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Jawed Habib Academy VS Meribindiya International Academy: Which is a better institute for a makeup artist course?

Jawed Habib Academy VS Meribindiya International Academy

Makeup is an art that enhances the features of someone’s face. Many people are inclined towards makeup for various reasons. Some use it for personal reasons, and others use makeup as a proper profession. Makeup is a kind of art that is needed to learn to master. Several academies offer makeup artist courses, Jawed Habib Academy being one of them.

Meribindiya International Academy is known as the top Beauty and makeup academy in the beauty industry. Similarly, Jawed Habib academy is an also good makeup academy that provides basic to advanced makeup training to makeup artist. 

For taking advantage of all the courses, you can just google Jawed Habib academy near me. Having said that, many other institutes like Meribindiya International Academy offer makeup-related and other beauty courses. In this article, we will see the comparison between two top-notch institutes, Jawed Habib academy and Meribindiya International academy.

Overview of Jawed Habib Academy v/s Meribindiya International Academy

Quick Intro on Jawed Habib Academy, India

Jawed Habib started his independent salon in the year 2000 and has been the brand ambassador of Sunsilk from 2000 to 2009. In present times Jawed Habib is known as the best makeup artist and hairstylist under whom hundreds and thousands of students have been trained and have proved their charms in their respective fields. 

Jawed Habib group of companies is one of the leading beauty and hair salons and academies in the country. Their academy aims to provide scientific and systematic training to interested individuals looking to pursue a career in the makeup industry. They have 20+ years of academic experience in the beauty and makeup industry. 

The best thing about Jawed Habib Academy Laxmi Nagar branch, is that Jawed Habib himself conducts classes personally for the students. Since the academy’s inception, thousands of students have benefitted from their course. 

Quick Intro on Meribindiya International Academy,India

Meribindiya International Academy is the best makeup artist institute in India that is well-known for providing practical training on a range of courses within the country and abroad.

Among the top makeup and beauty schools in India, Meribindiya International Academy has the best teachers and professionals teaching their students on a daily basis.

The top beauty school in India to start a profession in makeup is Meribindiya International Academy. With India’s Best Beauty School Award, it has won recognition from numerous national and international organizations.

The founder of Meribindiya Academy, Ms. Mahi left her high-salaried engineering job and started the academy with the goal of providing highly professional job-oriented training to Indian youths. There are only 2 branches of Meribindiya, located in Noida and Rajouri Garden, thus students must travel there to enroll in classes.

Let me inform you that Heena Khan, an actress, presented the India’s Best Beauty Academy award to Meribindiya International Academy, earning it the distinction of Best Indian Academy from IBE.

Meribindiya International Academy has also won the Best Beauty School in India title four years in a row (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023).

The institution offers the best master’s degree in cosmetology in India.

The academy offers advanced beauty, cosmetology, hair, skin, makeup, and nail courses taught by highly qualified and experienced instructors to students from India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.

Additionally recognized by ISO, CIDESCO, and the Indian government is Meribindiya International Academy. There are two locations of this academy, one close to the Rajouri Garden Metro Station in Delhi and the other close to the Noida Sector 18 Metro Station. 

There are only 12–15 students in a batch at this academy, so students reserve their places three–four months in advance.

The best makeup school in India is this one, which also offers courses in beauty aesthetics, cosmetology, eyelash extensions, hair extensions, microblading, and permanent makeup. 

Since makeup is a seasonal occupation, this academy does not provide job placement for makeup students; it only offers internships to nail and skin students.

Large beauty companies in the nation offer graduates of Meribindiya International Academy a lot of preference while hiring.

Courses offered by Jawed Habib Academy & Meribindiya International Academy 

Jawed Habib Academy

Jawed Habib courses are famous worldwide. Jawed Habib training academy is the oldest academy in the makeup and hair industry. They offer a variety of makeup and hair courses.

