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IBE Awards 2023 – Bridal Makeup Competition 2023

IBE Awards 2023Bridal Makeup Competition 2023

In today’s world of fashion, everyone wants to appear beautiful, whether they are a man or a woman, thus there is a rivalry to create stunning brides that will catch others’ attention.

Every year, International beauty Experts hold a tournament focused on makeup. 

Here is a flashback of a best bridal makeup competition that is held annually by International Beauty Experts(IBE). Students from all over the nation participated in this tournament and spread their flame.

Let’s take a quick look back at the IBE Award 2023 bridal makeup competition, which was held on July 18 at the Hotel Clarks Kaushambi in Ghaziabad.

We are happy to report that the IBE Award Bridal Makeup 2023 Contest has been held at Kaushambi, Ghaziabad, and that long-term preparations have been made for this competition. 

International Beauty Expert (IBE) invited professional bridal makeup artists to participate. Young people from all over the state came together for this event to showcase their talents. Many other academies, like MeriBindiya International Academy, sent students to participate in this event & also sponsored this event.

About International Beauty Expert (IBE)

IBE is currently one of the top institutions for online beauty education. This institution offers international credentials in addition to running courses. Students who earn this credential are eligible to work abroad. This Academy is proud to be able to provide top-notch online services for cosmetics and hair artistry, and we are delighted to have been asked to take part in this illustrious event. 

Every year, international beauty professionals hold a tournament focused on makeup. Numerous national and international organizations, including India’s Best Beauty School Award, have recognized it.

You can stay in touch and continue studying the newest styles and beauty hacks at the school for free for the rest of your life to further advance your skills. If you receive accreditation from this academy, it will be easier for you to work as a makeup artist in other international nations.

Evaluation Tips from Judge

Our panel of top makeup artists and hair stylists from various Beauty Academies will be demonstrating contestants’ abilities during the eagerly awaited Bridal Makeup Contest.

To ensure there is no bias present, our IBE makeup judges will be in charge of judging the models’ and participants’ distinctive and imaginative makeup looks. Additionally, everyone must only be evaluated based on the quality of their work and bridal look. The judge’s attention was mostly drawn to the participants’ appearances.

The talented and seasoned members of our IBE makeup team will get the chance to work together, gaining priceless exposure and experience in the fashion and beauty industries.

Overview of the Bridal Makeup Competition

On July 18 at 11 a.m., the competition got underway at the Hotel Clarks Kaushambi in Ghaziabad. There are approximately 29 contestants, and their models showcase the newest trends in Indian bridal makeup from various states.

The event’s goal was to portray the makeup artist’s mood by dressing the models in exquisite bridal clothing. It became increasingly crowded as a result of the numerous people who traveled from far and wide. 

Everyone was eager to see the best bridal makeup done by artists. The models all looked lovely in their wedding clothes. 

Event Chief Guest 

To inspire the students, Prince Narula was brought as a celebrity visitor. MeriBindiya International Academy, India’s Best Beauty Academy, sponsored this program.

Prince Narula personally thanked each of the participants in this circumstance. The competition show gained charm when Ranjhana Singh, the IBE director for India, also arrived with a grand entrance. She lit the lamp to start the celebration, along with Prince Narula and Mahi Maam, the director of the MeriBindiya International Academy.

Winner of IBE Award 2023

In this IBE bridal Makeup competition, three different reward categories were maintained. In which the first runner-up received Rs 31,000, the second runner-up received Rs 21,000, and the third runner-up received Rs 11,000. 

The competition was won by two MeriBindiya International Academy students. Let us inform you that IBE always hosted this kind of award ceremony and that IBE will once again host this kind of fashion and beauty event in the next few days.

If we talk about the top 3 winners of the bridal competition, we can say that two students from the Meribindiya International Academy won the IBE prize this year.

If we talk about the contestants in this competition, makeup artist Nishant won the  1st prize in the IBE Award 2023 for his Bridal Varsha, which was worth Rs 31,000.

Another intriguing feature of the event was the freebies that the IBE team gave out to all guests, which included fantastic branded beauty products.

Thank you Message from Guests

With the arrival of the guests, the event picked up its energy.

1. Prince Narula

Prince Narula, another standout guest in this competition, left a lasting impact. As a famous guest, Prince Narula was invited to inspire the students. In contrast, MeriBindiya International Academy, India’s Best Beauty Academy, funded this program.

Prince Narula personally thanked each of the participants in this circumstance. IBE was complimented by Prince Narula, who referred to it as one of the top institutions offering online beauty courses at the moment.

Prince Narula praised the IBE for organizing this competition and suggested that students now take part in it actively. Given that fashion and makeup are big right now. People love beauty and fashion, therefore students can also pursue careers in such fields. Two students from the Meribindiya International Academy received the IBE Award 2023 Winner from him.

2.  Ms Mahi Maam(Director of  Meribindiya International Academy)

The director of Meribindiya International Academy, Ms. Mahi Maam, noted that the bridal cosmetics competition this evening was run delightfully and competently. She enjoyed herself much while taking in numerous dancing performances and bridal beauty pageants. Ms. Mahi Maam also thanked everyone who had participated in this great event.

3. Ms Ranjhana Singh(IBE director)

The competition show gained charm when Ranjhana Singh, the IBE director for India, also arrived with a grand entrance. The event’s director for IBE, Ms. Ranjana Seth, who was also there, expressed her happiness with the event’s success and said she had a great day.

Benefits of Beauty Course

  • Women’s empowerment: By enrolling in this course, women who don’t want to leave their homes in search of work to make a solid living would have a fantastic opportunity.
  • Entrepreneur: Many students opt not to work and instead decide to enroll in beautician training to start their makeup academy.
  • High Demand: Numerous couples get married each year, and women are frequently eager to invest in professional bridal makeup artists who can assist them in achieving their ideal bridal look. As a result, there is a high demand for this today.
  • Creativity: Bridal makeup gives artists the chance to create individualized looks in both traditional and modern styles. You can experiment with different techniques, colors, and trends to make sure that every bride looks beautiful on her special day, which will help to improve your creativity.
  • Emotional Rewards: The highest reward a makeup artist may receive is the happiness and thanks a bride expresses when she looks in the mirror following the application of her makeup.
  • Networking Possibilities: A makeup-specialized course offers a world of networking possibilities. Working with wedding planners, photographers, hair stylists, and other professionals can help you build strong relationships that will be beneficial to your career in the long term.
  • Financial Stability: Since weddings are once-in-a-lifetime occasions, brides are ready to pay top dollar for beauty artists who can provide beautiful looks that endure all day.


In conclusion, the occasion was a success! If you couldn’t make it to the IBE Award event on July 18, don’t panic! You can read about some of the exciting stories from the bridal Makeup competition in this post, and you can also visit our Instagram profiles for more exciting content.


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