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Analyzing the Top Makeup Academies in Amritsar: A Comparative Study

Analyzing the Top Makeup Academies in Amritsar: A Comparative Study

Are you a makeup fanatic hoping to build a career out of your love?

You need not search any further, as Amritsar is the location of several of the best makeup academies in the nation!

A variety of makeup courses are available at the Makeup Academies in Amritsar, all aimed at giving you the tools you need to be successful in the beautiful field of makeup artistry.

Therefore, if you want to work as a makeup artist, you need to acquire the necessary skills from professionals at the best academies in Amritsar.

What factors you must know to enroll in the top makeup academies in Amritsar?

  • It is impossible to overlook the enormous array of choices when evaluating the best makeup academies in Amritsar.
  • These cosmetic academies offer a wide range of courses, from foundational makeup instruction to advanced specializations in wedding or fashion makeup.
  • There is a course that meets your needs, regardless of your level of experience as an artist trying to improve.
  • These makeup academies are notable for the high caliber of education they offer.
  • The professors are seasoned pros with years of experience in the field, and they bring a plethora of knowledge and skill to the classroom.
  • They assist you find your road to success by teaching you not only the newest methods and styles but also insightful information about the business.
  • The best academies in Amritsar have modern cosmetics studios and classrooms furnished with the newest supplies.
  • As a result, students are guaranteed practical experience and are equipped to handle real-world situations.

We have already covered a number of topics on makeup academies in amritsar. If you are interested in applying to any of the Amritsar academies, we are now highlighting a few of the most significant ones.These beauty and makeup academies provide a broad range of courses, such as airbrush makeup, wedding makeup, basic beauty techniques, and much more.

Top 3 Makeup Academies in Amritsar

1)Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness

Offering a comprehensive range of beauty and health classes, it ranks as the best makeup academy in Amritsar.

There are 30 to 40 students in each class for cosmetics, hairstyling, nail painting, spa therapy, cosmetology courses, and many more subjects. This might lead to a more disruptive learning environment that affects the overall learning atmosphere.

In addition, Orane is associated with the esteemed international beauty treatment associations CIBTAC and CIDESCO and is a grade-A approved training partner of NSDC India.

The cost of the makeup course varies depending on the course you select and the length of the course; it can also be shortened to accommodate students’ budgets, but the quality of instruction will suffer.

The curriculum of its professional makeup courses covers subjects including skincare, base makeup, defined brows, smokey eye looks, bronzed radiance, and makeup essentials for complete beginners.

The curriculum is meant to give students a thorough education in makeup artistry, covering everything from fundamentals to sophisticated techniques, and to get them ready for careers in the field. However, it does not guarantee job assistance, internships, or placement for graduates, which causes students to worry excessively about finding employment.

If you want to enroll in this academy and are searching for a beauty school near me your hometown of Amritsar, get in touch with them through this academy.

2)VLCC Institute of Beauty and Nutrition

The second-ranked VLCC Institute of Beauty and Nutrition is another excellent makeup academy in Amritsar.

In addition to professional makeup and hair artistry, bridal makeup and hair, and airbrush makeup that accommodates larger pupils, it provides a variety of makeup and hairstyling classes.

Every class has more than thirty students, which could limit their possibilities to participate in group discussions and even cause disengagement.

The cost of a certified makeup artist course varies depending on the course selected and the duration. It can also be shortened to fit a student’s budget, but the quality of the instruction must be sacrificed.

Additionally, it offers advanced makeup techniques for high-end photo sessions, runway shows, and movies, including airbrush makeup, special effects makeup, and fashion makeup.

As a result of the institute’s weak ties to top employers in the nutrition and beauty sectors, job assistance or placement is not offered to students who complete courses there.

You can reach this academy by calling the number below if you’re seeking for a beauty school near me that can help you understand the fundamentals of beauty cosmetics, such as skin structure, basic skincare, product presentation, health, and sanitation.


3)Lakmé Academy 

Offering a broad range of beauty and cosmetic training, it ranks as the third-best makeup academy in Amritsar. Lakmé Academy Powered by Aptech is a top cosmetology school with more than 500 locations nationwide.

Lakmé Academy is associated with Aptech Limited, a prominent international IT training firm, and provides courses in skincare, makeup, hair styling, and nail art.

Product descriptions, an overview of beauty cosmetics, skin tones and undertones, foundation textures, eyebrow shaping, eye shapes, lip shapes, corrective makeup, special occasion makeup, and much more are included in the course curriculum.

Its 1.5-month makeup artist course costs 1,60,000, but there are options to lower the cost without sacrificing the caliber of instruction.

Additionally, more than thirty students in larger classrooms prevent personalized and intimate learning experiences from giving pupils enough time to grasp the material.

Students must look for work outside of school on their own in fields like entrepreneurship, branding, marketing, and customer service because they don’t have a great placement record & placing in prestigious salons and beauty parlors.

To improve their employment chances, this institution offers practical training and hands-on experience. If you’re looking for a beauty school near me, give them a call at the number below.


We have already talked about Makeup Academies in Amritsar as a means of training to become a professional makeup artist.

To receive job placement and guidance from makeup academies, we have listed the top makeup academies in Delhi NCR, which have a proven track record of placing their graduates into prestigious salons and beauty parlors.

Therefore, to help you with your research and comparison work, we have listed a few possibilities below. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and objectives.

Top 4 Academies for Professional Makeup Artist Courses in Delhi - NCR

Final Thought

In conclusion, Amritsar is home to some of the best makeup academies in Amritsar, which provide thorough training to help you realize your career goals if you want to work as a makeup artist. Thus, don’t hesitate any longer—enroll in one of these schools right now to start your journey toward a beautiful and rewarding job in the cosmetics industry!


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