  • Advanced Diploma in Beauty Cosmetology – 2 Years
  • Hair Intensive Course – 24 Weeks
  • Part-Time Course for Hair Styling – 12 Weeks
  • Hair Comprehensive – 12 Weeks
  • Hair Course – 6 Weeks
  • Complete Course in Makeup

Along with the above-mentioned course, several comprehensive courses are available. Jawed Habib Academy Lajpat Nagar and Jawed Habib academy Rajouri garden are also famous for their services.

Meribindiya International Academy

Meribindiya International Academy is founded in the year 2016. They, too, offer several makeup and hair courses. We have listed them below:

Certification course offered by Meribindiya Academy are:

Diploma courses offered by Meribindiya Academy are:

  • Diploma course in Makeup Artis & Hair styling Course
  • Diploma course in Hairdressing.
  • Diploma course in Hair Course
  • Diploma course in Nails Course
  • Diploma course in Skin Course
  • Diploma course in Microblading cours
  • Diploma course in cosmetology course

Master courses offered by Meribindiya Academy are:

  • Master course in Makeup Artist Course
  • Master course in Hair Course
  • Master course in Nails Course
  • Master course in Skin Course
  • Master course in Cosmetology course

Cosmetology course offered by Meribindiya Academy are:

  • Diploma in Cosmetology
  • Advance in Cosmetology
  • Masters in cosmetology

By the above-mentioned courses, everyone will get a clear idea about the courses and what course to opt for. Between Jawed Habib Academy and Meribindiya International Academy, the latter offers a wide range of courses. Individuals are free to choose the courses according to their convenience and time flexibility.

Meribindiya Best Beauty School

Now we know the variety of the course offered at Jawed Habib Hair and beauty academy and Meribindiya International Academy. Let us now compare their fee structure.

Fee structure Comparison 

Jawed Habib is one of the oldest academies that provide expert training. The fee structure varies according to the expertise or certification course you choose. As you get trained by the industry experts, the cost of the courses is on the higher side. It ranges between 1 lakh to 5 lakhs approximately.

On the flip side, Meribindiya Academy is known for its affordability. They offer a wide range of professional makeup courses at a reasonable fee. Meribindiya fee structure for courses ranges between 50 thousand to 1.5 lakhs.

As they want to uplift every student’s life barring their background, they decided to keep all their course at an affordable range. 

Still, you will doubt the choice between Jawed Habib and Meribindiya International Academy. Let us tell you why Meribindiya International Academy will be the right choice.

Choose Right Course with Meribindiya International Academy

Meribindiya offers its students a wide range of beauty and hair courses. These all courses are taught in the utmost professional way. All the training is provided practically. So, the students usually don’t struggle with the practical application of their knowledge after the completion of the course.

Meribindiya International Academy also supported every student with 100% job placement. This aspect is not seen with other good institutes. It also offers its student with lifetime access membership to their institutes. This feature enables you to start your course anytime once enrolled. 

Along with all these features, you can take assistance in advanced learning with the trainer without extra charges. All these things make Meribindiya International Academy the right choice for those who want to start their career in the makeup and hair industry.

Career Afterwards

After completion with any of the above-mentioned courses with Meribindiya International Academy or Jawed Habib Laxmi Nagar, tons of job opportunities are open for you.

You can work as Hairstylist, makeup artist, writer for beauty magazines, etc. you can even work in reputed salons like Lakme, VLCC, or even in Jawed Habib hair academy.

One can even open their beauty and hair salon. You can take your business to another level with your expertise learned.

Which is a better institute for a makeup artist course? 

So, finally, we have a clear answer for you. Both the institutes, Jawed Habib academy and Meribindiya International Academy, are the best. They both offer multiple courses under one roof.

But we will highly recommend Meribindiya International Academy. The reasons being, they offer many courses at an affordable and reasonable fee. Once enrol in any course, you are free to start the course as per your availability for a lifetime.

After completion of the course, you will get 100% job assistance and lifetime alumni status. In all, Meribindiya International Academy is the rising makeup and hair academy in India. If you are keen to enter the beauty industry with a bang, Meribindiya International Academy is a better institute to join.

