Post Graduate Diploma In Cosmetology – Full Guide

Post Graduate Diploma In Cosmetology – Full Guide

Are you the kind of person who is fascinated with the arena of fashion or beauty and wants to establish your career as a beauty expert? If yes and still confused, we will help you here by providing a detailed guide about post graduate diploma in cosmetology which is a professional course in the field of the beauty industry. Though there are various diploma and certificate courses in the beauty industry, PG diploma in cosmetology and beauty care covers all the branches of beauty treatment and services.

What Is Cosmetology?

The word ‘cosmetology’ indicates the treatments related to skincare, haircare, makeup, or beauty, and when a candidate takes a diploma in Cosmetology, he learns the skills and techniques to become a trained and professional beauty expert. Nowadays when the world is uniting globally, the beauty industry is not lagging behind for making the mark and the demand for trained beauticians is increasing every day.

Cosmetology courses have various branches like PG diploma in cosmetology and beauty care, certificate courses in cosmetology, certificate courses in basic diploma and PG diploma, certificate courses in hair designing, certificate course in advanced technology, etc. the candidates can choose any of these courses as per their interest area.

Post-Graduation Diploma In Cosmetology at a Glance

As you know that there are various types of cosmetology courses but here we will focus more on post-graduation diplomas in cosmetology. Earlier, a diploma in beautician course is considered similar to this post-graduation diploma course but in cosmetology courses, they add the hair and nail treatments with the other beauty treatments.

In spite of this slight difference, the subject matter of these courses overlaps. Interested candidates can take a diploma in beautician or certificate courses.

There are so many colleges and private institutes that run these post-graduation diploma courses in cosmetology. Some of them are pearl academy, JD institutes of fashion technology, the University of Madras, etc. Besides these institutes, there are some private institutes also that offer post-graduation diploma courses. Candidates can select their online courses or offline batches as convenient.

The courses of post graduation diploma offer various training courses in the different branches. Among these courses, the diploma in Ayurvedic cosmetology and skin diseases is in modern demand because of its natural substances and principles. The candidate learns how to formulate natural substances into cosmetic products. People also love to choose ayurvedic treatments when it comes to skin and hair treatment.

PG Diploma In Cosmetology Eligibility

Eligibility to Take Admission for PG Diploma In Cosmetology

So, if we talk about the PG diploma in cosmetology eligibility, candidates should keep two things in their mind. Firstly, general cosmetology and clinical cosmetology are the two main types of diploma courses and have certain eligibility criteria. Secondly, if they are admitted for the general cosmetology to pass 12 standards is the minimum qualification.

Some institutes offer diploma in cosmetology after 10th standards also. On the contrary, if they are looking for clinical cosmetology, they should have a proper MBBS degree because this branch of cosmetology works on the medicinal concept for skin and hair.

PGDCC Cosmetology Fee Structure

Fee structure plays a crucial role if a candidate wants to apply for any type of course. Candidates must visit the official website of the particular institute from where he wants to do cosmetology diploma courses.

A candidate must download the brochure of the relevant course and look for fee structure. The fee structure may vary as per the reputation, training course, and ratings of the institute. So if you are appearing for the PG diploma courses, you should properly go through the fee structure of the private institutes and government recognized institutes.

The average fee for this course is 50K-1 Lakh but private institutes may charge a little higher for the courses.

Career Opportunities After PG Diploma in Cosmetology

Why do this? This is a very important question from a candidate’s point of view. Well, the beauty industry is growing very rapidly globally. The various courses and pieces of training are also opening a new horizon for the opportunities. So the need for skilled and trained artists is also increasing.

So if you take a professional diploma or degree in cosmetology chances of your recruitment become higher and you can establish yourself as a makeup artist, hair specialist, skincare specialist, nail care specialist, etc. A trained professional artist also can work in the TV or film industry and earn handsome money.

A beauty expert can earn a minimum of 50,000 in a month but again it depends on the quality of work you provide. on the other hand, if you are more inclined toward entrepreneurship, you can open your institute or salon.

Final Thoughts

So, here you have seen the brief about the PG diploma in cosmetology courses. Cosmetology opens great opportunities to candidates who are willing to join the beauty industry for establishing themselves as a beauty expert. These types of courses and curricula focus on the latest training guide and help the person a competent professional.

So opt for these courses as per your interest and give your dream a new dimension because the perspective of the mass is changing and all types of new professions are welcoming with open arms.

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