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What Makes the Best Hair Academy in Gorakhpur Different?

What Makes the Best Hair Academy in Gorakhpur Different?

Are you prepared to take the first steps in your career as a professional hairstylist?

The best hair academy in Gorakhpur is the only place to look!

For those who want to become hair stylists, this hair makeup academy is a step beyond the rest, providing excellent instruction and unmatched chances.

This Gorakhpur institution guarantees that students have the newest methods and abilities because of its curriculum, which is designed to fulfill the demands of the constantly changing beauty business.

Key factors that set Gorakhpur Hair Academy apart from others 

  • The knowledgeable and accomplished staff at this hair academy is one of the main things that makes it stand out from the rest.
  • In addition to being authoritative in their domains, the instructors at this academy genuinely love what they do.
  • They go above and above to offer each kid individualized advice and support, making sure they get the greatest education possible.
  • This hair academy is home to top-notch faculty members as well as cutting-edge facilities and equipment.
  • Students get access to everything they need to perfect their trade, including professional-grade supplies and state-of-the-art styling tools.
  • Additionally, the school offers lots of chances for practical experience, which enables students to get real-world knowledge while still in training.
  • This hair academy also goes above and above to guarantee that its graduates are ready for success in the field.
  • It helps students find careers and provides networking opportunities by putting them in touch with leading salons and industry professionals.

We have now covered a significant aspect that sets Gorakhpur Hair Academy apart from other academies. You must now be planning to enroll in this hair academy, thus we’ve listed some of Gorakhpur’s top hair academies below where you can achieve your goals.

Best Hair Academy in Gorakhpur

1)Lakmé Academy 

It comes in first place for the best hair makeup academy in  Gorakhpur.

Leading hair and makeup school Lakmé Academy in Gorakhpur provides career-focused instruction in cosmetology, cosmetics, hair care, skin care, and nail art, among other areas of beauty and wellness.

The cost of the two-month course is Rs 1,60,000; however, if a student’s budget is restricted, the quality of the instruction may be compromised.

To prepare students for careers in upscale salons or as independent beauticians, the academy offers them the newest tools and instruction in the most in-demand skills and methods.

However, because there are a lot of kids (30–40), teachers don’t have enough time to provide each student the personalized attention they need, which reduces one-on-one engagement.

The school offers frequent seminars and workshops to keep students abreast of the most recent trends and techniques, in addition to a well-researched curriculum taught by Lakmé experts. However, this does not imply that it offers job assistance to its graduates of this course.

Please call the number below if you’re seeking makeup and hairstyle courses near me from this academy, which offers loan options and online training.


Address: India
☎ 9958600827

2)VLCC Institute 

This well-known hair makeup academy in Gorakhpur ranked #2, provides courses in hair and makeup.

Renowned for its hair education, the VLCC Institute provides a range of classes and workshops covering topics related to hair, skin, makeup, and nutrition. Their goal is to instill self-confidence in people regarding their appearance and self-worth.

Larger classes with more than forty people are required because they can create a more disruptive learning environment that affects the learning environment as a whole.

Its knowledgeable instructor offers excellent, simple-to-understand instruction.

All facets of hair styling procedures, such as conditioning, rebonding, advanced highlights, perming, hair styling products, hair treatments, personal grooming, and hair extensions, are covered in the VLCC Institute’s hairdressing course. The current demands of the fashion and beauty industries are addressed in this course, which will open up good job prospects.

The location, course style, and duration all affect how much a course costs. Students may also be eligible for flexible payment plans, such as loan facilities or subsidized fees.

Although the institute caters to entry-level applicants and working professionals seeking skill upgradation or refresher courses, it does not offer job help to its students when they complete courses from here. Instead, it offers more than 100 courses and workshops in skin, hair, makeup, and nutrition.

Therefore, use the phone below to get in touch with this academy if you’re looking for makeup and hairstyle courses near me.


Address: India
☎ 9958600827

3)Geetanjali Salon 

It comes in at number three for the best hair makeup academy in Gorakhpur which also offers a hair education.

Top-notch beauty and grooming services, such as haircuts, hair coloring, hairstyle, makeup, skincare, and more, are the main draws of Geetanjali Salon.

Additionally, each hair salon class has more than 40 students, making it difficult to provide each student the one-on-one attention they need in the short time allotted.

Its course costs vary depending on the flexibility of the student, but the quality of instruction must be compromised.

They have a group of skilled experts on staff who are educated to give their customers the best services possible.

The institute’s main tenets are a top-notch setting, cutting-edge facilities, the newest training aids, highly qualified and experienced instructors, a curriculum that is revised frequently, guaranteeing top-notch instruction, and exceptional value.

However, it doesn’t offer any employment assistance to its graduates in hairstyling.

Searching for makeup and hairstyle courses near me and looking to be admitted into this academy? Contact this academy to receive the most accurate and current information.


Address: India
☎ 9958600827

We have so far talked about a reputable hair academy in Gorakhpur that provides instruction in hair courses, but they do not have a specific placement cell that assists students in getting employment in prestigious salons and brands. Thus, we have included a few of the Delhi NCR schools that can aid you both and also give communication skills instruction to help students ace job interviews.

Top 3 Hair Academies in Delhi NCR

Final Thought

Without a doubt, the above academy is the best hair academy in Gorakhpur. It stands out from the competition.

Its commitment to quality, knowledgeable instructors, first-rate facilities, and career assistance make it the best option for anyone wishing to follow their passion for hair styling.

However, don’t overlook other hair academies in Delhi, NCR, which offer even more fantastic opportunities to receive work aid.

Come enroll now to start on the path to a lucrative career in the beauty industry!


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