Advantages of becoming Makeup Artist from Jawed Habib Academy v/s Meribindiya International Academy

Jawed Habib Academy

  • There are many branches of the academy available in different cities of the country. You can do beauty related course from any city.
  • The faculty at Jawed Habib are experienced professionals in the field of makeup and hairdressing. 
  • It is easy to enroll at Jawed Habib Academy because 30-40 students are there in one batch. So here students do not have to wait for admission.

Meribindiya International Academy

  • Meribindiya Academy produces professional makeup artists who can easily get high packages of work in their desired industry.
  • Meribindiya gives more time in the practicals as compared to other makeup institutes so that students can get the 100% job placement easily in big salons and parlours around the world.
  • Meribindiya International Academy fees is much less than Jawed Habib Academy and never compromises the quality of education.
  • This institute helps financially weak students in the loan process.
  • Scholarships are also available for brilliant students.
  • Additionally recognized by ISO, CIDESCO, and the Indian government is Meribindiya International Academy.
  • Many National / International Awards have been given to Meribindiya International Academy along with the award of India’s Best Beauty Academy by International Beauty Experts.
  • Meribindiya International Academy has also won the Best Beauty School in India title four years in a row (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023).
  • Meribindiya is awarded as the best beauty academy by IBE (International Beauty Experts).
  • The institution offers the best master’s degree in cosmetology in India.
  • Meribindiya is the best institute in India for makeup artists, hair extensions, hair styling, eyelash extension, skin, nails, microlenders, permanent makeup, and more.
  • Meribindiya provides a world-class education for students in the field of makeup.
  • Meribindiya International Academy, training is imparted only by making slum batches of 10-12 students. That’s why special attention is paid to the training of each and every child.
  • Meribindiya International Academy also offers internships before and after the completion of your beauty course, so that you can become an experience artist even before taking up a job.
  • In this academy, the practical part is more focused than other academies, because of this you emerge from the academy as an expert, therefore, the students of Meribindiya International Academy are immediately given jobs by the big salons and parlors in the name of the academy itself.

Downsides of Makeup Artist Course – Jawed Habib Academy V/S Meribindiya International Academy

Jawed Habib Academy

  • The fees for the makeup course are a bit expensive when compared to the Meribindiya International Academy, which makes it unaffordable for some students.
  • The makeup courses are very limited, and only full-time courses are available at Jawed Habib Academy.
  • In a batch of Jawed Habib Academy, 30 to 40 children are trained simultaneously. Due to having so many students in the same batch, it is not possible to focus well on each and every student.
  • Jawed Habib Academy has many branches. The education quality of all branches is not maintained.
  • Jawed Habib Academy has many branches in India. Because of this, placements in some branches are good and placements in some branches are not good. Students have to do job search on their own.
  • Jawed Habib Academy does not provide any kind of internship to the students. That’s why after the course one has to face a lot of difficulties in searching the job outside.

Meribindya International Academy

  • Due to the lack of seats that contains 10-12 students in each batch, you have to book the seats 3 to 4 months before the courses start to get admission in Meribindiya International Academy.
  • There are only 2 branches of Meribindiya, located in Noida and Rajouri Garden, thus students must travel there to enroll in classes.
  • Due to more practical part, their course time is few days more than Jawed Habib Academy. Because of this, it takes you more time to do the course than Jawed Habib Academy.

Communication Medium of both Academies

Jawed Habib Academy

Call/ What’s App:  ☎ 9958600827.

Address: 65-A 1st Floor, Near Nirman Vihar Metro Station Opposite Metro Pillar No. 57, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi 110092.

Meribindiya International Academy

Call/ Whats App Number: ☎ 8130520472

Meribindiya  International Academy Noida Branch Address:Shop No – 1, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Sunehri Market Atta, Near Sector 18 Metro Station, Sector 27, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Pincode: 201301.

Meribindiya International Academy Delhi Branch Address: A6, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden, Opp. Metro Pillar No. 410, Najafgarh Road, New Delhi, Pincode: 110027.


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