Why Meribindiya International Academy’s Cosmetology Course is better than VLCC Institute’s Cosmetology Course?

Attending a cosmetology course is the best place to start. It’s for anyone who wants to work in the beauty industry. Also, Meribindiya International Academy’s program is unmatched. It excels at selecting the top cosmetology course. They offer a course that is much better than the VLCC Institute’s Cosmetology Course. This is thanks to their wide curriculum and hands-on instruction.

This blog will cover many topics. They are about enrolling in the best cosmetology training school. This will help you start your career as a cosmetologist.

Overview of VLCC Training Institute and Meribindiya International Academy

Meribindiya International Academy

Meribindiya International Academy is one of India’s top makeup and beauty schools. It has the most talented teachers and teaches students professionally.

Meribindiya International Academy is the top beauty school in India. It’s the best place to start a career in makeup. It has won recognition from many national and international groups. It’s won the India’s Best Beauty School Award.


Meribindiya International Academy got India’s Best Beauty Academy award. They got it from the International Beauty Expert.

The IBE Award 2023 Bridal Makeup Contest hosted an event. It drew contestants from all over India. They were experienced students. Two students from Meribindiya International Academy won the IBE Award 2023. One came first and the other came third. But, both were new at Meribindiya International Academy. This shows the academy’s extraordinary excellence. It’s Prince Narula, a famous guest, who presented the honor.

Meribindiya International Academy also won the Best Beauty School in India title. They’ve done so for four years in a row. It’s been won in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Many people want to take the Master Cosmetology course at Meribindiya International Academy. This is true even in foreign countries. Students come from all over India. They also come from countries like Australia, Canada, and South Africa. They come for training in beauty, makeup, hair, nails, and more.

This academy only accepts 12 to 15 students into each batch. Pupils grasp concepts with clarity. This also shows the academy’s caliber. As a result, students must also book their spots three to four months in advance.

This is the best makeup school in India. It also offers courses in beauty and cosmetology. It covers eyelash, nail, and hair extensions. Plus, it teaches microblading and permanent makeup. 

VLCC Institute  

The VLCC Institute provides diploma and certificate programs. They cover many subjects, such as fitness, beauty, health, and medicine.

The institute offers many courses. They cover subjects like nutrition and dietetics, and makeup, hair, and skincare. The courses range from basic to advanced.

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The VLCC Institute’s Cosmetology Course has a group of skilled instructors. They teach the courses.

It provides a Professional Certificate in Esthiology and a Diploma in Cosmetology. These are among the cosmetology courses that the VLCC Institute’s Cosmetology Course. 

VLCC Academy covers skin theory, electrology, facials, manicures, hair technology, professional cosmetics, etc.

Course Curriculum Comparison 

Meribindiya International Academy

The specialized cosmetology class is offered by Meribindiya International Academy. It goes one step further by offering a variety of specializations. These include skincare, makeup, hair and nail care, and salon management.

The academy makes sure students broaden their skills. They get experience by emphasizing hands-on learning.

In India, Meribindiya International Academy is the Best Master course in Cosmetology. Students from many nations come to this academy. They come to get master’s degrees in cosmetology. Below is a list of a few:

1. Certification course in a cosmetology course:

Its beautician courses encompass a wide range of topics, such as styling, skincare, cosmetics application, and nail care.

2. Diploma course in a cosmetology course:

This course offers many career options. They are for people who love personal care, wellness, and beauty.

3. Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology course:

The 12-month Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology provides instruction in advanced cosmetics. It also covers nail art, hair chemical services, and other industry skills.

4. Post Graduate Diploma in Cosmetology course:

This course aims to prepare students for many roles in the beauty business. These include independent contractors, trainers, and salon managers.

5. Master course in a Cosmetology course:

In this they teach makeup, hair styling, skincare, and beauty treatments. It is the only academy offering the top cosmetology master’s course. It gives students the skills needed for many beauty industry jobs. Also, top companies hire the graduates of this institute. They are given many chances to create their own salons. Meribindiya International Academy is the only makeup academy in India. Here, you can get a master’s degree in cosmetology.

VLCC Institute 

The following courses are some of the cosmetology courses that the VLCC Institute offers:

1. Diploma in Cosmetology:

The VLCC Academy’s Diploma in Cosmetology program covers all the topics. These topics are necessary for beauty pros who work with skin, hair, and makeup.

2. Professional Certificate in Esthiology:

Nail art, makeup artistry, and esthiology are all covered in this introductory course.

3. Advanced Cosmetology courses: 

The curriculum is advanced. It covers all the theory and practice beauty experts need. They need it to do procedures well and safely. 

4. Other courses:

The VLCC Institute also offers extra courses. These include diplomas in beauty and makeup. They also cover hair technology and advanced laser aesthetics. They also offer advanced certificates in professional makeup.

Cosmetology Course fees of both Academies

Meribindiya International Academy

The Meribindiya International Academy Fees vary. They depend on the kind and length of study chosen.

