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What are the Shortcomings of VLCC Institute’s Hair Course?

What are the shortcomings of Vlcc Institute's Hair Course

Oh my god, where to start when it comes to the deficiencies of the hair course offered by VLCC Institute? 

We have to express extreme disappointment with the encounter. 

This renowned institution offers a range of hair classes that will advance your skills and spark your curiosity. 

Below is a list of some reasons why you might not be accepted into the VLCC Training Institute, which can help you get started on your professional path with a hairdressing  course.

As such, this blog will highlight the drawbacks of enrolling in the VLCC hair course academy and offer a substitute.

VLCC Institute

The VLCC Institute of Beauty Nutrition stands as one of India’s leading makeup and wellness training institutions.

The hairdressing course equips students with the abilities and knowledge necessary for a lucrative career in hairdressing and styling. It is designed to fulfill the demands of the modern beauty and fashion industries. 

Depending on the particular program, the course length and cost may change.

The VLCC Institute provides profession-focused hair styling and dressing courses that are intended to meet the demands of the fashion and beauty industries today and provide viable career paths.

Despite the fact that the VLCC Academy hairstylist course does not offer internships or jobs, students must look for employment in related fields. 

Types of Hair course 

The VLCC Institute provides a range of hair courses, such as Hair Technology, Styling, and Hair Dressing. 

The VLCC Signature Pro Advance Hair Styling, VLCC Signature Hair Artist Portfolio, Global Hair Dressing Program, Professional Hair Dressing Program, Comprehensive Hair Dressing Program, and Absolute Hair Dressing Program are a few of the specialized courses.

Below is a breakdown of some of those hair dressing  in detail:

  • Professional Hairdressing Program: Numerous skills in hair coloring, styling, and maintenance can be learned in a hairstylist course. It can also teach you how to use various tools and techniques to accomplish diverse looks, as well as how to trim, style, and shape hair.
  • Certification in Hair Dressing Program:  The Hair Dressing Certification Program teaches students how to apply hair color, style hair, use a hair spa, and nourish their hair. It also teaches them how to match different skin tones and hair types with the appropriate color.
  • Diploma in hair course : A hair course can educate you on how to take care of various hair kinds, including how to shampoo, condition, and treat hair to keep it looking and feeling its best. This is known as a diploma in hair dressing program. Effective client communication may be learned, along with how to listen to their preferences and wants and how to give them the finest service possible.

Thus, you can visit the VLCC Academy near me at the address listed below to verify a more thorough course syllabus.

Drawback  of VLCC Institute’s Hair Course 

The content of the hair stylist training courses was woefully out of date, to start with. You must have thought that you would be learning the newest methods and styles for hair styling, but all they were teaching you were antiquated methods that were years out of date. It seems like a money and time waster.

In addition, the VLCC Institute’s instructors lacked the knowledge and expertise necessary to teach hair stylist classes. They lacked the skill and grace you must be hoping to pick up from them. Their lack of familiarity with current industry standards and practices was apparent. You must frequently find yourself doubting their methods and counsel.

A significant limitation of the VLCC Institute’s Hair Course was the absence of hands-on, practical instruction. It’s well accepted that the best way to perfect any talent, particularly in the area of hair styling, is to acquire hairdresser training by doing. You will, however, have relatively little opportunity to practice on actual clients or mannequins at VLCC Institute. You’ll feel unprepared and insecure about your skills as a result.

The hair certification classes take between thirty and forty students each batch, so there won’t be enough time to provide each pupil the attention they require.

Since VLCC Academy does not offer internships, students are under a lot of stress building their portfolios, searching for jobs, and gaining real-world experience in the beauty industry.

It would be advisable for the typical person to think twice before enrolling in some of its hair stylist certification courses because they are so costly and time-consuming.

Fee & Course Duration  VLCC Institute’s Hairstylist course

The curriculum and location determine the VLCC course prices.

The monthly cost of the hair courses ranges from Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 2,00,000, contingent on the course selected. Depending on the course type you select, this can take one to two months to complete.

For the most accurate and thorough information on costs and course length, it is best to pay a direct visit to the VLCC training institute near me.

Branch  of VLCC Institute

Therefore, if you’re looking for a VLCC institute near me, you can check out the address for the Delhi branch to get more detailed information:

VLCC Delhi Branch: VLCC Health Care Limited Plot no. 64, Sector 18, Maruti Industrial Development Area, Opposite SRL Diagnostics Gurugram Haryana 122015, India

Top 4 Hair Course in India

1) Meribindiya International Academy

When it comes to the best hairdressing courses in India that are close to me, this comes in 1st.

Despite being very new, Meribindiya International Academy has quickly become a top makeup school. Reputable for developing highly proficient makeup artists, Meribindiya International Academy is known for its industry-focused approach and knowledgeable teachers.

Among the top makeup and beauty schools in India, Meribindiya International Academy has the best-talented teachers and highly professional teaching of their students.

The top beauty school in India to start a profession in makeup is Meribindiya International Academy. With India’s Best Beauty Schools Award, it has won recognition from numerous national and international organizations.

