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Magic of Makeup Artistry and Choosing the Best Makeup Academy in Meerut

Magic of Makeup Artistry and Choosing the Best Makeup Academy in Meerut

Are you prepared to become a breathtaking beauty and discover the secrets of makeup artistry?

The best makeup academy in Meerut is the only place to look!

You will discover the techniques for developing immaculate looks that will astound everyone with their excellent courses and knowledgeable instructors.

Regardless of your level of experience, our academy provides a variety of courses to meet your requirements and objectives.

Benefits of Best Makeup Academy in Meerut 

  • Your career in the beauty industry could drastically change if you select the best makeup academy in Meerut.
  • You will acquire the abilities and know-how required to succeed in the makeup artistry industry with their extensive curriculum and practical instruction.
  • The college makes sure you have all you need to create gorgeous looks for any occasion, from basic methods to sophisticated makeup applications.
  • The dedication of the best makeup academy in Meerut to giving each student individualized attention is what makes it stand out from the competition.
  • You will be able to communicate directly with your teachers and get personalized feedback in small class sizes. This enables you to improve your abilities and go beyond any obstacles you could encounter.

We’ve already spoken about how important it is to sign up for a makeup academy in Meerut so that you can receive professional training from educators who are extremely knowledgeable about makeup procedures. To facilitate your study, we have included some of the most significant makeup academies in Meerut below.

Best 3 Makeup Academy in Meerut

1)Empower Plus Beauty Academy

It ranked #1 for best makeup courses in Meerut which opened its doors in 2010.

Numerous publications list it as the city’s top supplier of cosmetology, cosmetics, and beauty courses.

The makeup applied by the academy’s instructors and pupils that is featured on their YouTube channels attests to the fact that they offer professional makeup instruction.

Every class batch has more than forty students, thus there isn’t enough time for each student to receive personalized attention.

Therefore, the cost of the courses depends on the course selected and the type of course, which varies depending on the student.

In general, Empower Plus Beauty Academy appears to be a dependable option for anyone looking to take makeup classes.

Empower Plus Beauty Academy is also a part of Empower Pragati, a skill-training company that has trained a large number of people, demonstrating its experience and knowledge in the industry.

However, this does not imply that it helps students find employment; rather, it leaves it up to them to find high-paying jobs on their own.

If you’re looking for an esthetician school near me, consider enrolling in this one. You can get in touch with the school using the information below; it has received praise for its beauty training courses.

Address: India
☎ 9958600827

2)Lakme Academy 

It ranked #2 for the best makeup course in Meerut

Offering extensive makeup artist training programs, the Lakme Academy is regularly recognized as one of India’s best cosmetics and beauty schools.

Particularly cited as a top supplier of beauty and makeup education is The Academy in Meerut, which offers professional makeup artist training, foundation and advanced makeup classes, and bridal makeup courses.

Because there are more than forty students in each class, teachers have little time to give each student unique attention and comments.

The cost of the 1.5-month course is Rs 160,000; however, if a student’s budget is tight, the quality of the instruction may have to be sacrificed.

Reputable organizations like B&WSSC and CIDESCO have accredited the courses, guaranteeing high-quality instruction.

After completing any makeup classes here, the institution does not provide career placement aid or chances to work on high-profile events and with big companies.

You may get in touch with this academy using the contact information below if you’re seeking a beauty academy near me.

Address: India
☎ 9958600827


3)VLCC Makeup Academy

It ranked #3 for the best certified makeup artist course in Meerut

The Advanced Certificate in Professional Makeup Course (PMU) at VLCC Institute gives students a thorough understanding of a variety of makeup methods and is designed by industry standards.

This course, which requires a bigger class size of over forty people, gives students the tools they need to become professional makeup artists. It covers a wide range of makeup techniques and applications.

However, the students don’t receive one-on-one attention or customized attention from each other.

The cost and length of the course are determined by the course selection; discounts are available for students with limited funds, but training quality must be sacrificed.

Furthermore, this Academy offers certification from respectable organizations like the Professional Beauty Association, demonstrating its recognition for its worldwide standards.

The academy offers a polished and encouraging learning atmosphere, guaranteeing that students obtain the instruction and real-world experience necessary to succeed in the cosmetics and beauty sector.

However, this does not imply that it will offer internships or job aid to its students; instead, students must explore outside of the institution on their own.

Therefore, use the contact information below to get in touch with this academy if you’re seeking a beauty academy near me.


Address: India
☎ 9958600827

We have already talked about Meerut Makeup Academy, which offers professional training. Now, we are going to highlight some of the top makeup academies in Delhi NCR, where you can also receive training for a career or an internship at prestigious beauty or glamour companies.

Top 5 Academies for Professional Makeup Artist Courses in India

Final Thought

So why hold off? Enroll today to start an amazing path of creativity and self-expression at the best makeup academy in Meerut. Prepare to embrace your creative side and excel at applying cosmetics. The universe is ready for your magical touch!


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