VLCC Institute Fees

The VLCC Institute Course Fees is five lakhs for a one-year program. These cosmetology course fees may also vary according to the course that is selected.

Job Placement and Career Prospects 

Meribindiya International Academy

Meribindiya International Academy is becoming increasingly well-known for its remarkable employment placement record.

This academy helps people who want to work in the corporate world or as contractors. It also helps those in creative fields, like theater, film, television, or fashion.

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Top brands are hiring graduates from this academy. They do this because they train every student as a specialist in the beauty industry.

VLCC Institute 

After completing a cosmetology course at this beauty school academy, there are no job placements available. Students need to consider careers.

The VLCC Training Institute lacks a strong industry network. So, its graduates are not placed in jobs. 

Comparing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Academies

Pros and Cons of Meribindiya International Academy’s Course

Students who want to work in the beauty sector can benefit from enrolling in Meribindiya’s cosmetology courses. They offer several advantages. Some benefits of cosmetology training are as follows:

Pros of pursuing a cosmetology course

  • The Meribindiya beautician course has many benefits. One is its thorough curriculum. It is the only school where students have access to the newest styles and technology. They can use them to show their creativity with new techniques for clients. Cosmetology courses cover many topics. They include skincare, makeup, nails, hair, cutting, and styling. They also cover salon administration.
  • The schools provide job placement services for life. They help graduates get jobs in beauty. The best cosmetology schools offer 100% job placement in the most respectable organizations and a good living wage.
  • After completing a beautician course, a trained cosmetologist can work in many places. These include spas, salons, and beauty counters. They might even start their own business as independent contractors. 
  • Most importantly, this academy only accepts small groups of students. The groups have between 10 and 12 students. They study longer and do better on examinations than pupils in larger classes.
  • Another noteworthy advantage of the Meribindiya course is its hands-on component. Throughout the course, an experienced trainer will give you hands-on training. You will work with real models. 
  • After completing the Meribindiya course, you will get your accreditation as a cosmetologist. Then, you can choose from many opportunities. 

Cons of Pursuing a Cosmetology Course

  • The school has small classes and high demand. So, it requires reservations 3 to 4 months in advance.
  • This academy has two locations. One is in Delhi near the Rajouri Garden Metro Station. The other is in Noida near the Sector 18 Metro Station. 
  • This academy places more emphasis on the practical side. The course at Meribindiya International Makeup Academy takes longer as a result.

Pros and Cons of the VLCC Institute  Course

Like any other institution, VLCC academy courses have benefits and drawbacks. These courses provide a deep understanding and expertise in higher-order thinking.

Pros of Pursuing a Cosmetology Course

  • One advantage of enrolling in a course at the VLCC Institute is the brand’s reputation.
  • The courses offered by VLCC Academy are available anywhere in India. This is due to its multiple locations. Given that this institution only accepts 30 to 40 pupils at a time, admittance is very easy to obtain.

Cons of Pursuing a Cosmetology Course

  • Some students have voiced unhappiness with the curriculum at VLCC Institute. They claim it is shallow in some areas. It leaves them wanting more advanced methods and info.
  • In this case, a group of 30 to 40 students studying cosmetology are being taught simultaneously. With so many students in a batch, it is not possible to give each one adequate attention.
  • Students may miss out on networking with industry leaders and employers. This is because their beautician certificate program lacks internships or job placement help.

What distinguishes the cosmetology course offered by Meribindiya from that offered by the VLCC Institute?

  • The best cosmetology school at Meribindiya International Academy is different from VLCC Institute. Its instructors have more experience and expertise.
  • The top brands hire graduates with master’s degrees in cosmetology. They do this because Meribindiya International Academy provides professional training.
  • VLCC Academy only displays the work of its professors and trainers. Meribindiya International Academy promotes the beauty industry to lure students from their institution. It does this by showing student work on social media.
  • Another benefit of Meribindiya International Academy’s cosmetology certificate courses is their flexibility. They also cover a wide range of subjects. VLCC Institute’s course may focus only on basic beauty techniques. Meribindiya International Academy goes above and beyond. It offers a full curriculum that includes skincare, cosmetics, hairdressing, and nail art.
  • Meribindiya International Academy offers a master’s degree in cosmetology. It is part of the academy’s cosmetology course. Because this course is recognized both nationally and internationally, students who possess it will have an advantage over other candidates when looking for jobs. 
  • The cosmetology course fees is less than that of the VLCC Institute.
  • Unlike VLCC courses, this one has 10–12 students registered at a time. This allows the instructor to give each student personal attention. It helps them understand every concept in the Cosmetology course.
  • VLCC Institute has many branches in Delhi. Meribindiya Academy has two locations. One is near the Noida Sector 18 Metro Station and the other is near the Delhi Rajouri Garden Metro Station.
  • Meribindiya International Academy welcomes students from Bangladesh and many other countries. It also welcomes students from Australia, Nepal, Bhutan, and India. They come to receive advanced instruction in beauty, cosmetics, hair, and nails.
  • The Academy has been named the Best Beauty School for the last four years.
  • Meribindiya International Academy has been named India’s Best Beauty Academy. It was named so by an International Beauty Expert.