Meribindiya International Academy got India’s Best Beauty Academy award from International Beauty Expert.

It has a lot of value in its hairdressing course masterclasses all over the world.

The IBE Award 2023 Bridal Makeup Contest hosted an event that drew contestants from all over India with experienced students. Two students from Meribindiya International Academy got the IBE Award 2023 Winner, one coming first and another coming third. However, both were freshers at Meribindiya International Academy, demonstrating the extraordinary excellence of this academy. Prince Narula, a famous guest, presented the honor.

Meribindiya Makeup Academy has also won the Best Beauty Schools in India title 4 years in a row (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023).

Meribindiya Makeup Academy course offers what is widely considered to be the top master’s degree in cosmetology in India.

The academy offers advanced beauty, cosmetology, hair, skin, makeup, and nail courses taught by highly qualified and experienced instructors to students from India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh, Australia & many more.

Additionally recognized by ISO, CIDESCO, and the Indian government is Meribindiya International Academy.

Its masterclasses on hairdressing courses are very valuable worldwide.

A certificate that you may use to launch your career will be awarded to you upon completion of the Hair courses for beginners.

Pupils can readily learn because only 12–15 students are accepted into each batch of make-up classes, which further emphasizes the caliber of this academy.

Students are therefore required to reserve their slots three to four months in advance.

The best makeup school in India is this one, which also offers courses in beauty aesthetics, cosmetology, eyelash extensions, nail extensions, hair extensions, microblading, and permanent makeup. 

Large beauty companies in the nation offer graduates of meribindiya makeup academy courses a lot of preference while hiring.

The opportunity to make a respectable wage, find employment, and the acquisition of useful skills are all advantages of enrolling in a hair course at a respected institution.

Apart from these advantages, enrolling at a respectable academy could also lead to financial assistance, adjustable learning hours, and the chance to explore creativity in a fast-paced and expanding field.

After completing these hair-cutting classes, you can apply to credential programs that are recognized worldwide.

Call the number provided below if you need any form of advice or assistance before enrolling in Meribindiya International Academy.

Call/ Whats App Number: ☎ 8130520472

Noida Branch Address: Shop No – 1, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Sunehri Market Atta, Near Sector 18 Metro Station, Sector 27, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Pincode: 201301.

Delhi Branch Address: A6, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden, Opp. Metro Pillar No. 410, Najafgarh Road, New Delhi, Pincode: 110027.

2) Kapil Academy

Regarded as the best hair classes near me, it comes up at number 2.

Mumbai’s Kapil’s Academy of Hair and Beauty provides a range of hair courses that are intended to provide students with the tools they need to succeed in the fashion and beauty industries. 

A few of the academy’s courses are appropriate for beginners and cover the fundamentals of hairdressing.

Its hair cutting course offers a more thorough understanding of hairdressing techniques and is intended for students who have passed their 12th grade or equivalent.

The courses are made to accommodate different learning styles and give students the information and abilities needed for a lucrative career in beauty and hairdressing. 

Additionally, the institution does not include salon management education programs or internship possibilities.

It is advised that you check out the website or get in touch with Kapil’s Academy of Hair and Beauty for further details regarding the particular hair cutting classes for beginners, their length, and their cost.

Address: Delhi, India

☎ 9958600827

3) Toni and Guy Academy 

Regarded as the best hair classes near me, it comes up at number 3.

A range of hair courses, including interactive workshops and virtual learning options, are available at Toni and Guy Academy.

To educate students for employment as hair stylists, independent contractors, salon owners, or technical trainers, these hair courses address a variety of topics including hair cutting, coloring, styling, and treatments.

The institute also offers thorough instruction in hair technology, encompassing advanced highlights, perms, hair extensions, and hair treatments in addition to rebonding. 

Students who complete the courses will have the knowledge and abilities necessary for a successful career in hairdressing and styling. The courses are designed to match the demands of the modern beauty and fashion industries.

None of its students are offered jobs or internships after finishing the degree from here.

Each class batch consists of 30 to 40 individuals, therefore no student receives individualized attention.

Its hair course is priced between Rs 2,00,000 and Rs 3,00,000.

To find out more about the duration, cost, and details of the particular hairdressing course near me, go to the Toni and Guy Academy website or get in touch with them.


Address: Delhi, India

☎ 9958600827


In conclusion, you will be sorry that you enrolled in the hair course at VLCC Institute. You’ll feel disappointed and dissatisfied with the out-of-date course material, incompetent teachers, and dearth of hands-on training. 

If someone is truly interested in pursuing a profession in hair styling, we would not suggest this hairdressing course.

Hence, whether you want to work as a hair stylist, colorist, or salon owner, after careful consideration, pick the best hair course academy that can teach you a variety of abilities that will help you flourish in the hair care sector.

We sincerely hope you like reading this blog from Hair Course Academy and that you will tell your loved ones about it.

You can browse this site if you have any questions about selecting the top hair course academy in India.

Additionally, you can contact us personally or leave your questions in the comment section below.


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