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Get a taste of Hair Chemical courses and Hairstyling Techniques at the most prestigious Hair Makeup Academy in Amritsar

Get a taste of hair chemical courses and hairstyling techniques at the most prestigious Hair Makeup Academy in Amritsar

Are you prepared to explore the world of chemical treatments and professional hairstyling?

You need look no further than this Amritsar hair makeup academy, which is the most prestigious!

You can sample some of the most innovative hair chemical courses and hairstyling methods available in the business here, where passion and imagination collide.

Now, let us embark on a fantastic voyage through the hair chemical courses that have the potential to skyrocket your profession.

What are the advantages of attending the Amritsar Hair Makeup Academy?

  • Imagine entering a room where the exhilaration of change and style is present in every corner. That’s what this excellent hair makeup academy in Amritsar has in store for you. Their hair salon courses are made to provide you with the abilities and self-assurance to style gorgeous hairstyles that will catch your eye. You can be sure you’re learning from the greatest of the best when you work with knowledgeable instructors who have years of expertise in the field!
  • The academy’s courses combine theoretical understanding with hands-on experience to make sure you grasp every technique’s “why” as well as “how.” With courses covering anything from keratin treatments to creative color to balayage, these hair salon classes will provide you with a wide range of skills.
  • And it goes beyond conventional fashion! The hair makeup academy in Amritsar incorporates the newest cutting-edge methods into its curriculum, keeping it at the forefront of fashion. You will become an expert in everything from traditional haircuts to the newest cutting-edge hairstyles.

We have already talked about the value of the chemistry course at Amritsar Academy; at this point, you may be looking for a hair academy in Amritsar. To facilitate your job, we have compiled a list of some of the best academies in Amritsar.

Top 3 most hair makeup academies in Amritsar

1)99 Institute Of Beauty and Wellness 

For the top advanced hairdressing academy in Amritsar, it comes in at number 1.

Reputable school 99 Institute of Beauty and Wellness provides courses in cosmetology, makeup, hair design, beauty, and other areas.

Additionally, every class has a higher class size of thirty or more, which may cause greater disruptions to the learning environment as a whole.

The cost of its hairstyling courses varies depending on the course selected and the length of the program. Students may be able to cut costs, but this will result in a compromise on the high standard of instruction and training in the wellness and beauty sector.

The institute is a comprehensive option for people interested in the wellness and beauty industries since it also offers ESOL A1 instruction, IELTS tutoring, and a variety of beauty courses.

The academy also focuses on producing qualified professionals in a variety of beauty-related fields, giving students the abilities and know-how to succeed in the field.

However, it does not offer any employment possibilities to its graduates in hairdressing; therefore, students must look for employment outside of the school on their own.

There are branches in Ludhiana, Hoshiarpur, and other parts of Punjab if you’re seeking a hair style course near me. Therefore, you can reach this academy at the number below.

Address: India
☎ 9958600827

2)VLCC School of Beauty Institute

For the top hair makeup academy in Amritsar, it comes in at number two.

Both novices and experts can receive training from this institute’s extensive course on hairdressing and hair style techniques.

A variety of topics are covered in this course, which costs Rs 150,000 for two months of hair salon classes and includes topics including hair cutting, coloring, chemical treatments, hair extensions, and styles.

The 156-hour course spans two months and two days, and it includes lessons from highly experienced professors as well as hands-on work experience.

It requires a sizable student body. 30 to 40 pupils, therefore teachers don’t always have enough time to provide each student the individualized attention they require.

Candidates who complete the course can work as hair stylists, independent contractors, salon owners, or in media outlets. However, they shouldn’t expect to receive any help finding a job or an internship from this place, so they will need to look for other options.


Address: India
☎ 9958600827

3)Lakme Academy in Amritsar

It comes in as number three for the best hair makeup academy in Amritsar.

Additionally, the academy offers training in a variety of wellness and beauty-related fields thanks to cooperation between Lakme and Aptech.

They provide hands-on learning sessions and workshops, employ the newest technology, and have Lakme experts serving as instructors.

A variety of courses in cosmetology, cosmetics, hairdressing, and beauty treatments are available at this academy.

The cost of the advanced hairdressing course is Rs 160,000 for two months. Additionally, the academy offers student loans and subsidized prices based on financial need.

Students who received lower prices from teachers have given it unfavorable comments regarding the quality of their training.

Students at Lakme Academy do not receive any practical experience doing models’ and contenders’ hair and makeup. They worry about looking for work outside because they don’t have access to job assistance or internships.

Thus, Lakme Academy offers hair style courses near me at several sites in Amritsar, including Putligarh and Ranjeet Avenue Block B.

Alternatively, you can reach us at the number below.


Address: India
☎ 9958600827

Therefore, you should choose Delhi NCR hair academies if you can travel outside of your neighborhood and are looking for help finding a career as well as professional training. These institutions may offer you both.

Top 3 Hair Academies in Delhi NCR

Final Thought

Don’t pass up this fantastic chance to enhance your skills at an Amritsar hair makeup academy that stands out.

These hair salon classes are your ticket to becoming a hair wizard, whether your goal is to start a new career or just hone your skills. Prepare to let your imagination go wild because the world of professional hairstyling is waiting for you!


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