course will cover all the complete aspects of makeup that are basic and advanced makeup skills.

Basic to Advanced makeover course

Yashika will teach this course herself.

The course entails
  • Product Knowledge
  • Foundation Application
  • Colour Correction
  • Blush Application
  • Different Types Of Eye Liner
  • Smokey Eye Makeup
  • Cut Crease Eye Makeup
  • Arabic Look
  • Fashion & Editorial/Media Makeup
  • Glitter Application
  • Lashes Application
  • Party Makeup
  • Engagement/ Sagan Makeup
  • Cocktail Makeup
  • Bridal Makeup
  • H.D. Makeup

Basic To Advance Hair Course
  • Hair Sectioning
  • How to use Hair Dryer
  • Straight blow dryer and Out blow dryer
  • Tong curles
  • Pressing curles
  • Fishtail
  • Normal Tail
  • Dutch braiding
  • Indian bridal look basic
  • French knot
  • Messy low bun
  • Messy high bun
  • Advanced
  • Pakistani hairstyle
  • Engagement hairstyle
  • Party Hairstyle Advance
  • International hairstyle
  • Layering bridal bun
  • Rose petal Hairstyle

There is an exciting offer too, and if you take up both the course, you will get a whooping 30% discount on the total fees.
So what are you waiting for? Joining the courses right away and let them help you in spreading your wings and touch the sky with glory!

What Freshers can do?

We will recommend Delhi NCR’s top 5 academies. These academies offer proper certification with professional training. In this list, the first rank holder is Meribindiya International Academy as they are offering many courses for freshers.

They also provide CIDESCO certification. They have separate courses for Skin and Makeup, Hair, Nail art, Salon management. This academy has a considerable reputation in India. They have training centres in Noida.

MeriBindiya International Academy Noida
2nd Floor, Veer Singh Palace, Near Sector 18 Metro Station,
Behind Vinayak Hospital, Sector 27, Noida

Furthermore, following are the rank holders

We are recommending all above academies for freshers who want to learn makeup art in details with valid certifications.


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