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How to Start a Career in Makeup Artistry | Makeup Artist Courses After 12th

Start A Career In Makeup Artistry

If you’re serious about making your makeup artist dreams come true, we’ve got the tips and tricks you need to establish careers in the beauty industry, from how to find a job and succeed in school to how to ace an interview and build your client roster. 

A makeup artist’s job is to make people look good. So whether you’re creating a natural look one day or a dark and dramatic one another, the secret to success in this career is versatility. You don’t need much formal training to get started on this path, but you need an artist’s eye for color and design. 

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Makeup artists’ work can vary dramatically depending on their employment setting. Some do freelance work out of their own homes, while others work at makeup counters in department stores. There are also opportunities for makeup artists to become entrepreneurs by opening up their salons or starting their own cosmetic companies.

Salary of a makeup artist

If you doing a job in the beauty industry, you can start your career at a monthly salary of around 20,000 rupees. However, it can depend on your versatility and skills, and based on that, it can go around 1 lakh per month as well.

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In another case, if you want to run your salon, spa, etc, you can easily earn anywhere around 2-3 lakhs in a month. Further, based on your parlor location, interior, number of staff, and dedication, it is not hard to earn around 5 lakhs rupees in a month.

Now, let us answer your question “How do I start a career in makeup?


Practice makes perfect: to achieve flawless makeup techniques, and it takes hours of training. Of course, learning from professionals is crucial, but practicing on your own to master new skills. Makeup artistry requires patience and creativity, but you will be unstoppable with the proper education and practice!

Video blogs

If you’re looking for a great way to get a career in the beauty industry, check out the free videos for some tips and tricks on application techniques. In addition, by watching tutorials by professional makeup artists, you can be sure you’re learning the latest styles from the pros who create them. 

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Tutorials are also a great way to start a career in the makeup industry. It helps to figure out if you like particular looks before investing in expensive makeup brushes or products. The beauty of high-definition video is that you can see what’s being done. Instead of reading descriptions, you can just watch the artist smack on the eyeliner in real-time. 

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And because there are so many makeup how-to videos online, you have access to talents from around the world. There are makeup artists all over YouTube, and you can learn tricks from a range of skin tones, eye colors and shapes, and hair colors and textures.

Learn current makeup trends

The difference between a successful makeup artist and an unsuccessful one is their ability to stay informed of current beauty trends. In the competition among makeup artists, it’s essential to be at the leading edge of beauty trends. Learn what makes a product trendy, find out how to make the latest style last all night, and learn about the best cosmetic brands in the industry.

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Keeping yourself up-to-date and knowledgeable about the latest beauty trends and fashions is vital if you want to be an effective service provider. And, one of the easiest ways to keep up-to-date is by reading magazines, watching films, going to plays or concerts. 

It’s also helpful to ask friends (both men and women) who have a nose for fashion and ask salespeople questions.  It also helps you to get job opportunities for makeup artists. Although some items in the store are expensive, there are often free samples available from cosmetics companies.

Get Enroll in courses

A professional certificate or diploma program is usually the best bet for those looking to start a career as a makeup artist. These programs allow you to build a solid foundation of makeup artistry skills and knowledge in a short time, and you can complete them in about a year. 

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Many specialized courses teach students how to do hair or nails, so it’s best to find out your ultimate goals before starting your program. A makeup artist is an artist who creates cosmetics that other people use. 

You can take your makeup courses after the 12th. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a makeup artist, you’ll need to consider which type of program is right for you. Before signing on, make sure you understand the program and its curriculum. You should also investigate whether or not the school is accredited and whether the program will get you job-ready.

How to Start a Career in Makeup Artistry & what are career Opportunities?

If you have earned a cosmetology certification from a reputed institute, then you can establish a fruitful career in the industry. Because Cosmetology comes on the list of high paying jobs in the beauty industry.

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If you have planned to enroll in makeup artist courses after the 12th or your graduation then we would suggest you go with Meribindiya International Academy. Because they give a practical learning curve along with the advanced session on how to start a makeup artist career.

However, if are in the confusion about how to start a career in makeup artistry, then let you know that there are countless opportunities you can go with.

Once you get proper training from a reputed makeup institute, you are ready to run your salon, spa, nail corner, bridal makeup parlor, and more. You can also provide these services at the customers’ door as a freelance makeup artist.

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There are several other makeup artist career opportunities you can go with. If you are running short of budget and don’t want to work as a business owner, you can hunt for jobs in the beauty industry. You can also become a personal makeup artist for any celebrity or big person.

Top 4 Makeup Academies in India.


A makeup artist is a high-paying job in the beauty industry. Add links to your social media accounts and other strongly related media, like YouTube channels. It is an excellent way to start marketing yourself to get the word out that you’re looking for makeup artistry work. Eventually, this will open the door for you to network with modeling agencies and photographers, too. 

When it comes to getting hired for freelance makeup artistry jobs, you need a solid online presence. Show off your portfolio, build your personal brand through social media channels and a blog or website, and learn how to communicate with potential clients.


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