National Skill Training Institute: Beauty Courses Details

National Skill Training Institute: Beauty Courses Details

Women Training under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship takes full care of providing skill training to women in the country to promote employment opportunities among women of different socioeconomic levels and different age groups under the National Skill Development Institute (NSTI).

Besides, to mainstream women into economic activities, they designed and launched the Women’s Vocational Training Program (WVTP) in 1977. Moreover, this promotes vocational training as trainers for women for wage-employment in the industry and also promotes their self-employment.

Activities Of The National Skill Institute Of Training And Education

National Skill Training Institute for Women strives to equip the women of this region with the highest standards of entrepreneurship and vocational skills to give them financial independence, recognition, respect, and dignified life in society.

However, they are providing the training to carry out the services in salons and spas, such as a beauty therapist, spa therapist, manicurist/ pedicurist, nail artist. Moreover, they get the teachings to conduct client consultation, handle salon operations, handle payment, perform inventory control, and display merchandise to satisfy the customer.

Courses Offered By The National Skill Training Institute

Courses Offered By The National Skill Training Institute (NSTI)

1] Beauty Therapist

This course is one of a series of Mainstream Skill Development courses by national skill training institute courses to support the Skill Indian Mission of the Government of India. The Beauty and Wellness Sector Skill Council certified the content of this course.

This course is QP-NOS compliant and designed in consultation with the Beauty and Wellness Sector Skill Council. The course includes tons of animated and live shoot videos and provides in-depth training on concepts and practical demonstrations.

This course makes the trainee take up the job of ‘Assistant Beauty Therapist’ and ‘Beauty Therapist in the Beauty & Wellness Sector along with Pedicurist and manicurist, Hair Stylist, Nail trainer and Senior colorist.

They have developed the entire content of this course in consultation with the Beauty and Wellness Sector Skill Council. After the completion of this program, participants can opt for the following professions.

  • Creating and maintaining work area
  • Providing basic skincare services
  • Providing basic depilation services
  • Providing manicure and pedicure services
  • Helping beauty therapists to provide beauty services
  • Work make a positive impact in the field  

2] Pedicurist And Manicurist

This program under the National skill institute of training and education is for the training candidates who want a career as a “Pedicurist and Manicurist”, in the “Beauty and Wellness” Industry and targets for a skillful future.

3] Hair Stylist (Senior Colorists)

A Hairstylist is a professionally qualified person who specializes in hairstyles service. The hairstylist undertakes many duties, such as shampooing, trimming, cutting, blow-drying, coloring, and treatment for hair damage and repair.

A hairstylist trainee must understand the intricacies of a suitable hairstyle service using modern instruments and doing some innovative work for the establishment. The Hairstylist is given training by the skill development institute.

Nails Trainer

Nail Trainer Courses for all levels. The skill development institute provides focused training for complete beginners and qualified nail technicians in small groups. Besides, this training is specific to the needs, using modern technology and techniques.

Why Join National Skill Training Institute?

Why Join National Skill Training Institute?

Maintenance Of Health-Related Issues And Safety At The Workplace 

To maintain a clean, safe and hygienic environment at the business premises to eradicate potential risks to self and others.

Demonstration Of Professional Behavior At The Workplace

Personal relationship and effectiveness to execute tasks as per the salon’s standards and create a positive impression at the workplace.

Aptitude for conducting training, and pre/ post work to ensure competently employable candidates are at the end of the training.

Moreover, Best communication skills, interpersonal handling, working as a team; a quality output, and for developing others; well-disciplined and focused, tendency to learn and keep oneself updated with the latest technique.

Communicate and behave professionally when dealing with clients. Moreover, manage client expectations. Use impressive communication techniques with clients.

Prepare And Maintenance

Prepare the equipment, products, and work area ahead of service delivery to ensure the suitability of conducting treatments with a consideration of the standards of operation of the organization.


Industrial training for a month and thereafter to have hands-on experience in the beauty industry in all major beauty salons and spas. Training from the skill development institute works on OnLive projects to gain experience in the working method of the industry.

The under trainee must maintain a weekly log of work that he did during the internship at the skill development center.

Moreover, this log should carry comments from the authenticated person of the organization. The trainee should submit a project report after the completion of the internship.

Eligibility Criteria To Enroll In National Skill Training Institute

The minimum entry qualification for admission in Beauty & Wellness course in skill training institute:-Class XII Passed under 10+2 system of education or its equivalent.

Moreover, with English as a subject. Besides, English, the Knowledge of Microsoft Office, equipped with minimum basic communication and analytical skills, is a must.

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