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Rahul Hairstyle Academy

Suppose you want to explore the beauty field, become a beauty expert, and make a career in the beauty industry. In that case, you surely need to take up beauty courses to develop the necessary skills and knowledge.

You are confused about which academy is best or which academy will provide you with all the skills and information in a single course. Do not worry, we got your problems. We are here to give you our honest opinions and reviews on courses offered by top beauty schools across India. 

Rahul Hair Stylist Academy

At Rahul Hair Stylist Academy dreams and passions of students of becoming hairstylists and makeup artists come true. All the Rahul Hair Stylist Academy courses are designed according to the latest trends and global beauty standards.


Every course is immensely packed with knowledge and is intricately designed by the experts of the respective fields. Under the guidance of experienced and talented mentors, students genuinely come out with flying colours.

Each student gets personalized attention so they can learn everything taught to them. Here the talents of students are nurtured and shaped into a promising future. Every student who graduated from this academy is doing marvels in the beauty industry. 

Courses At Rahul Hair Stylist Academy

This beauty school offers various courses on hair-styling and makeup artistry. More than 1600 students are have taken up hair-styling and makeup artistry courses at Rahul Hair Stylist makeup school out of which 1200 are already certified and happy in their respective careers. You can get theoretical and practical knowledge about all kinds of products ranging from low to high cost.


You also get to attend workshops of famous professional stylists. Courses offered at Rahul Hair Stylist Academy are self convenient means you can go for classes at any time of the day whichever suits you the best.

You can also wait back and practice as much as you want. Here you are taught and trained by various professional experts. You also get one-on-one sessions with the experts to help you resolve your queries and brainstorm about multiple techniques and skills. 

Hair Courses At Rahul Hair Stylist Academy

There are two primary hair courses offered by Rahul Hair Stylist Academy. The hair course at this academy covers all the essential aspects of the hairstyling field. After taking this course, you can indeed become a full-fledged hairstylist. 


1. Hair course: They provide you with essential to advanced hairstyling courses. Basics for complete beginners and advance for people who are already into the profession and want to upskill their career. There are two types of hair courses provided by Rahul hair stylist academy. 

A. Basic Hair course (Level 1)

B. Advanced Hair course (Level 2)

Introductory Hair Course (Level 1)

In this course, you will learn about the types of hairs, hair structure, and texture of strands. You will get knowledge about various products and how to use them. They will also teach you about the types of equipment and technique to use them.


You will learn about multiple types of blow-dry and about perfect tong curls. You will discover various hairstyles like french notes, side messy bun, basic bridal bun, low bun with lines. Students will learn about hairstyles for loose hairs like ponytails, long hair braids, etc. You will also have a practice day to practice all the styles toy learned. 

Duration of Basic hair course – 30 days

Advanced Hair Couse 

You will learn about the latest trends and technologies in the beauty field in the advanced hair course. Students will discover various types of bridal hairstyles like Braids bridal bun creative, Bridal extension hair tyle, Muslim bridal hairstyle open, creative bridal bun with lines, etc.

You will also learn about engagement looks with curls, reception hairstyle with bun, princess look high bun, criss-cross with bun, creative rose with twisty hairs.  

Course duration:

Advanced hair course+ introductory hair course = 45 days. 

Hair Science Course: In this course, you will learn about hair treatments like Smart Bond, Shine Bond, Fibre Plex, Keratin, Hair Spa, Touch-Up, Rebonding, Smoothening, Silk Straight Therapy. You will learn about hair colouring and Highlights. You will learn about various hair cuts like Layer Cut, Laser Cut, Feather Cut, Diamond-Cut, Multi-Layer Cut, Bob Cut, Advance Cut.

Course duration 60 days

Makeup courses at Rahul Hairstylist academy

1. Advanced Makeup Course:

In this course, you will learn about various products, Skin Prep, Types Of Skin and Face Structures, Foundation Basics, All Kinds Of Highlighting, Skin Analysis, Face Shapes Knowledge, etc.

You will learn about all types of eye makeups, all kinds of eyebrow shaping, liner application, Powder Cream Air Brush, Nude Makeup, HD Makeup, Double Base Makeup, Lipstick Application. 

Course duration 60 days

2. Self makeup course

In this course, you will learn the same as in the advanced make-up course except for types of makeup like acne makeup, ramp makeup, etc. 

Course duration 10 days

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This is, by far an outstanding academy to kick start your career in the beauty industry. All these courses are also provided at Meribindiya international beauty school. They also provide you with global certification. 

If you want to become a professional makeup artist, you must consider following academies offering international certifications.

They have separate courses for Skin and Makeup, Hair, Nail art, Salon management. This academy has a considerable reputation in India. They have training centres in Noida.

MeriBindiya International Academy Noida

2nd Floor, Veer Singh Palace, Near Sector 18 Metro Station,
Behind Vinayak Hospital, Sector 27, Noida
☎ 8130520472

Furthermore, the following are the rank holders

We recommend all the above academies for freshers who want to learn makeup art in detail with valid certifications. Hence you dont have to wait get admission today.


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