Branch of Both Academies

Meribindiya International Academy 

Give us a call at the number below if you’re looking for cosmetology courses near me.

Call/ Whats App Number: ☎ 8130520472

Meribindiya  International Academy Noida Branch Address:

Shop No – 1, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Sunehri Market Atta, Near Sector 18 Metro Station, Sector 27, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Pincode: 201301.

Meribindiya International Academy Delhi Branch Address: A6, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden, Opp. Metro Pillar No. 410, Najafgarh Road, New Delhi, Pincode: 110027.

Branch of  VLCC Institute  Cosmetology course 

The VLCC Institute offers a variety of cosmetology courses at its more than 95 campuses throughout India. Therefore, if you’re seeking a VLCC institute near me , you can check the Delhi branch address below.

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VLCC Institute  Delhi Branch: 64, HSIDC Sector 18, Maruti Industrial Area,Gurugram Haryana India – 122015.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1.What are the differences in the depth and range of the curricula of the Meribindiya International Academy’s Cosmetology Course and VLCC Institute?

Ans) The Meribindiya International Academy’s Cosmetology Course has a broader and more varied curriculum. It is broader and more varied than that of the VLCC Institute. Meribindiya provides a thorough curriculum. It includes advanced spa treatments, makeup, skincare, and hair styling. In contrast, the curriculum at VLCC Institute is less specialized. It focuses more on basic skills.

2.What are the Meribindiya International Academy Fees?

Ans)The Meribindiya International Academy Fees vary based on the course selected and its duration.

3.What is the VLCC Training Overview?

Ans)The VLCC Institute’s Cosmetology Course is well-known for its high-quality instruction. It focuses on wellness and beauty. Its faculty members are seasoned professionals in their fields.

4. In terms of hands-on instruction and exposure to the profession, how does Meribindiya International Academy differ from other cosmetology training facilities?

Ans) Meribindiya International Academy is different from other cosmetology schools. It does this by giving its students intense, hands-on instruction. They also get unmatched industry exposure.

The academy works with top beauty companies and specialists. It offers workshops, internships, and chances for hands-on learning.

5. How are the employment prospects for graduates of cosmetology programs at Meribindiya International Academy and VLCC Institute different?

Ans) You cannot get a job or internship at VLCC Institute. Only Meribindiya International Academy offers job to its cosmetology graduates.

6. Which major job paths are open to students who complete the cosmetology programs at both academies?

Ans) Students at both schools have many job options after the cosmetology curriculum. They can become hairstylists or makeup artists. They can also become estheticians, nail technicians, salon managers, or beauty consultants. Or they can work independently as beauty professionals.

7. In terms of teacher experience and industry ties, what benefits does Meribindiya International Academy have over VLCC Institute?

Ans)Meribindiya International Academy has the benefit of providing a thorough and up-to-date curriculum. Another advantage is that all students who finish their courses here are guaranteed a job or internship.

The VLCC Institute’s renown and its many locations in India and worldwide make it an advantage. They allow it to accommodate a large number of students in its classes.

8. What are the disadvantages of training in cosmetology at VLCC Institute as opposed to Meribindiya International Academy?

Ans) Here are a few disadvantages of enrolling at VLCC Institute:

  • The Cosmetology Course has students 30 to 40, which is very high for accurate understanding.
  • Moreover, there is no possibility of an internship or job placement.

The following are some disadvantages of attending Meribindiya International Academy:

  • Due to a smaller student intake, enrollment requires three to four months’ notice.
  • Since it only has two branches that accept applicants.
  • To ensure that students understand topics, the school focuses more on practical knowledge.

9. How do the facilities and accessibility of the Meribindiya International Academy and VLCC Institute branch locations compare?

Ans) Meribindiya International Academy has only two locations. One is in Rajouri Garden and the other is in Delhi. This makes it more accessible and offers more amenities than the VLCC Institute branch.

The VLCC branch has many locations throughout India and the world. So, it’s hard to verify that each branch offers top instruction. This is true if you’re searching for a VLCC institute near me.


In conclusion, if you want a career in this industry, the Meribindiya International Academy cosmetology program is a great option. Their program’s vast curriculum, well-regarded certification, and excellent lecturers make it unrivaled. 

Meribindiya International Academy is the best cosmetology school. You don’t need to search anywhere else. They are the best option for those who want to work as cosmetologists. This is because of their broad curriculum and expert instructors. They also have a 100% job placement rate and other benefits.

In such case, if you want to go for fast admission & brand value, you might go with VLCC Academy.

So, don’t search elsewhere. The best cosmetology school is Meribinindiya International Academy. Enroll in Meribindiya International Academy’s cosmetology course. It will advance your career in the beauty industry. Never accept anything less than the best!

So, you can contact us directly or leave your questions below. We can help if you’re looking to enroll in beautician training near me.

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