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What are the shortcomings of Lakme Academy’s Hair Course?

What are the shortcomings of Lakme Academy's hair Course

As a prospective Lakme Academy hairstylist, there are several things you may wish to be aware of.

Specifically, you should think about a variety of factors to assist you in becoming the best hairstylist when it comes to learning more about your future profession.

Among those is a hair training academy. We shall now talk about the hair course offered by Lakme Academy hair course.

Is a  Lakme Institute for Hair course genuinely good? In what ways may a hair academy assist you? For your needs, here’s what you need to know about some of the inadequacies of the hair course offered by  Lakme Academy hair course.

Drawbacks of Lakme Academy’s Hair Course

During a Lakme Academy course, students frequently encounter the following difficulties: course fees, student management, and practical classes:

  • Even for shorter courses like hair courses for beginners, which last five months, the length of the Lakme hair course is excessive. As a result, students with limited time hesitate before registering for their course.
  • There are numerous branches, but not all of the schools offer high-quality education, which makes it difficult to decide which to enroll in.
  • With over 100 students in each batch, the trainers at Lakme Courses class are unable to provide each student with the individualized attention they need.
  • In comparison to other academies, Lakme Academy’s course fees are extremely exorbitant.
  • It also trains students how to operate with inferior chemicals to save money in its Lakme courses. Negative health effects may result from this exposure, particularly if proper ventilation and protection are not used. It might cause skin and eye irritation or worsen allergy symptoms in models, students, and customers.
  • Because it places more of an emphasis on theory and less on students’ practical experience, the students are not exposed to the hair industry.
  • After completing Lakme training, graduates of their hair course are not offered a job or internship, making it more difficult for students to find employment following graduation.
  • They don’t handle customer management well, which may cause clients to stop using their services in the future.
  • The most recent styling and fashion trends are not taught to professional trainers at Lakme Training, which is crucial for all hairdressing specialists to satisfy client expectations.
  • You can also read reviews of the school on social media to see how inexperienced and untrained the teachers are in providing each student with the highest caliber of education.

We have already covered some of the drawbacks of Lakme Academy’s hair course; now, we will highlight a few more academies where you may also enroll in a course leading to the most significant haircut certificate course. Now let’s get going.

Top 3 Hair Academy in India

Final Thought

We now believe that you have a thorough understanding of the Lakme Training Academy’s hair courses.

You now know a great deal more about the disadvantages of signing up for a lakme academy for hair course.

If you’re searching for a fantastic job in hair styling, you should definitely check out the other hair academy possibilities we mentioned above, including Meribindinya hair academies.

 You’ll learn a variety of things at this hair academy, so it’s critical that you obtain the knowledge from a reliable source. 

You can contact us for more information if you have any more questions.


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