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Time Machine Salon and Academy: Courses and Fee

Time Machine Salon and Academy: Courses and Fee

Time Machine Salon and Academy is one of the popular salons. It is the first All in One Studio. This Salon caters to Hairdo, Makeup, Beauty Academy, Salon & Photography.

There are many reasons visiting the salon is good. It refreshes a person psychologically and physically. There is something relaxing there for everyone. The toughest part is just figuring out what it is! Time Machine Salon and Academy (TMSA) in Navi Mumbai is the solution to the queries.

People usually have a desire to look and feel representable about themselves. Moreover, they enjoy the pampering that comes with a visit to a salon. This industry has barbers, cosmetologists, and other appearance workers who have over 800,000 jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most of them are employees, worked in establishments such as salons, and 44 percent are self-employed.

To get employment or to know the profession, one has to pass from the academy and Time Machine Salon & Academy provides the required training to make professionals.

People relax in different ways and hence Time Machine Salon and Academy offer many options.

Basically, if the client enjoys head massages, he/ she can schedule a deep conditioning treatment with a scalp massage. Sometimes hot stone massages or therapeutic massage are available if that’s what the client likes. Time machine Vashi palm beach is the center for learning the basics of art at a very reasonable rate.

Courses Offered By Time Machine Salon And Academy

Courses Offered By Time Machine Salon & Academy

Professional Hair Dressing Course

This is a 3 months course, and the fees start from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 1,50,000 depends on the course the candidate chooses. They provide In-depth training for advanced coloring techniques, the art of consultation, extensions, beginner session work, basics of business, and advanced long hair styling. Moreover, the details of competitions and how to place at them is also in their course. Besides, they organize internal class competitions for various accolades.

Professional Make-up course

This is a 2-month course offered by Time machine parlor Vashi. The course fee depends on the period and level of the courses. However, the course fee for the Makeup course can be anywhere between Rs. 12,000 and Rs 55, 000 for a diploma or along duration course. Some of the major subjects taught in Time Machine Salon and Academy are skin protection and care and hygiene, makeup consultancy, types of brush, makeup types and techniques, knowledge of face structures and skin tones, and advanced corrections.


Professional Beauty Course Programs

It takes from nine months to a year to complete. Students in Time machine salon & academy study anatomy, hygiene, physiology, safety, and business management. They also study nail, hair, and skincare. Depending on the course, a full cosmetology course can cost anywhere from Rs, 3,50,000 to Rs. 14,20,000. The students study there.

Special Effects makeup

Students study SFX or Special effects makeup in a lab or in a classroom. However, they learn how to apply makeup on the face and the body. Besides, the special effects course includes varieties of looks with the use of composition, prosthetics, and hair to achieve complicated effects.

Hairstyling Course

The students can start a basic hair styling course after the completion of the makeup course. This is an optional course that covers complete training of the styling tools. Those are like straighteners, rollers, blow dryers, for creating new hairstyles. Besides, those are the support to look for any occasion. They learn hairstyles according to the facial structures of the clients and events.

Stage Makeup course

In the stage makeup course at Time Machine Salon, the students learn to highlight color theory, contouring, lip technique, advanced blush, create face charts, working on a set. Moreover, to receive the full Diploma of Screen and Media, students must complete all competencies in many make-up techniques and business practices.

Airbrush Makeup Course

It is an optional course. In this course, students learn the proper techniques for using an airbrush machine. Thereafter, apply it to the face and the body. These classes also include the use of makeup applications and tanning. Besides, they learn to color prosthetics for developing special effects or films, or theatre. It can take this class after the basic makeup course.

Professional Nail Courses

Time duration depends on the course the student chooses. Time machine salon & academy offers the mentioned fees to the students who go for 1-month courses. The average fee might range from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 90,000. However, if the students want to get a diploma or a degree in nail technician courses, then they might have to pay a higher amount.

Time machine salon & academy has a creative atmosphere, a short program, a flexible career with plenty of opportunities to grow and is famous for being a social place, so it’s a great place to vent or get things off customers’ minds. Stylists are like informal counselors that will let the client talk the entire time as long as he or she is on a chair.


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