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Become a certified Nail Technician – Course Details, Admission, Eligibility, Syllabus, Jobs & Salary


A certified nail technician is also known as manicurist who done a professional nail art course. And their work is to give shape, proper size and style. A manicurist is a beauty specialist which is taken care of customers finger nails and toe nails. They trained in cutting the nails, cleaning, filling, removal of dead skin, light massage in finger nails and toe nails both to flow the circulation of blood.

Today’s in present era ever bride is excited for their makeup and nail art too. Brides are very crazy now a days for nail art extension without it she not found completeness.

There are doorstep bridal service provider the founder of  “Meribindiya International Academy” MRS. Lata says that 90% bridals books their bridal makeup and nail technician also.

Would you want become a nail technician? A nail technician is a cosmetology professional who specialize for nail care treatment.

Cosmetology Course – Scope, Career Opportunities and Salary

Nail care as an Industry

Nail art industry becoming vast in present era that’s why nail technicians also grow faster. It  is one of the most expanding segments of beauty industry.

Nail Art Industry

The nail technician industry expected to the growth about 18 to 20% in future. So, in this industry jobs are getting very easily because of the higher turnover of the saloons. In 2018 reports the nail saloon industry have 8.36 billion dollars and it expected to grow by 20 billion dollars by 2025.

Nail technician works at nail salon. There are pedicure and manicure department. They also do work within spa atmosphere, hair dressing saloon. The technical or specialist wear professional white lab coats. Hats why clients go to nail technician not only for grooming purpose but to take break from hectic life.

राखी पर एक भाई ने दिया अपनी बहिन को यह ख़ास उपहार, बनाया स्वावलंबी और आत्मनिर्भर

Course for Nail Technician

There are two courses for become Nail Technician

  1. Certificate courses in Nail Technician.
  2. Diploma in Nail Technician

Eligibility or Qualification for Nail Technician

At least 10th passed and at least 16 years old along with the certificates of nail treatment.

Nail technician course fees

Different courses of nail technician schools have different fees. Association of cosmetology school nail technician, training for nail technician courses prices ranges from Rs 50000 to Rs100000 (including tuition fees and syllabus books).

Nail Art Industry

Syllabus for Nail Technician Course

  • Orientation- In this syllabus of nail technician students taught about the history of nail technology.
  • Different types of nail arts like 3D – nail art, stone nail art, dotting, pistils nail art etc.
  • Nail paint – according to the hands and fingers the application of nail paints is different.
  • Nail extension- it means that you have to put some extra artificial nails with original to give it length this is a path to get beautiful nails.
    It covers the gel, acrylic and fiber glasses.
  • Maintain the environment neat and clean.
  • Pedicures and manicures process – It is an important topic for every nail technician to become successful.
  • Talk to clients – It’s an important to communicate in business with their clients and know their needs and requirements and provide a satisfactory service.
  • Hygiene- Personal hygiene should also be maintained you have to look good and smart.
  • Safety measures- This will teach about the infection, diseases and sanitation.
Best Beauty Schools for Nail Extension in Delhi NCR

Nail Technician Jobs –

As we know that nail technician provides nail care treatment to the clients according to their needs and preferences.

Key responsibilities are:

  • Polishing finger nail and toe nail.
  • Painting and styling the nails.
  • Remove polish which is previously applied.
  • Provide nail care treatment tips as per client requirement.
  • Clean, cut, and give shape to nails as per size of the finger.

Nail Technician salary –

A nail technician earns when they have initially started, Rs. 25k to 40 k but after the experience nail technician salary increases from Rs. 50k to 80k or from popular saloon its Rs.90k or depends with work and commission also.

Is Nail technician as a good career?

A nail technician career is very dynamic and creative by making customers happy the personal satisfaction comes and feel confident and happy. And providing someone satisfaction according to there is need is really a satisfactory feeling from the heart. That’s why to become a nail technician had a great career ahead.

There are some nail technician training programs through which students gained knowledge about nail care treatment and also how to develop business skills and for qualifying the state licensing exams.

Skills required to become a nail technician:

  • Good communication skills required to handle the customers.
  • They should be calm and a good listener to solve the problem of clients.
  • Reliable
  • Creative
  • Passionate
  • Customer service provider
  • Leadership quality

Time Period to Become a Nail Technician:

This is totally depending on the school it will take 2 to 5 months approx.

Most nail technician certificate or diploma courses take 200 to 500 hours to complete the program the school can be part time or full time depending on your ability to attend.

दुल्हनें के नवीनतम और फैशनेबल ब्लाउज डिजाइन

Nail technician as a career

In the present era everyone wants to look good and care about their skin hair and nails even a whole body.

So, a nail technician has a bright career in future. You can expect higher returns because each and every person wants to look good and maintain their personal hygiene.

You can also invest money for personal saloon and spend your time for business growth.

At last conclude that by taking decision to become a tail technician is one of the potentials to make positive career along with life changing opportunity. This is an opportunity to learn all the fundamentals from staring to ending to having a nail technician.

Everyone dreams for his bright career to achieving the goals.

To choose nail technician as a career path there are immense opportunity like creativity customer services and imagination. Share your unique ideas.

One of the important things is money the earning potential in this occupation is dynamic which increases the quality of life.

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