Leena Bhushan Makeup Academy Vs Meribindiya International Academy: Course & Fee

Leena Bhushan Makeup Academy Vs Meribindiya International Academy: Course & Fee

Leena Bhushan is not just a name, but an identity for the brides on their special day. One of the best makeup artists you can get in Delhi is Leena Bhushan. She is a freelance makeup artist and runs her makeup academy named Leena Bhushan Makeup Studio, in Delhi, India.

Top Makeup Academies For Makeup Artist Course

  • Meribindiya International Academy: Meribindiya International Academy is a well known makeup academy and it offers the best makeup artist courses. Recently, Meribindiya International Academy was awarded by Hina Khan as India’s best makeup school. At Meribindiya International Academy, students come from all over India to learn beauty & makeup courses. 
    Address: Shop No – 1, 2nd and 3rd Floor, Sunehri Market, near Sector 18, Atta, Sector 27, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
  • Leena Bhushan Makeup Academy: Leena Bhushan Makeup academy is among the top makeup academies which offers makeup artist courses in Delhi.
    Address: Delhi, India
  • Meenakshi Dutt Makeup Academy: This makeup academy is a well known beauty academy and it offers the best makeup artist courses.
    Address: Delhi, India
  • Atul Chauhan Makeover Academy: Atul Chauhan Makeover Academy is the best makeup academy which offers makeup artist courses.
    Address: Delhi, India

Let’s see a detailed comparison of Meribindiya International Academy & Leena Bhusan Makeup Academy to decide on a better career.

Introducing Leena Bhushan Makeup Artist

Leena and her team have all kinds of beauty services for a bride to be such as Bridal makeup, engagement makeup, wedding makeup, HD makeup. You will be stunned by the look they bring out on a bride’s special day.

To explore the artistry work of Leena Bhushan, you can Search for face stories by Leena Bhushan, where you meet the gorgeous brides prepared by Leena Bhushan makeup artist.

Many beauticians admire her artistry and follow her. And it would be a dream come true if you want to acquire those beauty skills and join Leena Bhushan makeup academy.

Leena Bhushan Makeup Artist: Courses And Fees

With beauty services you also get beauty courses at Leena Bhushan academy. They provide certificate courses on hair, beauty, makeup, spa, cosmetology, and nutrition. You can join Leena Bhushan makeup classes at Leena Bhushan makeup studio.

Leena Bhushan makeup service prices for brides on their special days can vary between Rs.45K to 80K. Based on this, we can estimate the Leena Bhushan makeup course fees, which can go high on the price parameter.

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Range Of Leena Bhushan Makeup Courses

Leena Bhushan Makeup Academy Course & Fee
  • Regular make-up
  • HD make-up     
  • Air Brush make-up
  • Party make-up (for pre-weddings and post-weddings)
  • Friends and family make-up
  • Hair Styling
  • Hair Extensions
  • Eyelash Extension
  • Dupatta & Saree Draping
  • Shampoo & Conditioning
  • Nails Care

To know more details about the Leena Bhushan makeup course and durations, you can contact them on their Instagram page @facestoriesbyleenabhushan.

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Meribindiya International Academy

Another beauty academy i.e Meribindiya International Academy, that is specialized in makeup services and courses. If you want to make a career in the beauty world, then Meribindiya International Academy is the best option you can have.

Meribindiya Best Beauty School

They have certification and diploma beauty courses. Some of the courses are:

  • Self-makeup course
  • Airbrush makeup
  • HD makeup
  • Bridal makeup
  • PG Diploma in cosmetology
  • Diploma in skin and hair
  • Diploma in Makeup and hairstyling
  • Certification in nail art
  • Advanced diploma in cosmetology and more

A Quick Comparison Between Leena Bhusan & Meribindiya Beauty Institutes

Leena Bhushan Makeup Academy Meribindiya International Academy
Highly Expert Celebrity Trainers Highly Expert Celebrity Trainers
Offers Makeup, Hair & Beauty Courses Offers Makeup, Hair, Nail, Skin, Nutrition & Dietetics
Certification & Diploma Courses Certificate, Diploma, Advance Diplomas, & Master Courses
Course Fee Is Too High Courses Fee Is Very Affordable Compared To Other International Academy
No Internship Opportunities Best Internship Opportunity
Job Placement Is Good High Support In 100% Job Placement
Not Any Life Time Membership Life-Time Membership For All Courses
For Course Query Call: N/F For Course Query Call: +91 81305 20472

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Why Meribindiya International Academy?

For them, providing beauty courses is as important as providing beauty services. As compared to Leena Bhushan makeup courses, Meribindiya institute has a wide range of beauty courses.

If we see the convenience, Meribindiya beauty academy classes are more convenient due to their online sessions. You can join and access the courses irrespective of your place. The course span can range between 2 months to 8 months with a 3 hours class per day.

The learning will be in a friendly atmosphere with a salon setup. The classes cover both theoretical and practical knowledge and hands-on beauty skills. A student from any background, from anywhere, can avail of the courses at a very reasonable price.

Meribindiya International Academy Makeup Courses & Fee

If we talk about the beauty course fees at Meribindiya, it can vary from course to course depending on the depth of the learning, course duration, provision of beauty kits, etc.

Meribindiya course fees can be reasonable that may vary between Rs.50K to 1 Lakh.

You will get in-depth knowledge about beauty courses with experts guidance and celebrity makeup artists.

See the list of Job Oriented Courses

Other than the above, Meribindiya Academy ensures 100% job placement, lifetime membership card, earning facility while learning. They also help you with immediate loan facilities.

You will get certification after successful completion of beauty courses. you can successfully start your career as a beautician either by joining any beauty salon or by opening your own salon. You can even start from your home at the least expense.

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A comparative study: Leena Bhushan makeup academy Vs Meribindiya International Academy

Range of Courses

If we compare the range of beauty courses, then Meribindiya International academy has a lot of variety of international courses available to join. Academic wise Leena Bhushan academy has lesser options to choose from the beauty courses.  However, you get other wellness courses such as nutrition, spa, etc.

Makeup Courses Price

If we compare the price range of beauty courses, Meribindiya Institute has a more affordable price for international beauty courses as compared to Leena Bhushan Academy.

Industry Experience

If we compare the expertise, Leena Bhushan, herself is a renowned name in the makeup industry. And Meribindiya International Academy also has a team of celebrity makeup artists and international makeup artists to conduct the beauty classes.

Lakme Makeup academy

If you want to work as a professional makeup artist in other countries then you have to pursue an international makeup artist course. International Beauty Expert (IBE) is an international beauty academy which offers international makeup artist courses. IBE provides an international internship and international job placement too.
Address: Noida, India

Final Thoughts

The beauty industry is booming like anything. If you want to be a name in this industry, you have to master the art of beauty and wellness and perform. For makeup services, Leena Bhushan beauty services are a luxury to have. But for makeup courses, Meribindiya would be the best beauty academy to enrich your beauty skills.

However, before deciding between Leena Bhausan and Meribindiya International academy, you must be clear about what beauty courses you want to join. Meribindiya has more beauty courses options you might be looking for. You can choose based on your interest and affordability.

If you are looking for cheaper and still world-class beauty certification in nutrition, spa, and similar topic, Leena Bhushan makeup classes is the ultimate career builder.

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